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Saturday, 17 February 2018

PGDM Customer Behavior Study: Visit to Dilli Haat, INA

The History of Dilli Haat tells us that it was established and opened in 1994 with the joint venture of Delhi Tourism (DTDC), D.C (Handicrafts), NMDC, D.C. (Handlooms) and Ministry of Tourism and Textile, Government of India.

Dilli Haat provides a full exotic variety in shopping products that includes handlooms, handicrafts, woodcarvings, camel hide footwear, drapery, fabric made clothing, gems, beads ornaments etc. The crafts men registered with D.C. Handicraft are only eligible to set up their stalls in Dilli Haat. In all 62 stalls for selling handicrafts are allotted on rotational basis to the craftsmen and they comprise from all over the state of India.

A mere payment of INR.100/- is taken from the craftsmen for the period of 15 days to place their products in the stall. The tourist and visitors can get the product at the price that is not burdened with the maintenance cost.

I visited Dilli Haat, INA for a consumer behavior survey for my Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Semester 1 project with 4 of my friends as a group.
We had to record consumer behavior prevailing in Dilli Haat via a primary research with the help of a questionnaire. 

The responses to these questionnaires were to be put together and analysed to come to a conclusion as to what thought goes in while making a purchase.

Here are the brief things that I observed and learnt from this study:

1. Spending Capacity:

The spending capacity of 40% shoppers was between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 which was driven because of the needs/wants of the people overpowering the individual income level.

2. Foreign Footfall: 

There were shoppers who had a budget of way more than Rs. 2000 because they were foreigners and paid in foreign currency
A shopper named Michelle told us that he came to Dilli Haat 2 years back and bought a leather duffle bag for a reasonable price in Euros. 

He again came to Dilli Haat in August, 2017 for similar leather products for the sake of its durability (quality) and value for money. 
This time he paid 70 Euros (Rs. 5250) which was a profitable deal even for the vendor. 

3. Buying Inspiration:

26% of the people now look up to a blogger’s style or features as an inspiration for their next purchase. Other factors such as Family, friends and people in the area still continue to dominate the sector with a combined percentage of around 50%.

4. Demand for Indian Handcrafts:

People were seen coming for the brass items made into god idols, key holders, jewelry holders, etc. And also for leather products like travel journals with handmade paper and leather case, leather bags of different styles and purpose, bands, etc.

It was followed by unique group of shoppers coming for ethnic kurtis or suits or sling bags or juttis, who only and only come to Dilli Haat for this. 

5. Reasons to choose Dilli Haat:

On being asked about why they come to Dilli Haat over other similar markets, we could find two factors prominent in almost every response we got, which were the Variety of the goods and their superior quality. 

A lot of them were delighted to see a wide range of products of different utility on one common ground. 

Then there were customers who were coming for a repeat purchase because they were satisfied with earlier purchase like in the case of handmade paper journals and rugs.

6. Foodie's Paradise:

Having a varied range of food items from different states, there are still a handful of stalls that generate the maximum revenue.

A few of those states are Nagaland, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Bihar and Manipur. Dilli Haat is that one food fest which you can visit throughout the year.

Being a foodie at heart,
Dilli Haat has become one of my to go places for the best fried momos!

This one in the picture is from Sikkim House! Do Try!!

7. Rational Consumer:

We also observed that many shoppers carefully explored the products in the whole area and then made a buying decision after a comparison in respect to price. 

8. Personal Learning(s):

As a primary data collectors; we, a group of five learnt and improved on interpersonal skills. 
We learnt how to approach random people and indulging them in a conversation, and also to face rejection when the potential respondent would refuse to give us their feedback. 

To be persistent and come up with new approaches to reach out to the respondent for a personalised conversation. 

And also, 
how to work in a team, delegating, collecting data, analyzing the same and putting the theoretical knowledge to use. 

There are many more projects like these lined up in the curriculum.
If the first ever field survey was this fun, I can't imagine how amazing the other projects would be.

For many such experiences, 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

For the traveler in you - EaseMyTrip.com

There is always this urge of exploring new things, getting to know different cultures which are unexplored or unknown to us. There is this explorer in you.
That explorer demands new adventures, new things to do and many new ways to get around, get around the world.

Many of us might have taken a New Year Resolution 2018 to travel more and pretty often.
But little can we.
The reason for the failure is usually our work life or budget constraints.
As much as we can not control work life balance, we also can not help with budget constraints as much.

Image result for new year's resolution travel more

to curb this issue, EaseMyTrip has come up with Biggest Travel Sale to actually Ease Your Trip.

This is a limited period offer for bookings from 9th January, 2018 to 11th January, 2018.

With the coupon code "WELCOME2018"
One can get up to Rs. 20,000 discount on flight bookings and up to Rs. 5000 discount on hotel bookings, to top it all, a 10% discount on Bus Tickets.

the question: How to get it?

Any new or even existing traveler can avail this offer on booking their next adventure on EaseMyTrip's Website, Mobile Site, Android and iOS Apps by applying the above mentioned coupon. You can also get an additional cash back on transactions done through HDFC Bank credit/debit card, but the credit card has to be a Retail credit card.
This additional cash back would be credited within 90 working days!

The deal is made in a way to provide you with instant benefits!
To quote some,
An instant discount of Rs. 1000 can be availed on a minimum booking of Rs. 3000 - Rs. 7000.
It doubled, i.e Rs. 2000 can be availed on a minimum booking of Rs. 15000 to Rs. 30000.

Every deal comes with an asterisks (*).
So you definitely need to know that a convenience fee of Rs. 250 will be charged under this offer on flights.

To know more about this offer, you can visit their website anytime at the following link:

Let's WELCOME2018 with a packed suitcase and discounted travel expenses!
Happy Travelling!

Image result for new year's resolution travel more

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Hidden Hunger: The Specter of Micronutrient Deficiency in Infants

Children are the future of our planet – the ones who will eventually contribute to significant socio-economic growth, and shape the world around us. That is a one of the biggestresponsibilities which they are entrusted with. Surely, they need strong shoulders and sharp brains for that, don’t you agree?
Therefore, it is indispensable for a baby to be fed with the right food, considering all the nutritional needs that are important for proper growth of infants.

Issues faced in the meeting nutritional needs of a newborn

While feeding a newborn, numerous factors need to be taken care of, because the initial years are the building blocks for a newborn baby’s good physical and mental health. A common mistake made in feeding a baby is the negligence of including micronutrients in the daily diet. This negligence results in micronutrient deficiency which affects a child’s growth, mental development, and the overall well-being of the newborn.
Micronutrient deficiency is also termed as ‘hidden hunger’, and it affects more than 2 billion people in the world. It has adverse effects on a child’s physical and cognitive health, and theseeffects are more acute during the first 2-2.9 years.

Hidden hunger is a global issue

Unlike other health problems and chronic diseases, prevalence of micronutrient deficiency is not limited to developing countries. It is a cause for concern in the economically stable nations too, as iron and iodine deficiency are higher in the developed countries. This problem occurs as on many occasions,it is assumed that if children are having 3 meals a day, they cannot suffer from any kind of deficiency, but that is not the case every time. 
Eating food and eating the right food are two different things, and most of the time, small children prefer food options that satisfy their taste buds, but not their nutritional requirements. In micronutrient deficiency, more than the quantity of food the type of food is more crucial. This is the reason why more than 50% of healthy looking children are living with sub-clinical and biochemical deficiencies of micronutrients, as reported by the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau.
This is a serious concern as it affects a large part of the population, and there are even cases which go unnoticed or unreported as the clarity on the symptoms of hidden hunger is minimal, and not all get the required treatment to better the situation.

Let’s look for the solutions

The problem of micronutrient deficiency is big and widely prevalent. Interventions are needed to be introduced, to counter the problem of hidden hunger. Changes in dietary habits with more awareness towards the importance and sources of micronutrients is the need of the hour. Awareness programs that educate about the importance of breastfeeding (6-12 months), to the mothers of newborns is also required.
Also, it is important for parents to know about supplement foods, such as - fortified foods, fortified cereals and iron and vitamin supplements. They can introduce these in a newborn baby’s diet, for an enriched diet with key micronutrients.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Holiday for Your Pet

Travelling with the pet can be overwhelming, and a lot of fun!

Leaving your pet back at home becomes heart-breaking; all you can think of is their innocent smiles and warm cuddles. Home4pet makes sure that vacation with your pet becomes a reality and introduces you to pet-friendly hotels and services which will make your stay a memorable one.

These holiday packages are currently available for Kullu-Manali for 2 days-3 nights or 3nights-4 days basis.  
The prices range differently depending on different services. All rooms (luxury, deluxe, premier luxury) have wifi, television, fireplace and balcony. To satiate your pet’s hunger and take care of his nutrition, home cooked food is also available on chargeable basis. Complimentary beds for pet will be found in every room along with availability of care taker and doctor on call. 

Private bonfires and barbeques can be arranged for the guests. These suites and rooms do not just ensure comfort but also top-level care for your pet.

Holiday season is coming up, so all pet-parents can gear up for a fun-filled vacation with their lovely pets and make the most of holiday bookings at home4pet.

Pet magazines offer some really interesting insights into the pet world. They are not just informational to read but also privileged card subscriptions which can be availed at many pet stores for discounts and coupons.

One of these pet magazines is Pet Companion. This magazine is not just a Dog magazine but also covers other areas of the pet world. It publishes articles on animal welfare, pet care and statistics and trends about the Indian pet market. Its main focus in on sending across information about how the pet community is thriving all over the world; and doesn’t just restrict its content to dogs.

Another wonderful magazine is “dogs and more”. This magazine is India’s premium bi-monthly dog magazine at a very inexpensive price. 
The subscription of this magazine also provides you with a pawsitives people’s privilege card which helps you avail discounts at various pet stores, groomer etc.

Reading such magazines by the side is always useful in bringing up your pet in a better way. Make the most of these magazines and buy yourself a subscription at the earliest!

Check more out on home4pet for all your pet requirements.

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Stay Tuned!

Monday, 24 July 2017

Capture that pow moment: Pet Photographers

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Today's generation believes more in capturing and and documenting the moments spent, every little detail, every big achievement.
Because at the end of the day,
It is the moments that stay with us, right?

Those pictures captured stay longer than the memory of the event, enables you to relive that moment and reminisce that very amazing moment.

In the era of documenting the tiniest details,
how can we forget bragging about our paw-y friends?

In this month's edition,
I will be showing some of the adorable photo shoots done which would make you want to have one,
and the ways to have a photo shoot done for them!

Credits: Bustle

  • Credits: Ashok's Photography

  • Credits: Leaning Photographs

  • The adorable of them all.

They were told to get rid of their dog because she was expecting a baby soon.
But she couldn't part with one kid to welcome another!

  • Credits: Dipak Studios
Pre Birthday Shoot

Looks dreamy, right?
To make these pictures come to life for your family and your pet,
Home4Pet has a variety of pet photographers on board.

They have different photographers for varied price range, areas and style of clicking that you can browse and choose from.
One such photographer that really caught my eye was VUE by Milli - Pets.

Here are some glazing shots that were taken by them:

Credits: http://www.vuebymilli.com/pets.html

Go bonanza with your furry babies and these talented photographers and create memories for life.

 Check more out on home4pet for all your pet requirements.
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Friday, 30 June 2017

Pet Taxis & Pet Ambulance: Home4Pet

The joy on my dog’s face when we ride him in our car every evening is unmatchable. Apart from this precious emotion, it is always healthy to keep our pets aware of the environment outside the home. 
They should learn how to cherish travels with a glow in the eye. It not only makes them active but also keeps them in a great state of well-being.

PC: Sitters4Critters

However, our availability is not always assured and the pets end up compromising. 

Home4pet has brought about travel plans for dogs. These plans have been formulated keeping in mind the over-all requirements of your pets. 

There are mainly 2 travel plans:

Woofy Cabs (full day travel plan) 
Woofy cabs are driven by pet friendly cab drivers who make sure the pet has a great time. Two family members are allowed to travel along with the pet for 6 hours or 80 kms (whichever completes earlier). 
Mini AC cabs are also available and exceeding kms end up in extra charge. 
For package charges visit: Pet full-day Taxi Services.

PC: blog.dcag.ca

·         Woofy cabs (half day travel plan)
      Half day travel plans commence for 3 hours or 40 kms (whichever completes earlier). Two Family members can accompany the pet along with AC cab option. 
      The charges for the same can be visited under Pet Half Day

Pet ambulance

Since we are considering pets on the go,
there is another aspect to this!

PC: PetParent

Pets can hurt themselves very frequently and require assistance in small to big medical issues. Pet ambulance is of great use in such harsh times. They are equipped with both comfort and therapeutic help. 

These ambulances operate in Delhi-NCR and can be caught hold of through the following services:
·         South Delhi ambulance service- It operates only in South Delhi (Vasant Kunj) within 10 km radius. 
       More information on: South Delhi pet ambulance.
·         Delhi-NCR ambulance service- This service can be availed in Ghaziabad,Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida. 
      More information on: Delhi-NCR Pet ambulance.

PC: Pinterest

Pet help and Pet days out are now just a click away by logging on to Home4pet. Make the best use of the same and make sure your pet is healthy and happy throughout. 

Check more out on home4pet for all your pet requirements.
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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Beat the heat with Chili - Caliente

People across Sweden and other places have been looking for a beverage option that gives you the exact kick that an alcohol drink does, but without the alcohol.

A swede who used to attend a lot of dinners and parties including a laughter riot, food, fruits, loads of sugary and caffeinated drinks along with alcohol made this possible.
He thought that a chili based drink would do the needful. Not filled with anything that harms the humans, something that the human is already familiar with; CHILI.

The only challenge was to infuse the chili with the drinks to make it globally acceptable to the consumers who don't even know that they need a drink like that.

He was encouraged enough to quit his current job, and start working on this innovation.
Made from the bests, hot enough to ensure a strong release of Endorphins which creates a sense of happiness or 'happy buzz'; maintain the sanity and clarity of mind at the same time!

NO alcohol, ONLY chili,
Caliente comes to India.

I recently received samples of these drinks!
Chili Blueberry Lemongrass and Chili Ginger Lime!
They have one for each kind!

Chili Ginger Lime had me all pumped up!
A deadlier combination of lime, ginger! It was hotter than the Blueberry!
Peculiar for the taste due to the presence of both chili and ginger, it leaves a slight burning sensation!
It is perfect for Asian foods, those including soy and fresh herbs, or even with fruit pies!

Blueberry on the other hand doesn't lose its original taste over chili.
You can still taste an overpowering taste of blueberry which still makes it pleasant.
It is perfect for seafood and South Eastern combinations!

Chili has proven to be a great reliever in the health sector.
As per a survey, chili enthusiasts live longer. They even have a lower risk of getting cancer, heart and respiratory conditions too!

One of the advantages of having chili in your drinks is that it helps to bring out the other flavors which enables the makers to keep sugar to the minimum and still provide that edge to drinks!

Other being avoiding the hangover the next morning!
It's not a thirst quencher,
but a premium drink without alcohol.

These drinks can be had at any times! Any hour of the day, even with meals!
It is best enjoyed slowly and served ice cold.
Michelin Star chef Titti Qvarnstrom likes Caliente with food.
How do you?

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Home4Pet - Pet Trainers, Handlers, Groomers and Healers at just one click

Pets are a cuddlier version of toddlers who look at you with those wet eyes; seek attention because they like it; sleep in a corner making it the most picturesque area of the house; and look away when they are mad at you. Pets are indeed the shine of a home which is why we love pampering our pets. 

Here’s a glimpse on how home4pet makes sure you get in touch with the best handlers, healers and trainers at ease.
I would be adding the links to all of these services for you to get your pet the perfect care that they need easily. 


Basic training module
This is the basic obedience training (for dogs) which runs over a stretch of 3-4 months and is conducted thrice a week.

Guarding training module
This training depends on the breed and behaviour and enables your dog to become a guard dog.  Even gentle dogs can become good guard dogs if trained properly.

Area-wise dog training service
Specialised dog training services are available for North Delhi-Adarsh Nagar. 

In Noida and Greater Noida, there are door-step packages on per session basis. 

For East Delhi dog training, check out: here


Grooming is an essential process of your petting experience. For a healthy and happy life of the pet, it needs to be groomed at regular intervals. A few of the essential grooming activities include:
  • Bathing and cutting packages: This package includes Bathing, shampoo, conditioner, dry, nail trimming, Nail grinding, ears & eyes cleaning, dental check up, perfume spray, essential oil and cream.
  • De-shedding treatment: This service shreds off the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the top coat and reduces shedding of fur. It is available for dogs over above 10 kg. 

  • Groom at home: If you wish to get your pet groomed at home, mobile vans provide a door-step package. Also, if you want to groom your pet yourself, various grooming and hair clipping kits are available too.
  • Hair-clipping + tick bath package: This package includes tick bath, nail trimming, hair trimming, ears and eyes cleaning and dental brush.

Check more of these out at: here


Pet healing is a holistic approach which aims at communicating with animals in order to heal a long illness or improving their quality of life. Pet healing is done mainly via Reiki, which is an effective method to strengthen the immune system, increase trust and bonding with your pet and relieve pain and anxiety.

Pet healers are just at a click away: here

It is always fulfilling to see your pet all fluffy, jumpy and cheerful, wiggling it's tongue out in excitement. This makes it all the more necessary to take care of training and handling needs of the pet.
Check more out on home4pet for all your pet requirements.
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Friday, 19 May 2017

Eye on Content: CMS Asia 2017

Content, as we all know these days can't really be summarized.
'Content is the reason search began in the first place.'

Content is of the utmost value in everything you do, how ever way you wish to take your business or brand forward, a good content is something that you need to build a strong kingdom!
Now, some might argue that content is the whole kingdom, TRUE.
Content would always change shapes but a good content would always be needed, to grow, establish, make a mark, or to basically sell.

I recently attended the biggest content summit of all times,
Content Marketing Summit Asia 2017 held on 4th and 5th May in The Westin, Gurgaon!
I was there only for one day, but believe me, it got better with each speaker.
Some of the greatest minds, famous brands, and influencers who took over the social media by storm were present at the summit to impart knowledge, do's and dont's, and share their life experiences.

My first session was from FMS Faculty (Marketing), Mr. Harsh Verma who made us realise that not every content that is shares is read. To get views along with shares is an awfully difficult task which needs attention.
It's really important to make content that your audience connects with, among the few options he gave,
Failing and then recovering was the most emphasized on.

Next up, was one of the major brands, NESTLE.
Anamika Sirohi, Head of Visual Identity and Design told us stories of how nestle dared to do things differently and success stories how it worked out for them as impact creators.

She found that something as simple as changing packaging of the product can make things different.
Nestle India changed about 100 million packs of three of their most iconic brands, MAGGI, NESCAFE and KITKAT to support girl child education in association with Nanhi Kali, one of the largest NGOs imparting education to the underprivileged girl children across India.

Back in 2013, when google came out with their Kitkat android version. Who better to collaborate with our Nestle Kitkat?
Anamika was one of the few people who knew about this top secret venture!
They came up with a print ad, which when scanned through an Alive or Pointart App took the reader to a fun video that shows Android walking and taking bites of Kitkat, transforming itself into Android Kitkat.
The team expected about 50-100 scans, but the numbers went through the roof. It fetched around 1,99,000 scans!

Courtesy: Afaqs

Anamika, herself feels that a brand shouldn't be redundant, it shouln't be all funny, but it should also

  • Inspire
  • Educate
  • Reward
  • Entertain
  • Help, and 
  • Inform
Image Courtesy: CMS, Twitter

And also,
not losing focus from the two pillars: Focusing on Fundamentals as well as adapting to the new reality.

Not only content, 
The summit had Mr. Advit Sahdev, head of marketing, Infibeam
With some insights on selling gimmicks like how quickly numbers with a pattern attracts your eye, for eg. Rs. 6969

And also basic mathematical tricks that, after listening to, I was like, 
Oh we've been so smartly fooled.
Putting in the larger number out of the discount percentage and the actual discount in rupees.
Substituting 20% by Rs. 3000 because of the face value fetches an eye instantly.

CMS Asia 2017 even had celebs on board.
The next speaker was, Anupama Chopra, Film Companion. 
Wife to Vidhu Vinod Chopra, she believes in the gut feeling.
Recalling the time when she didn't even know what ROC meant, it was a long way from there to delivering some of the greatest hits.

Image Courtesy: CMS, Twitter

Speaking highly of Aamir Khan, she says that one cant design a hit.
No one knows anything, and you just gotta believe the gut. 
Not that figures don't mean anything, they do, too. 
According to her, an ideal mix is the one which involves your gut feeling when you've seen the figures of successful ventures.

Even YouTube celebs were a part of this summit.
Prajakta Koli from Mostly Sane was such a chirpy bird at the summit, talking all about her videos and how she handles hate comments and brands who want to control everything. 

Image Courtesy: CMS, Twitter

Together, all of the speaker at Content Marketing Summit 2017 made it quite an amazing platform for all the people who work around content to know what their content is missing or what can put them up the ladder.

One thing that remained constant was that the content is the king.
Content is all about telling your story to the world.
Content surpasses everything.

I look forward to the next summit. 
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