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Friday, 5 December 2014

Star Movies Secret Screening - II

December 05, 2014 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , 2 comments

It would have been an ordinary day,
But waking up to an invite to another Secret Screening by Star Movies just made my day.

After a huge success of the earlier Secret Screening, there were numerous people who wanted to witness the next Secret Screening. Star Movies has definitely been the trendsetter here.
Being a part of earlier screening and a fan of it, I was very excited for this one too.
(Star Movies Secret Screening - I)

On the evening of December 3rd, the whole clan of 'Secret Keepers' was there to witness this little secret.

Many of them had placed their bets on what movie they'd showcase. Since I lost in the earlier season, I decided not to bet this time.

On entering, we were given the Secret Screening Masks, along with coupons which enabled us to hog on food.

After a little wait, and endless guessing, It started :

This time, the movie was :


A Biblically Inspired Legend 

Directed By : Ridley Scott
Star Cast :  Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul, John Turturro, Ben Kingsley, Sigourney Weaver.
Release Date : 5th December, 2014.

The story starts with Ramses (Portrayed by Joel Edgerton), the ruler of Pharaoh and Moses (Portrayed by Christian Bale) being the General in Pharaoh's army. Moses plays figurative brother to Ramses.
Moses is then told by Nun (Ben Kingsley) that he is more than he thinks he is, which Moses slowly starts to accept. 
Years after Ramses deported Moses, Moses in an accident encounters presence of God, in the form of a little boy. He finally accepts his onus to free the people from bondage. Moses's beliefs and understanding of oneself was shaken to the depths.
The plagues and hardship of the empire was disturbing. Though, Moses's fate remains the driving force for the people.

So, where one was born to rule the Empire, the other was destined to defy it.

God's vindictive plagues have been a turner in the movie for Ramses's empire. The most impressive scene would definitely be the parting of The Red Sea.

And watching all of these in 3D was the cherry on the cake.
Needless to say, 
Star Movies has always amazed us and managed to be the favourite.

As we walked out of this mind blowing flick,
we were given Star Movies Secret Screening T - shirts and now I can easily flaunt that

" I'm a Secret Keeper "

Source : @niharastar & @kavitashahi

Every passing event surely increases Star Movie's fan following by another huge number.

Follow Star Movies on their different social platforms :

Did you attend the Secret Screening? Tell me your experience by leaving a comment :)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Are the deceased really dead?

October 30, 2014 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , 2 comments

No one is born to live for ever. There is always a time when they have to part ways with us.

It hurts a lot to know that the person you love so much is no more alive to love you back, or at least acknowledge your love.

Birth and death have proved to be a significant part of our lives.
Loosing the ones who gave birth to you seems like they've left us halfway and left.

Questions! Questions are all that is left behind!
"Weren't they supposed to be with me all the time?"
"Why did this happen to us? We were a perfect family"

The other side of the coin?
It hurts even more to know that the little kiddo is no more. Clearly, we never grow old for them. Its like they loose a part of them, as we are born out of them.

The feeling of loneliness strikes hard when your soulmate leaves.
Some wish to leave with them, some wish to leave before the other so that they dont have to go through all the pain or the suffering of being alone, of being without their other half.

The sibling you grew up with : It feels like a part of the big happy family picture made up with distinct jigsaw puzzle pieces fell off.
There are your 'Siblings' from another mother, not related by blood or any family chain!

Those are one of the best bonds. 
Why? Because they are the friends whom you choose to call your brother/sister. They are bound to be special and close to you.

"Every deceased is a magnet drawing us into another world."- Eliza Cook

I was very close to my grandmother. I grew up in her arms. I was her favourite child, in fact, I believe, I still am. 
Her death was the first close death that I encountered. Terribly ill and hospitalized, she told my mother that she wants to meet me and my little sister; because we were next in her list of meeting people for the last time.
Though I could not meet her, but it is a relief to know that she was content in her final days, and sometimes that's all someone needs to know.

As the tears roll down,
I clearly remember the dreams that I had for many following days of her death. That she's still alive, and calls me to her place as she has kept my favourite sweets for me, and we have a great time together.

She is surely missed and still loved. Every achievement of mine, every occasion in the house has a sense of dejection of her absence.

The wish to have met the deceased for the last time, to touch them, to hug them and to tell them that they were and are deeply loved, before they were gone is truly undying.

Life pauses. But, never stops.

One has to get their feet back on the roads and press the 'Resume' button to life.
Probably, it becomes the hardest 'Resume' button ever.

A huge pile of memories never leaves you. Those memories flash in your mind, makes you realise that these memories are all we have got now.
No matter how many times we've pressed that RESUME button, but they would remain alive in our memories. 

"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them."
- George Eliot

Monday, 13 October 2014


October 13, 2014 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , 4 comments

Remember the time when you finished watching all the seasons of a television show and then didn’t know what to do with your life?

Well, I’m in the same boat right now.

Last night, I finished off with all the 10 seasons of American TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
No, That’s not the reason why I’m back to blogging again, I just want to write down what I’m feeling now.
This was the very 1st TV show that I started watching, and now I think what in the world kept me away from watching it earlier?

I loved the show right from the Episode 1. Not all shows start with a wet bride rushing in through the door, and then decide to figure her life out.
I used to finish all of my pending stuffs and targets for the day and then end the day with episodes of Friends! I loved them even more with each passing episode.

At times, in our silent bedroom, where I and my sister used to sit and do our individual works (She doing serious work and I used to watch Friends); I'd suddenly start laughing because of Chandler's humor or Joey's insanity, and my sister would be like "What is wrong with you?" 
To which I used to say, "Watch one episode and you'll know" 

With adorable moments and great sarcastic humor, it has always been a treat to watch Friends. 

Joey’s “How you doin’?” has always been charming, but when he finally falls for Rachel, it just made him my favorite towards the end. 

A big food lover; I can totally relate to him! Joey doesn’t share food, and never calls back a girl who takes fries from his plate.

Monica has always been ‘The Cleanliness Freak”. Remember that sleepless night she had when she tried to be ‘Kook’?

Monica’s and Richard were doing great together. But then, as Joey says, Chandler and Monica did it in the London Style’. 

Chandler becomes a family guy as he marries Monica and gets twins, which was a surprise. His humor was one thing that made him stand apart from the rest, though his surname did the same. How could he not control his jokes when Rachel was saying goodbye to him when she was leaving for Paris, apparently?

Phoebe has always been a weird person with amazingly inappropriate songs! Humming ‘Smelly Cats’, huh? :P

David felt right for her always until Mike came! Phoebe changed his mind about marriage! And their marriage! She looked gorgeous as she walked over the snow towards Mike, it was indeed the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.

Ross, Dr. Ross Geller, the paleontologist! Yes, Paleontologists are also 'Doctors'!

Its amusing to see how he says ‘Rachel’, instead of ‘Emily’! After his 3 unsuccessful marriages, he is aptly called Ross, The Divorce Force!

His love for Rachel and then the ‘We were on a break’ scenario. The long letter which Ross didn't even read. But they finally end up together, like Happily Ever After.

Rachel has always been my favorite. She was a little silly, emotional, and just beautiful. I loved her even more when she decided to raise Emma, who by the way among the seven was the cutest kid on show! Though, I hope she does not get Rachel's original nose :P
The  way Rachel becomes all independent and makes five amazing friends is worth a watch!

Janice’s Irritating voice, and she, couldn’t do anything but just forcing me to lower down the volume. 

The Ugly naked guy has been a source of little humor every now and then. The time he was dancing with a naked ugly lady, laying tiles on the kitchen floor, or when he was assumed to be dead by 6.

As the episodes kept rolling,
Chandler got colder and cuter; Monica got a total cleanliness freak, together with twins, Erica and Jack!
Phoebe got stable and less weird, with Mike!
Joey just got adorable, though single, which was really unfair to him.
And Rachel ended up with Ross, with Emma, as they were meant to be.

And now, when I’m done with the entire show, I realized that I have nothing else to motivate me to finish all of my work fast. I’m glad that my friends made me watch friends as my 1st Television Show.

Probably, I’ll go to Episode 1 of Season 1 and start all of that again! I can never have enough of them.
It has been around 20 years to that show and still it is loved by masses.

As I lay my head on bed last night, all I thought of was the life after it. Not my, theirs!
How would Ross and Rachel get married? Will Monica and Chandler keep up with the rest? Will Phoebe reproduce a football team
And the most important, who will Joey love more than his food? 
But alas! All these questions have been left unanswered

Needless to say, 
F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the best Television Show! :)

How was your experience with FRIENDS? I'd love to speak to more fans :)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Star Movies Secret Screening!

September 18, 2014 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , 2 comments

Star Movies Secret Screening! Sounds spooky, isn't it?

It was up and gaining popularity when the official twitter handle of STAR MOVIES mentioned about it!
When it was running on their website, it seemed inexplicable, just exactly how they wanted it to seem.

On their website, there was a dark entrance door, and through the glass of the door, all we could see was an elevator with glowing lights.

A part of it said :

The entry through the door was only possible via a secret code. Everyone wanted to get in! And thus, requested for the secret code through their twitter profiles.

It was followed by a couple of days of waiting.

While the hashtag #StarMoviesSecretScreening was trending and fetching huge number of tweets!

People were curious to know what it was.

It was when the applicants started receiving codes to open the secret door, that the things started coming out of their mystery box.

On entering the code, we were guided to the passes to the screening in a swift and lavish way! By swift, I mean the interface was smooth and gave a special yet dark feeling!

Now, I and one friend of mine had invites to this Secret Screening and eagerly waited for Friday, the 5th of September.

Little hints from them :

And it was Friday, the 5th! 

Star Movie's interaction tab was filled with excitement!

No one wanted to miss even a single thing that was about to happen
Thus, almost everyone got there on time.

We were given PVR Gift cards, and masks at the entrance!

After a lot of curiosity building, the officials decided to let us in and start the screening,

But jumping straight to the screening was just not Star Movie's way of announcing a new movie! :)

A weird ghostly voice welcomed us and regarded us as the "Secret Keepers". It made us howl ;)

The movie was then announced! 

It was *Drumrolls* 


Directed by : Wes Ball
Star cast : Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Will Poulter, Patricia Clarkson

The story evolves around a guy named Thomas, portrayed by Dylan O'Brien who finds himself memory-less in a rusty elevator. He is stuck in the middle of an intricate maze, along with a group of other boys, who have been trying to find their way out of the constantly changing maze and the 'Grievers'.

A game of numbers, patterns and speed.

A simple movie with no love triangles or ancient cop robber chases.
(Because the girl enters in the later half of the movie and the cops are probably outside the MAZE)
A story of a different genre, which entertains one for a good time. 

Towards the end, It becomes fascinating to see how this group of boys make their way out of the maze and prove that they have a genius mind.

As the movie came to and end and we made our way out, without any grievers or maze; we were treated with a large bag of goodies by Star Movies! 

People with 'Secret Screening' T-Shirts and a bag full of goodies just felt as if it was Christmas and Santa Claus had successfully loosen weight and changed his costume :P

We picked up goodies from the bag and then I and my friend were busy exchanging what we got. 

We took home a Star Movies Hat, a Wolverine T-Shirt; along with the masks that we had before!

Top- Pantaloons | Jeans- Xpose
Bag- Three Mad Chicks
Hat- Star Movies

Star Movies Secret Screening was undoubtedly a fun - filled event.

I wont give it a second thought before signing up for another Secret Screening! :)

And guess what? 'THE MAZE RUNNER' comes to your nearest cinemas tomorrow, i.e September 19th, 2014 and I've already seen it B-)

Star Movies surely had given us an event to remember always! A huge success and much more love :)

For a chance to be a part of more a'MAZE'ing events, 

Follow Star Movies on their different social platforms :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/StarMoviesIndia
Twitter     : https://twitter.com/StarMoviesIndia

Did you attend the Secret Screening? Tell me your experience by leaving a comment :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Aquarium Lounge, Delhi

September 10, 2014 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , 6 comments
When you have an unforgettable dining experience at a place, It needs to be appreciated.
The Aquarium Lounge, GK is one of those experiences that I've had.

Carved with shells

Having situated at a very posh area, i.e M Block Market, GK; The Aquarium Lounge is nicely built. Every corner of the place has something which will amaze you and obviously, every single thing relates to the aquatic life. A big aquarium is built under the counter near bar and is truly amazing! Oh, by the way, they have a huge bar place, and keep almost every kind of alcohol in store. (Yes, I saw the place where they store them)

Haven taken quite a long time to choose what to order, we finally decided.
Reason for such a long time? - Varied Cuisines; American, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Lebanese, Indian are what they serve. From Seafood to Steaks, you'd find it all :)


Finally we decided on Goong Yang Ha Rod from the THAI section, which is a prawn’s dish! And the LEBANESE Chicken dish, Shish Barak! Both of them arrived in some time. They didn’t keep us waiting.
Goong Yang Ha Rod looked so good at first sight. These prawns were tenderly cooked and were stacked up a stick. It was cooked in 5 different sauces which blended with each other so perfectly that one could never make out if there were actually 5 of them. Along with it, came another sauce which was not really required but gave the prawns a good taste all together.

Goong Yang Ha Rod (Thai)

Their prawns were so delicious that they made one of our friends who didn’t really liked prawns before grab a larger part of the dish, leaving us amazed.

Goong Yang Ha Rod (Prawns)


Shish Barak : The Chicken dish was in the form of Kababs formed by minced chicken. It was cooked over a skewer and was served on a mini hot one. It was a plain chicken dish which tasted great with the add - on they provided. Since they were minced chicken, we had difficulties in holding it upright by our forks till they entered our mouth.

Shish Barak (Lebanese)

The Mini Skewer that they were served upon was another thing that we found pleasant! 

The place plays great music! A little louder but one can ask the staff to lower It down. The ambience was over lit, a little over than usual but unlike other lounges which are very dimly lit! But then that’s the way they want it to be.
They have everything that it takes to entertain the guests! Activity Area, big screens, lively music! The big TV screens are perfect at the times of those game series, where you just want to grab a beer and chill out with your buddies.

After these two dishes, we still had space in our stomach so we ordered Gai Yang, a THAI dish! It was that soft big piece of chicken grilled on skewers, cooked in amazing sauce and served on a stick! 

It tasted more like the first dish that we had, i.e. Goong Yang Ha Rod. The difference was that Gai Yang had a hotter sauce than Goong Yan Ha Rod. It has that extra ounce of spice which made us crave for more.

The portion however, seemed a little inadequate.

Gai Yang (Thai)

Their Butter Chicken was also something which had our thumbs up!

Following are extracts of their menu :

Around the globe

The staff was great, always on their toes for any help that their guests would need. Service was quick and surely above satisfactory!

A delight for all the ladies! And If you're a sufi lover, then double dose of fun is guaranteed.
The Aquarium Lounge hosts Sufi Nights plus Ladies Night! A delighted evening for sure :)

Image Courtesy - Aquarium

Here at The Aquarium Lounge, we had some of dish of its kind and had a great experience! Would love to pay this place another visit soon.

Place to be : M 79, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi 
Contact : +919999176486 , +918130666520
Opening Hours : 12 noon to 12 Midnight
Happy Hours : 12 noon to 8pm ! Now that's a time that you would not want to miss. :)
Reservation : Recommended, especially on the weekends
Take Away : Available
Parking : Easy

For knowing the latest offers and events from The Aquarium Lounge, follow their social accounts here :
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/theaquariumbar
Twitter     : https://twitter.com/AquariumLounge

Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Haunted Diaries!

August 14, 2014 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , 2 comments

Stories of ghosts and abnormal activities interests some, whereas they manage to capture someone's weak nerves. 

This time, I'm here with a list of those haunted places in India whose legendary stories sent chills down my spine. 

1. Brij Raj Bhavan palace, Rajasthan

The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace belonged to the former princely family of Kota, Rajasthan. The reason why it is termed as ‘haunted’ is; when in 1980s, the palace was converted into a rich heritage hotel; the resident ghost of the palace became the ghost of the hotel too.
While serving as a British Resident to Kota, a major named Major Charles Burton was killed by the Indian sepoys in the hall of the building.
Post Independence, the mansion became the private property of the Maharaja of Kota.

During his (Major Burton) night patrols, if at all he finds a watchmen asleep, then a voice is heard by the half asleep watchmen saying, "Don’t sleep, no smoking" followed by a sharp slap.

The fact that the ghost of Major Burton was active in the 1980’s — has also been stated by the then Yuvrani (Crown Princess) of Kota. As quoted by Ann Morrow in her book "The Maharajas of India", the Yuvrani stated "As far as we know, he (Major Burton) is an elderly man with white hair and a walking stick. I have seen him myself, because he was murdered in the first floor bedroom, which is now my study. The trouble with Major Burton is that he never goes off duty. He wanders around the palace and if he catches a servant asleep, gives him a quick slap on the cheek. He is the only restless soul around in summer, when it can be like furnace in Kota".
Even today, Major Burton’s ghost is very much active.

Too protective, eh? 

Place to be : Civil Lines,Kota, Rajasthan, Pin Code : 324001

2. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

The development in Gujarat has been exaggerated and made audible to the whole nation. Having a ‘Political Background’, there are many things that not many people know. One of them is The Dumas Beach. 
Being one of the major tourist destinations of Gujarat, the tourists have witnessed several paranormal activities along with its scenic beauty. 

Rumors of hearing bizarre whispers at nights in the vicinity of the ocean, warning people to stay away from the beach is quite common. 
Dogs are known to sense any kind of supernatural energy or activity quicker than any human or machines. It can smell fear and can even chase the faddiest clue up to its destination. Whole of the night constitutes howling and long cries of the dogs. They keep running from one direction to another and bark recklessly. 
Many of the tourists went missing while talking a walk during the night.

A walk worth remembering becomes the final destination :P

Place to be : Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat

3. Silence of the Towers, Diu

Traditionally, Zoroastrianism believed death as a temporary achievement of evil over good. The flesh of the dead body is unclean enough to pollute everything it comes in contact with. The bodies were not thrown into the sea or buried or burnt. A set of rules had to be created in order to dispose the corpse as safely as possible. As a result, they were exposed off to the predatory birds and it was said to be given back to the environment.

A proper architectural typology was invented solely for the purpose of burial’s ritual. The bodies of the deceased were then to be disposed on cylindrical constructions called Towers of Silence.

A guardian traditionally lived near the Tower of Silence, and was the sole person allowed to handle the ceremonial procedures, while relatives of the deceased stayed in a house below, and were forbidden to enter.

However, Silence of the Towers in Diu is said not really silent.

4. D'Souza Chawl, Mumbai

Apart from Bollywood, temples and beaches, Mumbai is also known for a haunted chawl in Mahim.

Legends have it that a woman fell to death from the boundary – less brim of a well while filing water. The lady struggled through the water, did not succeed and died an awful death.

Subsequent to that, the residents of the chawl see ghost of the lady around the well during nights. She appears near the well every night, and disappears before the sunrise.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t harmed anyone, still the locals prefer staying at bay from the well post sunset. 

Place to be : D'Souza Chawl in Mahim, Near Canossa Primary School, Mumbai

5. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort, established in the year 1573 is mentioned in almost all the haunted places list. It has got really weird stories, which is followed by devastating effects.

Legend states 2 things about Bhangarh Fort, and none can say which one is true.

One says that this fort was cursed by Guru Balu Nath, who said that the place would be no more on one condition, which was, “The moment the shadows of your palaces touch me, the city shall be no more”. His curse became reality when a descendant raised the palace which casted a shadow on Balu Nath! The latter is said to lie buried there to this day in a small Samadhi

Another legend states that the Princess of Bhangarh named Ratnavati, got several marriage proposals on her 18th birthday because of her utmost beauty. A tantric who had great knowledge of Occult, named Singhia was also in love with the princess. Since he knew the match wasn't possible, he used black magic on the oil which Ratnavati’s maid was buying for her. The oil on touching the princess would force her to surrender herself to Singhia. His plan got wrong when the princess saw him enchanting the oil. She poured the oil on the ground which formed rubble and got Singhia down. Dying, he cursed the palace with the death of all who dwelt in it. Next year, Princess Ratnavati died in a battle.

This is why the population of Bhangarh is zero. Due to paranormal activities being witnessed here, entry to Bhangarh is strictly prohibited after sunset. Anyone who was spotted inside after sunset is never spotted again anywhere. {While I say this, I can hear the *Scary background music* in the back of my head.}

A signboard posted by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India), which is a Government of India organization, which says : “Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited. Legal action would be taken against anybody who does not follow these instructions.”

So, the roads of Bhangarh after sunset and before sunrise become ‘The road less travelled’.

Place to be : Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan!

So, if you want a nice and spooky time with ghosts and want to witness paranormal activities, do visit these places and do the things on 'Not to do' list.
Leave a comment if you return back safely ;)

Your views are highly appreciable. Please leave a comment and tell your friends about it.Psss. Sharing is caring :)

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