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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wines with ITC Hotels!

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Everyone has had wine, or at least heard of it once in their lifetime, but not many of us know everything that one needs to know about them.

WINE is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits. The natural chemical balance of grapes lets them ferment without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes, water, or other nutrients. Yeast consumes the sugars in the grapes and converts them into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Different varieties of grapes and strains of yeasts produce different styles of wine.
{Courtesy : Wikipedia}

That's not all. There's a lot more things that one should know about them. I admit, I didn't know much about them until I came across #WineWednesday by ITC Hotels. ITC Hotel puts forward a sommelier on its social networks in an interactive session and talks all about WINES!

This week, Mr. Shaariq Akhtar was ready to answer our queries on Italian Wines. Italy is home to some of the oldest and the most spectacular wine - producing regions in the world.

The clock strikes 4 and the questions were bombarded.

Starting with the Famous Italian Wine Region and Famous Wines.
To which, Mr. Akhtar replied : 

So, now you know which wine to pick if you want to have some really great time.

There are many people whom I came across and they found non - sweetening wines to be sweet. So, I had to ask this question.
- Its mere fruitiness.

Corvina has been on an easy spot when it comes to Italian Wines. Here's what sommelier had to say about it :

Many people think that RED WINES are Feminine drinks. But noo, Sommelier Shaariq Akhtar says that it totally depends upon the choice of the one who's drinking it. Though, some of the Red Wines like Valpolicella & Sassicaia are absolutely loved by ladies.

It is said that, The older the wine, The better. But, what makes this phrase true?

Are you storing your wines well?
#WineWednesday also had some great facts!

Most of the times we consider the chef's choice in a restaurant. ITC Hotel's Sommelier, too has his favorites. Make sure you never miss the expert's choices.
An Interactive yet knowledgeable session is what ITC Hotels provide each Wednesday on #WineWednesday on its social media platforms.

Also, the ITC Group has a lot in store for the Wine Lovers! From everything about the Italian Wines to their amazing pairings.
MasiMasianco Pinot Grigio paired with Pan seared sea scallops.
FrescariaBardolinoClassico paired with Lobster Ravioli
Taste these & a lot more at the wine dinner at Ottimo, ITC Grand Chola!
Place to be: 63, Mount Road, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032 
Phone:044 2220 0000
Reservation Recommended.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Yellow Chilli - Review

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So, it was the time when I was returning from a fabulous road trip with my family that we checked in this restaurant at the Meerut Road Ghaziabad.
Despite of having an outlet near my place, this was my first visit to this restaurant Chain. The board that read, "Sanjeev Kapoor's Yellow Chillies" rose our hopes before entering the restaurant.
Image Courtesy : http://foodrhythms.com
Why? Because all of us know what a great chef he is! When it comes to chefs in India, he’s our representative.
The restaurant is nicely built and the interiors are put together to look sober as well as soothing. The restaurant was big, had much sitting capacity; done with dimly lit lamps to provide a pleasant dining experience.
We had to wait for about five minutes as the restaurant was packed. To wait for about 5 minutes seems okay since it was a Sunday evening. As soon as a big large family checked out, the staff quickly arranged the table again for us.

Image Courtesy : http://www.bookingdiva.com

It was already 9.30pm, so instead of trying the snacks, we straight away hogged on to the main course. Plus, we ordered a lot of drinks in between. They have a separate menu where all the mocktails and shakes are listed, so If you are interested in them, ask for it.

The Fruit Punch
was really sweet (May be that was because of the flavours that were put into it)
A nice Fresh Lime was required to get rid of all the travel tiredness. And indeed, Their Fresh Lime Soda did that with ease.
Their Kiwi Shake: the little seeds of kiwi along with the soft kiwi drink provided that perfect tart.

What was disappointing was the Cold Coffee, it had minimum amount of coffee, and more of water. It was like having water with ice cream and a pinch of coffee sprinkled on the top.
For the main course,

Hyderabadi Dum Gosht Biryani with Raita was amongst the good dishes that we had. The aroma(s) tickled our noses as soon as the lid was lifted.
We ended up ordering an extra of 3 units for all. I’d rather call that a ‘Public Demand’.
Mutton Rogan Josh is a typical all time favourite dish. It was fat full, the right balance of all the spices and tasted good with the Butter Naans.
Bhuna Gosht was something that I had tried for the very first time and now it's one of my favourites. The right balance of all the spices, low on oil and it tasted awesome. It is usually recommended with Tandoori Rotis but, butter naans and Rice too blended easily yet deliciously.

Till the time we ordered our last main course, it was late and it was near their closing time. Still, we weren't denied any of orders. The staff was very cooperative, fast and helpful. Maybe, they sensed our travel tiredness.
The desert, Chocolate Walnut Brownie was the showstopper of the Evening! Steaming hot Brownie served with vanilla Ice Cream and the cherry on the top just took our taste buds to the totally different level. Served straight from where it was cooked, it was soft, with the little walnuts giving the perfect taste and the vanilla ice cream balancing the chocolate level and temperatures of our mouth.
After the deserts, Bill of a huge amount was paid (a lil' over as per 12 members)


I filled up the feedback form. After about 3-4 days, to my surprise, I gotta call from The Yellow Chilli who seeked the reasons for my feedback. They were very keen to know what made me give them a little less a 10. Their initiative is worth appreciating.
See, how Red and Green makes Yellow! And Yellow means delicious!

We had the most delectable food in a pleasant environment, with the dearest people.
Thanks to The Yellow Chilli for this unique and amazing dining experience.
Place To Be :  Plot A111, Movie World Multiplex, Sihani Chungi, Delhi Meerut Road, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad
Contact :  +91 9999404025, 0120 4282800 
Cuisines :  Mughlai, North Indian
Opening Hours :  12.30 PM to 3.30 PM,  7 PM to 11.30 PM
Parking :  Ample
Bar : Not Available

See The Yellow Chilli on zomato :
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Had a similar experience or something else?
I'd love to know :)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sinful Surprise!

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You curse the person who rings the bell and makes you get out of your Air conditioned room! On a super duper lazy summer day, the door bell rang. Crawling, I left my bed; opened the door and there was a parcel for me. I took back all the curses because these surprises make me happy.
What it was? It happened to be a Café Coffee Day Hamper.
The hamper had a 

* Coffee Day Espresso Maker
* Mysore Royal Coffee
* Café Moments Card

Being a total coffee lover, I was delighted to see so much of it! Not only me, but my little sister too jumped with joy after seeing the coffee hamper.

The Coffee Day Espresso Maker has a stainless steel stove top which makes up to 2 cups. It takes in grounded coffee; 5 grams for one cup. (Preferred ground coffee: Arabica, Dark Forest, Perfect Charge or Mysore Royal, which came along).

The Mysore Royal ground coffee, from The Connoisseur’s Collection is great. With an aroma which makes you drool to the sound coffee it produces, It is just royal in every sense. Its aromatic Arabica coffee beans has been brought from Rajgiri Plantations, from the 'King of the Mountains'.

The Café Moment Card came along with numerous instructions and also loaded with Rs. 300 cash. It gives you cash back offers once your recharge your card. It even provides you with deals and SMS alerts on each transaction.
Share this little joy with your loved ones! Gift them a café moments card, be it friendship's' day, mother's day, women's day or their birthday. Make them smile!

So, I'm a proud owner of a Café Moment Card, and one of the most amazing coffee variant.
Each gurgling sound of the coffee maker guarantees happiness. The coffee is so rich that each cup lifts up the mood and gently caresses the senses.
This has clearly made me love Café Coffee Day even more!

'The royal brew with exotic and spicy notes is a great coffee for the early riser.'
But I say, Café Coffee Day gives in great coffee for each one of us here!

Thanks a lot Café Coffee Day :)

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Days to cherish!

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When our governing board of studies mentioned that the student has to undergo ‘Orientation Programme’, it meant that, students need to gel up with other people and work on their skills of presenting themselves.
It is compulsory for each student to attend these 5 days of training.

Five days earlier, this bought around 50 students under one roof. All of them sat there waiting for the other to break the silence. The silence was broken by our FACULTY. The day ended by hearing around 50 new names, few role plays, and debates! I didn’t know all the names, but I knew that 10% of the batch was named as RAHUL (Too common :P) .

Day 2 : 50 students were divided in groups of 10 and given assignments! That was the time when I got to know that working with complete strangers can be fun! With professional talks, economic discussions, we started knowing each others; started keeping nick names, started having titsy bitsy crushes; we managed to make new friends! Winning was important, though I didn’t win!

Day 3 : Started with spotting familiar faces. We had excitement for upcoming projects and were wishing to get the same group as the previous day. Why? Because we spent 7 hours bonding with those people, so we wanted the same group.
Result? Not everyone had the same group, we ended up being in talking terms with some new ones and having a stronger bond with the earlier ones.

Day 4 : We now had substitute names for almost everyone. We could clearly relate those little stories/jokes with each one of them. I and my friends even arranged our seats in a way so that we are grouped in a single group. Winning didn’t matter now. What mattered was to overcome the hesitation and to be able to speak in front of the people who tried to make us laugh and spoil our performance. We had a list of the most cute ones, the most stupid ones, and the most funny ones too. Our little crushes started getting stronger.

Day 5 : Last day! We didn’t really want this day/this programme to end. We started loving each of the activity; we liked the company of each other; we enjoyed cursing the ineffective air conditioner. The meal just got tastier, though the most irritating one was still the most irritating.

Ever saw a whatsapp group of 50 people? We all are a part of one.
Ever saw a group of 50 people, dressed in formals, hogging burgers in Mc. Donalds and clicking weird selfies?

A training of 5 days left us with a group of 50 people and more than 500 memories!

We left that place with a certificate, so many great memories, great friends, and hope that someday, we might call out for each other in an official place with the stupid names that this batch has given us.

These were the Days I'll cherish forever 
And Friends that I'll forget never.

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Monday, 14 July 2014

RED LIVE! with Kapil Sharma and RJ Raunac

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Not many of us pay attention to the advertisements on the radio, but thanks to my friend who heard about this 'Paisa Vasool Entertainment' by RED FM 93.5 presented by TATA ACE, which was on 5th of July, 2014 at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi! 

SOLD OUT was what we heard when we inquired about it.. 
OBVIOUSLY! After all, Its Kapil Sharma and RJ Raunac, aka Bauuwaa

And then I came across a contest on the social media who were giving away passes to this show as prizes! 
The contest was held by OLX, India who were also the sponsors of this event! 

I played, gave in my best, and I WON!
I consider it as one of my biggest wins so far! 

I was soooo excited about this event, right from the day I heard about it and winning the passes took my excitement to another great level! 

The next day, I went to the RED FM office in Noida to collect the passes! I could see very little of the office but I can easily say that some really creative minds were on their work! 

The office wall has been designed with various little jokes, slangs, songs related to Delhi which totally left us in spills :P

The event was scheduled to start at 7 o'clock.. 
Bauwaa came in at around 07.30 with confetti being blown all over ! Kapil Sharma came in singing around 08.15pm! 

Did I tell you how cute Raunac is? The bauwa tone is something that surely makes my day! And hearing him LIVE was just something else! *_*

Yes! I consider myself lucky :)
Kapil's un - matched comedy, varied singing capability and bauwaa's signature tone were amazing! This duo left the crowd laughing all the way!

Added to this, Dadi distributed 'Shagun ki Pappii' which also attracted many volunteers!
Despite some technical issues, the whole RED FM team (Including RJ Sachin, RJ Rocky, RJ Ashish, Panky), Kapil and Bauwaa managed to entertain the audience!

With such huge response to RED LIVE event, they launched a New Jingle for RED FM, developed by Sachin - Jigar which is all set to trend on the radio!

Kapil Sharma, who was very pleased to be performing live in Delhi said that our energy was Infectious and that made the show so much fun! Kapil left the show with a positive note, and hopes to be back in town for another grand event..

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Surprise! Surpise! The Tandoori Village, Noida - Review

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At least once in out life, we have planned a Surprise Party for someone close.
Not all of them stays a surprise till the very end.

I received a call from my elder cousin sister asking me not to wish her dad on his birthday, the next day. She told me about her plan to host a surprise birthday dinner.
She was disheartened when I made her strike out 2 places from her 'Prospective Dinner Places' list, without even searching them on the internet.
The very next minute, I was telling her nice restaurants with decent food, nice service and sufficient place, keeping in mind the occasion and the budget.

After having considered about 10 places, we decided up on 'The Tandoori Village', Sector 63, Noida!
She had booked the dining area behind the curtain partition! For a group of 14 people, the staff had arranged the table accordingly!

All of the us reached there before hand, handed over the cake to the staff with all the sufficient instructions. The 'Birthday Man', yes, 'Man' was really surprised to see all of us there. I felt proud to have finally execute a surprise plan so successfully. All of the people who were willing to wish him since morning finally did, and were then content. Then, came the cake; several choco chips spilling here and there, numerous flashes, gifts, and then the birthday excitement came to an end.

Then the waiter came with menus and stood there till we placed our order.

Being a fish lover, I ordered Fish tikkas along with chicken tikkas!

The FISH TIKKA was really good! Juicy, tender and had the right amount of spice! The pieces were very very tender! It was a tough task to hold some of them in my fork till it reached my mouth!
The CHICKEN TIKKA was amazing too! Emerged as good as the Fish Tikka was! It had the perfect color, tender, juicy and made me craze for more!

Then, we ordered the non – veg platter! It had chicken seekh and chicken tikkas! Though, Chicken tikka was a repeat but the more, the better! The seekh was yet another delicious dish!

To make the seekh’s shape more clearer, I’d say, It was in the form of a penne pasta, though bigger :P

Not that we only ordered non – vegetarian food, we also had “Dahi Kabab”! It was something that I had tried for the very first time, and thumbs up for it! It had a different taste and tasted best with the chutney and onions that they provide!

We also ordered several drinks,

VIRGIN MOJITO was undoubtedly amazing! It was very refreshing and cool! That even made my little sister a fan of it!

BEACH CUMBER had a tropical peculiar taste of guavas!

LIME SODA was again something that was good!

The cooling in that dining area was not at all effective! After asking them for remedy, we were asked to shift to the common dining area which ensured effective cooling for all! After the switch, we were very much satisfied!

For the main course, we ordered MURG KALI MIRCH! Having had this kind of dish before in a different restaurant, we had huge expectations from this!

I was disappointed with the very first bite. It was much sweeter than it was expected to be. Black Pepper was easily being tasted! It wasn’t even properly cooked and the sweet taste made it harder to gulp.

Haven heard a lot about its HYDERABADI BIRYANI, we ordered it too! It was served in a pot and the raita in kullad. It wasn’t as tempting as I have had earlier. It was simply cooked, with mediocre amount of spices.

RAHRA MURG was something that had saved the evening. It had soft pieces and the spices were evenly spread till its depths! Its gravy increased the taste of the mutton and tasted best with the butter naan!

At the end of the day, the only thing we liked was the starters, and few of their drinks! The main course was a total disaster.

Also, our main course took a lot of time to come to us. The staff wasn’t prompt. The whole of the management was Incapable of handling such large number of guests. When our dishes didn’t come, we had to remind them of the orders that we had place before.
Apart from all these, we all had an amazing Saturday, in an attempt to surprise a close one, followed by delect food and the feeling of togetherness.
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