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Surprise! Surpise! The Tandoori Village, Noida - Review

At least once in out life, we have planned a Surprise Party for someone close.
Not all of them stays a surprise till the very end.

I received a call from my elder cousin sister asking me not to wish her dad on his birthday, the next day. She told me about her plan to host a surprise birthday dinner.
She was disheartened when I made her strike out 2 places from her 'Prospective Dinner Places' list, without even searching them on the internet.
The very next minute, I was telling her nice restaurants with decent food, nice service and sufficient place, keeping in mind the occasion and the budget.

After having considered about 10 places, we decided up on 'The Tandoori Village', Sector 63, Noida!
She had booked the dining area behind the curtain partition! For a group of 14 people, the staff had arranged the table accordingly!

All of the us reached there before hand, handed over the cake to the staff with all the sufficient instructions. The 'Birthday Man', yes, 'Man' was really surprised to see all of us there. I felt proud to have finally execute a surprise plan so successfully. All of the people who were willing to wish him since morning finally did, and were then content. Then, came the cake; several choco chips spilling here and there, numerous flashes, gifts, and then the birthday excitement came to an end.

Then the waiter came with menus and stood there till we placed our order.

Being a fish lover, I ordered Fish tikkas along with chicken tikkas!

The FISH TIKKA was really good! Juicy, tender and had the right amount of spice! The pieces were very very tender! It was a tough task to hold some of them in my fork till it reached my mouth!
The CHICKEN TIKKA was amazing too! Emerged as good as the Fish Tikka was! It had the perfect color, tender, juicy and made me craze for more!

Then, we ordered the non – veg platter! It had chicken seekh and chicken tikkas! Though, Chicken tikka was a repeat but the more, the better! The seekh was yet another delicious dish!

To make the seekh’s shape more clearer, I’d say, It was in the form of a penne pasta, though bigger :P

Not that we only ordered non – vegetarian food, we also had “Dahi Kabab”! It was something that I had tried for the very first time, and thumbs up for it! It had a different taste and tasted best with the chutney and onions that they provide!

We also ordered several drinks,

VIRGIN MOJITO was undoubtedly amazing! It was very refreshing and cool! That even made my little sister a fan of it!

BEACH CUMBER had a tropical peculiar taste of guavas!

LIME SODA was again something that was good!

The cooling in that dining area was not at all effective! After asking them for remedy, we were asked to shift to the common dining area which ensured effective cooling for all! After the switch, we were very much satisfied!

For the main course, we ordered MURG KALI MIRCH! Having had this kind of dish before in a different restaurant, we had huge expectations from this!

I was disappointed with the very first bite. It was much sweeter than it was expected to be. Black Pepper was easily being tasted! It wasn’t even properly cooked and the sweet taste made it harder to gulp.

Haven heard a lot about its HYDERABADI BIRYANI, we ordered it too! It was served in a pot and the raita in kullad. It wasn’t as tempting as I have had earlier. It was simply cooked, with mediocre amount of spices.

RAHRA MURG was something that had saved the evening. It had soft pieces and the spices were evenly spread till its depths! Its gravy increased the taste of the mutton and tasted best with the butter naan!

At the end of the day, the only thing we liked was the starters, and few of their drinks! The main course was a total disaster.

Also, our main course took a lot of time to come to us. The staff wasn’t prompt. The whole of the management was Incapable of handling such large number of guests. When our dishes didn’t come, we had to remind them of the orders that we had place before.
Apart from all these, we all had an amazing Saturday, in an attempt to surprise a close one, followed by delect food and the feeling of togetherness.
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