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Days to cherish!


When our governing board of studies mentioned that the student has to undergo ‘Orientation Programme’, it meant that, students need to gel up with other people and work on their skills of presenting themselves.
It is compulsory for each student to attend these 5 days of training.

Five days earlier, this bought around 50 students under one roof. All of them sat there waiting for the other to break the silence. The silence was broken by our FACULTY. The day ended by hearing around 50 new names, few role plays, and debates! I didn’t know all the names, but I knew that 10% of the batch was named as RAHUL (Too common :P) .

Day 2 : 50 students were divided in groups of 10 and given assignments! That was the time when I got to know that working with complete strangers can be fun! With professional talks, economic discussions, we started knowing each others; started keeping nick names, started having titsy bitsy crushes; we managed to make new friends! Winning was important, though I didn’t win!

Day 3 : Started with spotting familiar faces. We had excitement for upcoming projects and were wishing to get the same group as the previous day. Why? Because we spent 7 hours bonding with those people, so we wanted the same group.
Result? Not everyone had the same group, we ended up being in talking terms with some new ones and having a stronger bond with the earlier ones.

Day 4 : We now had substitute names for almost everyone. We could clearly relate those little stories/jokes with each one of them. I and my friends even arranged our seats in a way so that we are grouped in a single group. Winning didn’t matter now. What mattered was to overcome the hesitation and to be able to speak in front of the people who tried to make us laugh and spoil our performance. We had a list of the most cute ones, the most stupid ones, and the most funny ones too. Our little crushes started getting stronger.

Day 5 : Last day! We didn’t really want this day/this programme to end. We started loving each of the activity; we liked the company of each other; we enjoyed cursing the ineffective air conditioner. The meal just got tastier, though the most irritating one was still the most irritating.

Ever saw a whatsapp group of 50 people? We all are a part of one.
Ever saw a group of 50 people, dressed in formals, hogging burgers in Mc. Donalds and clicking weird selfies?

A training of 5 days left us with a group of 50 people and more than 500 memories!

We left that place with a certificate, so many great memories, great friends, and hope that someday, we might call out for each other in an official place with the stupid names that this batch has given us.

These were the Days I'll cherish forever 
And Friends that I'll forget never.

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