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Sinful Surprise!

You curse the person who rings the bell and makes you get out of your Air conditioned room! On a super duper lazy summer day, the door bell rang. Crawling, I left my bed; opened the door and there was a parcel for me. I took back all the curses because these surprises make me happy.
What it was? It happened to be a Café Coffee Day Hamper.
The hamper had a 

* Coffee Day Espresso Maker
* Mysore Royal Coffee
* Café Moments Card

Being a total coffee lover, I was delighted to see so much of it! Not only me, but my little sister too jumped with joy after seeing the coffee hamper.

The Coffee Day Espresso Maker has a stainless steel stove top which makes up to 2 cups. It takes in grounded coffee; 5 grams for one cup. (Preferred ground coffee: Arabica, Dark Forest, Perfect Charge or Mysore Royal, which came along).

The Mysore Royal ground coffee, from The Connoisseur’s Collection is great. With an aroma which makes you drool to the sound coffee it produces, It is just royal in every sense. Its aromatic Arabica coffee beans has been brought from Rajgiri Plantations, from the 'King of the Mountains'.

The Café Moment Card came along with numerous instructions and also loaded with Rs. 300 cash. It gives you cash back offers once your recharge your card. It even provides you with deals and SMS alerts on each transaction.
Share this little joy with your loved ones! Gift them a café moments card, be it friendship's' day, mother's day, women's day or their birthday. Make them smile!

So, I'm a proud owner of a Café Moment Card, and one of the most amazing coffee variant.
Each gurgling sound of the coffee maker guarantees happiness. The coffee is so rich that each cup lifts up the mood and gently caresses the senses.
This has clearly made me love Café Coffee Day even more!

'The royal brew with exotic and spicy notes is a great coffee for the early riser.'
But I say, Café Coffee Day gives in great coffee for each one of us here!

Thanks a lot Café Coffee Day :)

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