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The Yellow Chilli - Review

So, it was the time when I was returning from a fabulous road trip with my family that we checked in this restaurant at the Meerut Road Ghaziabad.
Despite of having an outlet near my place, this was my first visit to this restaurant Chain. The board that read, "Sanjeev Kapoor's Yellow Chillies" rose our hopes before entering the restaurant.
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Why? Because all of us know what a great chef he is! When it comes to chefs in India, he’s our representative.
The restaurant is nicely built and the interiors are put together to look sober as well as soothing. The restaurant was big, had much sitting capacity; done with dimly lit lamps to provide a pleasant dining experience.
We had to wait for about five minutes as the restaurant was packed. To wait for about 5 minutes seems okay since it was a Sunday evening. As soon as a big large family checked out, the staff quickly arranged the table again for us.

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It was already 9.30pm, so instead of trying the snacks, we straight away hogged on to the main course. Plus, we ordered a lot of drinks in between. They have a separate menu where all the mocktails and shakes are listed, so If you are interested in them, ask for it.

The Fruit Punch
was really sweet (May be that was because of the flavours that were put into it)
A nice Fresh Lime was required to get rid of all the travel tiredness. And indeed, Their Fresh Lime Soda did that with ease.
Their Kiwi Shake: the little seeds of kiwi along with the soft kiwi drink provided that perfect tart.

What was disappointing was the Cold Coffee, it had minimum amount of coffee, and more of water. It was like having water with ice cream and a pinch of coffee sprinkled on the top.
For the main course,

Hyderabadi Dum Gosht Biryani with Raita was amongst the good dishes that we had. The aroma(s) tickled our noses as soon as the lid was lifted.
We ended up ordering an extra of 3 units for all. I’d rather call that a ‘Public Demand’.
Mutton Rogan Josh is a typical all time favourite dish. It was fat full, the right balance of all the spices and tasted good with the Butter Naans.
Bhuna Gosht was something that I had tried for the very first time and now it's one of my favourites. The right balance of all the spices, low on oil and it tasted awesome. It is usually recommended with Tandoori Rotis but, butter naans and Rice too blended easily yet deliciously.

Till the time we ordered our last main course, it was late and it was near their closing time. Still, we weren't denied any of orders. The staff was very cooperative, fast and helpful. Maybe, they sensed our travel tiredness.
The desert, Chocolate Walnut Brownie was the showstopper of the Evening! Steaming hot Brownie served with vanilla Ice Cream and the cherry on the top just took our taste buds to the totally different level. Served straight from where it was cooked, it was soft, with the little walnuts giving the perfect taste and the vanilla ice cream balancing the chocolate level and temperatures of our mouth.
After the deserts, Bill of a huge amount was paid (a lil' over as per 12 members)


I filled up the feedback form. After about 3-4 days, to my surprise, I gotta call from The Yellow Chilli who seeked the reasons for my feedback. They were very keen to know what made me give them a little less a 10. Their initiative is worth appreciating.
See, how Red and Green makes Yellow! And Yellow means delicious!

We had the most delectable food in a pleasant environment, with the dearest people.
Thanks to The Yellow Chilli for this unique and amazing dining experience.
Place To Be :  Plot A111, Movie World Multiplex, Sihani Chungi, Delhi Meerut Road, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad
Contact :  +91 9999404025, 0120 4282800 
Cuisines :  Mughlai, North Indian
Opening Hours :  12.30 PM to 3.30 PM,  7 PM to 11.30 PM
Parking :  Ample
Bar : Not Available

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