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The Haunted Diaries!

Stories of ghosts and abnormal activities interests some, whereas they manage to capture someone's weak nerves.  This time, I'm here with a list of those haunted places in India whose legendary stories sent chills down my spine.  1. Brij Raj Bhavan palace, Rajasthan The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace belonged to the former princely family of Kota, Rajasthan. The reason why it is termed as ‘haunted’ is; when in 1980s, the palace was converted into a rich heritage hotel; the  resident ghost  of the palace became the ghost of the hotel too. While serving as a British Resident to Kota, a major named  Major Charles Burton  was killed by the Indian sepoys in the hall of the building. Post Independence, the mansion became the private property of the Maharaja of Kota. During his (Major Burton) night patrols, if at all he finds a  watchmen asleep , then a voice is heard by the half asleep watchmen saying,  "Don’t sleep, no smoking"  followed by a  sharp sl

8 things that you'll surely see on your Facebook Wall!

How many times do you log on to your facebook profile? 10 times? More? If yes, then you're a 'Facebook Addict' . There are certain things that one sees on their facebook wall each time one logs on. Here's a brief summary : 1.                     Depressing Status(s) No matter how many friends you have, there is always at least one who is extremely unhappy about his life, or with the people in it, or the people around the people in their lives. Be it about the exam they failed in , missing someone or broke up with whom seemed to them their perfect life partner. Thanks to the new facebook mood options, they just made it easier to express.  2.                    Check In(s) “XYZ is at _____ with 2 others” Check in have emerged as a status symbol of some, while a medium of socializing for the others. The check in(s), these days do not compulsorily be of a 5 star restaurant or the ones in which a star had stayed. It can be of anything, wheth