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8 things that you'll surely see on your Facebook Wall!

How many times do you log on to your facebook profile? 10 times? More? If yes, then you're a 'Facebook Addict'.

There are certain things that one sees on their facebook wall each time one logs on. Here's a brief summary :

1.                    Depressing Status(s)

No matter how many friends you have, there is always at least one who is extremely unhappy about his life, or with the people in it, or the people around the people in their lives. Be it about the exam they failed in, missing someone or broke up with whom seemed to them their perfect life partner. Thanks to the new facebook mood options, they just made it easier to express. 

2.                   Check In(s)

“XYZ is at _____ with 2 others”
Check in have emerged as a status symbol of some, while a medium of socializing for the others.
The check in(s), these days do not compulsorily be of a 5 star restaurant or the ones in which a star had stayed. It can be of anything, whether it is your college, or the nearest dhaba
What's worse? Check in at 'Home' or 'Sweet Home' 

3.                   DSLR Photos

Please, not all of them are professional photographers. Most of the times, the people who put up a DSLR clicked photograph are just people with a fab DSLR camera.  They don’t really have an insight of what they’re clicking. They just go about making their usual boring life a bit creative with a new pair of lens.

P.S : No offense. 

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4.                   Add – On(s)

People these days have a huge friend circle, and there in the market are numerous social networking sites to bring these people closer over internet (Irrespective of the fact that they are getting away from each other physically).
I come across “Add me on __; ID: ___”  daily by numerous people. 

Too much of social networking, eh? 

5.                   Prayers for Poor

I bet, once in a lifetime, all of us have liked, shared or commented on a post seeking prayers for a dying little girl, extremely sick person, or the victims of a bomb blast.

But like seriously? Liking/Sharing/Commenting won’t save anyone’s life, but would just spam the timelines. That’s when I told Facebook that I don’t want to see it again!

If those pictures move you, then please head to a NGO! It might help your likes be to any good.

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6.                   Selfies!

I assume you were waiting for this since the point 1. Sorry for the delay! :P

There is always at least one selfie on the facebook timeline! From ‘Just Bored Selfie’ to ‘I survived Facebook down Selfie’. Yes, I’ve seen both of them!

Weird themes, Crazy selfies, that’s what the Gen next is about, I guess.

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      7.           Candy Crush Requests and Scores

These are among those people who spend a large part of their day playing Candy Crush Saga! People of all age; students in class, people in offices and commuters in metro! The legacy follows by numerous requests for joining, or for lifes
What's more annoying than receiving a call asking you to send a life? The fact that you dont even play candy crush.

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        8.           Pictures of Food

People love food, so do I. Each time I log on to Facebook, I get myself craving for something or the other. People love broadcasting the world with pictures of their meal! Either directly on facebook, or shared through Instagram.
Log in post lunch; you see what people had for their lunch
Log in post dinner; you see what people had for their dinner, and if you’re lucky maybe their desserts.

Despite all these, we do not un – friend them, because these people and these little un wanted, irritating deeds are important to us.

Did I miss something that you usually see on your facebook wall? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know. :)

Your views are highly appreciable. Please leave a comment and tell your friends about it.Psss. Sharing is caring :)


  1. To mention few more:

    1. Photo Collage- You can upload the photos separately. Why do u need a collage?

    2. BFF status by girls-
    "I love you utna..Saagar mai paani hai JITnaaaa...
    But i miss u utna sagar mai namak h jitna
    Blessed to have you my friend.."

    3. A random pic, with a random one liner- Even you have used some in you post ;)

    4. Narendra Modi!!

    1. Hey Sarthak (They way your name is
      since your birth), thanks for stopping by.
      * Collages are better, just one picture
      against an album of a trip to a hill
      * Girls do that, and guys : "Broda for
      life!" :P
      * Thanks for being such a keen
      observer. :P
      * Anything and EVERYTHING about
      Narendra Modi!
      Would consider these if at all, I make a
      new post about it :)


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