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Star Movies Secret Screening!

Star Movies Secret Screening! Sounds spooky, isn't it? It was up and gaining popularity when the official twitter handle of STAR MOVIES mentioned about it! When it was running on their website, it seemed inexplicable , just exactly how they wanted it to seem. On their website, there was a dark entrance door, and through the glass of the door, all we could see was an elevator with glowing lights. A part of it said : The entry through the door was only possible via a secret code. Everyone wanted to get in! And thus, requested for the secret code through their twitter profiles. It was followed by a couple of days of waiting. While the hashtag #StarMoviesSecretScreening was trending and fetching huge number of tweets! . @HukkaKing1 Waiting list is not bad news. It means some good is gonna happen soon..Be positive. — STAR Movies India (@StarMoviesIndia) August 30, 2014 People were curious to know what it was. It was when the applicants started receiving

The Aquarium Lounge, Delhi

When you have an unforgettable dining experience at a place, It needs to be appreciated. The Aquarium Lounge, GK is one of those experiences that I've had. Carved with shells Having situated at a very posh area, i.e M Block Market, GK;  The Aquarium Lounge is nicely built. Every corner of the place has something which will amaze you and obviously, every single thing relates to the aquatic life . A big aquarium is built under the counter near bar and is truly amazing ! Oh, by the way, they have a huge bar place, and keep almost every kind of alcohol in store. (Yes, I saw the place where they store them) Haven taken quite a long time to choose what to order, we finally decided. Reason for such a long time? - Varied Cuisines; American, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Lebanese, Indian are what they serve. From Seafood to Steaks , you'd find it all :) Thai Finally we decided on Goong Yang Ha Rod from the THAI section, which is a prawn’s dish! And t