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The Aquarium Lounge, Delhi

When you have an unforgettable dining experience at a place, It needs to be appreciated.
The Aquarium Lounge, GK is one of those experiences that I've had.

Carved with shells

Having situated at a very posh area, i.e M Block Market, GK; The Aquarium Lounge is nicely built. Every corner of the place has something which will amaze you and obviously, every single thing relates to the aquatic life. A big aquarium is built under the counter near bar and is truly amazing! Oh, by the way, they have a huge bar place, and keep almost every kind of alcohol in store. (Yes, I saw the place where they store them)

Haven taken quite a long time to choose what to order, we finally decided.
Reason for such a long time? - Varied Cuisines; American, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Lebanese, Indian are what they serve. From Seafood to Steaks, you'd find it all :)


Finally we decided on Goong Yang Ha Rod from the THAI section, which is a prawn’s dish! And the LEBANESE Chicken dish, Shish Barak! Both of them arrived in some time. They didn’t keep us waiting.
Goong Yang Ha Rod looked so good at first sight. These prawns were tenderly cooked and were stacked up a stick. It was cooked in 5 different sauces which blended with each other so perfectly that one could never make out if there were actually 5 of them. Along with it, came another sauce which was not really required but gave the prawns a good taste all together.

Goong Yang Ha Rod (Thai)

Their prawns were so delicious that they made one of our friends who didn’t really liked prawns before grab a larger part of the dish, leaving us amazed.

Goong Yang Ha Rod (Prawns)


Shish Barak : The Chicken dish was in the form of Kababs formed by minced chicken. It was cooked over a skewer and was served on a mini hot one. It was a plain chicken dish which tasted great with the add - on they provided. Since they were minced chicken, we had difficulties in holding it upright by our forks till they entered our mouth.

Shish Barak (Lebanese)

The Mini Skewer that they were served upon was another thing that we found pleasant! 

The place plays great music! A little louder but one can ask the staff to lower It down. The ambience was over lit, a little over than usual but unlike other lounges which are very dimly lit! But then that’s the way they want it to be.
They have everything that it takes to entertain the guests! Activity Area, big screens, lively music! The big TV screens are perfect at the times of those game series, where you just want to grab a beer and chill out with your buddies.

After these two dishes, we still had space in our stomach so we ordered Gai Yang, a THAI dish! It was that soft big piece of chicken grilled on skewers, cooked in amazing sauce and served on a stick! 

It tasted more like the first dish that we had, i.e. Goong Yang Ha Rod. The difference was that Gai Yang had a hotter sauce than Goong Yan Ha Rod. It has that extra ounce of spice which made us crave for more.

The portion however, seemed a little inadequate.

Gai Yang (Thai)

Their Butter Chicken was also something which had our thumbs up!

Following are extracts of their menu :

Around the globe

The staff was great, always on their toes for any help that their guests would need. Service was quick and surely above satisfactory!

A delight for all the ladies! And If you're a sufi lover, then double dose of fun is guaranteed.
The Aquarium Lounge hosts Sufi Nights plus Ladies Night! A delighted evening for sure :)

Image Courtesy - Aquarium

Here at The Aquarium Lounge, we had some of dish of its kind and had a great experience! Would love to pay this place another visit soon.

Place to be : M 79, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi 
Contact : +919999176486 , +918130666520
Opening Hours : 12 noon to 12 Midnight
Happy Hours : 12 noon to 8pm ! Now that's a time that you would not want to miss. :)
Reservation : Recommended, especially on the weekends
Take Away : Available
Parking : Easy

For knowing the latest offers and events from The Aquarium Lounge, follow their social accounts here :
Facebook :
Twitter     :


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