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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Are the deceased really dead?

October 30, 2014 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , 2 comments

No one is born to live for ever. There is always a time when they have to part ways with us.

It hurts a lot to know that the person you love so much is no more alive to love you back, or at least acknowledge your love.

Birth and death have proved to be a significant part of our lives.
Loosing the ones who gave birth to you seems like they've left us halfway and left.

Questions! Questions are all that is left behind!
"Weren't they supposed to be with me all the time?"
"Why did this happen to us? We were a perfect family"

The other side of the coin?
It hurts even more to know that the little kiddo is no more. Clearly, we never grow old for them. Its like they loose a part of them, as we are born out of them.

The feeling of loneliness strikes hard when your soulmate leaves.
Some wish to leave with them, some wish to leave before the other so that they dont have to go through all the pain or the suffering of being alone, of being without their other half.

The sibling you grew up with : It feels like a part of the big happy family picture made up with distinct jigsaw puzzle pieces fell off.
There are your 'Siblings' from another mother, not related by blood or any family chain!

Those are one of the best bonds. 
Why? Because they are the friends whom you choose to call your brother/sister. They are bound to be special and close to you.

"Every deceased is a magnet drawing us into another world."- Eliza Cook

I was very close to my grandmother. I grew up in her arms. I was her favourite child, in fact, I believe, I still am. 
Her death was the first close death that I encountered. Terribly ill and hospitalized, she told my mother that she wants to meet me and my little sister; because we were next in her list of meeting people for the last time.
Though I could not meet her, but it is a relief to know that she was content in her final days, and sometimes that's all someone needs to know.

As the tears roll down,
I clearly remember the dreams that I had for many following days of her death. That she's still alive, and calls me to her place as she has kept my favourite sweets for me, and we have a great time together.

She is surely missed and still loved. Every achievement of mine, every occasion in the house has a sense of dejection of her absence.

The wish to have met the deceased for the last time, to touch them, to hug them and to tell them that they were and are deeply loved, before they were gone is truly undying.

Life pauses. But, never stops.

One has to get their feet back on the roads and press the 'Resume' button to life.
Probably, it becomes the hardest 'Resume' button ever.

A huge pile of memories never leaves you. Those memories flash in your mind, makes you realise that these memories are all we have got now.
No matter how many times we've pressed that RESUME button, but they would remain alive in our memories. 

"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them."
- George Eliot

Monday, 13 October 2014


October 13, 2014 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , 4 comments

Remember the time when you finished watching all the seasons of a television show and then didn’t know what to do with your life?

Well, I’m in the same boat right now.

Last night, I finished off with all the 10 seasons of American TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
No, That’s not the reason why I’m back to blogging again, I just want to write down what I’m feeling now.
This was the very 1st TV show that I started watching, and now I think what in the world kept me away from watching it earlier?

I loved the show right from the Episode 1. Not all shows start with a wet bride rushing in through the door, and then decide to figure her life out.
I used to finish all of my pending stuffs and targets for the day and then end the day with episodes of Friends! I loved them even more with each passing episode.

At times, in our silent bedroom, where I and my sister used to sit and do our individual works (She doing serious work and I used to watch Friends); I'd suddenly start laughing because of Chandler's humor or Joey's insanity, and my sister would be like "What is wrong with you?" 
To which I used to say, "Watch one episode and you'll know" 

With adorable moments and great sarcastic humor, it has always been a treat to watch Friends. 

Joey’s “How you doin’?” has always been charming, but when he finally falls for Rachel, it just made him my favorite towards the end. 

A big food lover; I can totally relate to him! Joey doesn’t share food, and never calls back a girl who takes fries from his plate.

Monica has always been ‘The Cleanliness Freak”. Remember that sleepless night she had when she tried to be ‘Kook’?

Monica’s and Richard were doing great together. But then, as Joey says, Chandler and Monica did it in the London Style’. 

Chandler becomes a family guy as he marries Monica and gets twins, which was a surprise. His humor was one thing that made him stand apart from the rest, though his surname did the same. How could he not control his jokes when Rachel was saying goodbye to him when she was leaving for Paris, apparently?

Phoebe has always been a weird person with amazingly inappropriate songs! Humming ‘Smelly Cats’, huh? :P

David felt right for her always until Mike came! Phoebe changed his mind about marriage! And their marriage! She looked gorgeous as she walked over the snow towards Mike, it was indeed the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.

Ross, Dr. Ross Geller, the paleontologist! Yes, Paleontologists are also 'Doctors'!

Its amusing to see how he says ‘Rachel’, instead of ‘Emily’! After his 3 unsuccessful marriages, he is aptly called Ross, The Divorce Force!

His love for Rachel and then the ‘We were on a break’ scenario. The long letter which Ross didn't even read. But they finally end up together, like Happily Ever After.

Rachel has always been my favorite. She was a little silly, emotional, and just beautiful. I loved her even more when she decided to raise Emma, who by the way among the seven was the cutest kid on show! Though, I hope she does not get Rachel's original nose :P
The  way Rachel becomes all independent and makes five amazing friends is worth a watch!

Janice’s Irritating voice, and she, couldn’t do anything but just forcing me to lower down the volume. 

The Ugly naked guy has been a source of little humor every now and then. The time he was dancing with a naked ugly lady, laying tiles on the kitchen floor, or when he was assumed to be dead by 6.

As the episodes kept rolling,
Chandler got colder and cuter; Monica got a total cleanliness freak, together with twins, Erica and Jack!
Phoebe got stable and less weird, with Mike!
Joey just got adorable, though single, which was really unfair to him.
And Rachel ended up with Ross, with Emma, as they were meant to be.

And now, when I’m done with the entire show, I realized that I have nothing else to motivate me to finish all of my work fast. I’m glad that my friends made me watch friends as my 1st Television Show.

Probably, I’ll go to Episode 1 of Season 1 and start all of that again! I can never have enough of them.
It has been around 20 years to that show and still it is loved by masses.

As I lay my head on bed last night, all I thought of was the life after it. Not my, theirs!
How would Ross and Rachel get married? Will Monica and Chandler keep up with the rest? Will Phoebe reproduce a football team
And the most important, who will Joey love more than his food? 
But alas! All these questions have been left unanswered

Needless to say, 
F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the best Television Show! :)

How was your experience with FRIENDS? I'd love to speak to more fans :)
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