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Star Movies Secret Screening - II

It would have been an ordinary day, But waking up to an invite to another Secret Screening by Star Movies just made my day. After a huge success of the earlier Secret Screening, there were numerous people who wanted to witness the next Secret Screening. Star Movies has definitely been the trendsetter here. Being a part of earlier screening and a fan of it, I was very excited for this one too. ( Star Movies Secret Screening - I ) On the evening of December 3rd, the whole clan of 'Secret Keepers' was there to witness this little secret. Many of them had placed their bets on what movie they'd showcase. Since I lost in the earlier season, I decided not to bet this time. On entering, we were given the Secret Screening Masks , along with coupons which enabled us to hog on food. After a little wait, and endless guessing, It started : This time, the movie was : EXODUS : GODS AND KINGS A Biblically Inspired Legend  Directed By :   Ridley Scott Star