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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Cafe Public Connection, CP - Review

Cafe Public Connections is another success under Big Fish Ventures!
This multi cuisine cafe was opened in the month of October, 2015; and I was here for a bloggers meet in November.

Picture Credit : Zomato
I totally loved this part of the cafe as it aptly compliments the name!

Widely spread with differently theme private areas like Hollywood, Sports, Retro, Big Boy, Industrial and dim lighted; this place is light on pockets and high on taste.


Soft and luscious pieces of paneer, tossed between capsicum and onion.


I have never been a fan of Mushrooms.
Not that this dish made me a fan, but the spices in it dominated the taste of mushrooms and overall gave a nice kick. Really close to Chilli Chicken!


Juicy Chicken tikka with a prominent garlic flavor, which is here to stay! We loved it so much that we had to order again! The size of the tikkas were medium and apt.


Crisp, long yet thin fingers were really good. It was crisp on the outside and really soft and tasty on the insides. Ordinary, yet favorite.


Well cooked, with a little pungent red sauce which wasn't bad, but different.
Served with medium crisp garlic bread with garlic sprinkled on top.

Drinks are trending over the food these days a lot. The star drinks of the place are:


Not the best LIIT that I've had. But it was all peachy, and really good.

Different flavored LIIT


In the middle of the meal, we were served with two kinds of energy sippers.
They actually came in sippers that one typically caries to the gym.

One was light, and a little fruity. 
While the other one was strong.

Majority of us chose the lighter one over the strong one, because it was pleasanter.


This was one beer drink that had different kicks of refreshing elements, maybe majorly because of the watermelon content, and topped with lemon


Honestly speaking, all the apple cocktails/mocktails taste like appy fizz to me, and I was expecting the same from Apple Slush. But, it was different and worse.
This one tasted just like a cough syrup, and I did not want to take the second sip to know that.


This one officially stole the day.
 One of the fellow foodie got this one specially made by the bartender and the way it was presented was just mind blowing.

It came in a giant trophy, but swirly straws waiting for us to sip up the goodness.

It had an alcohol content of over 60% but tasted nothing like it. 
 It was made just to smooth up and easily go through. 

 If there is anything that I am coming back for,
It is this Old Fashioned! 

Then came the dessert.
Brownie with Ice Cream.
A little piece of brownie topped with the smoothest ice cream scoop.
I think I ate more than I should have :P

  • Old Fashioned
  • Lasooni Chicken Tikka
  • Fish Fingers
  • Brownie with Ice Cream

This was definitely a fun filled blogger's meet with some awesome people at an amazing place with delicious food.

 Had a similar experience? Better or worse?
Let me know in the comment box below! :)

Go Zomato!


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

ezebee.com - Connecting the unconnected

December 09, 2015 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , 6 comments
In today's world, we meet so many people who do not follow the pre-set norms of the society, but follow their hearts to create something out of their imagination. And they face a number of problems in reaching out to their target audience.

Problems like, which medium to adopt, dealings with middlemen, competition with big brands that are already established; all this leaves the actual manufacturer underpaid for their efforts.

This is where ezebee.com comes to the rescue.

  • People at large can sign up for ezebee.com and enter into a global marketplace. Be it a small scale business, company or brand, freelancers, or an individual.
  • They let you showcase your products, as well as services by providing you with your own space, i.e Free Online Shop.
  • You can deal directly with your customers, attend to their demands, complaints, and make money worth your products or services. 
  • You can even add widget to your Facebook page and make it a Free Facebook Shop.

After I signed up for ezebee.com for my blog services,
I browsed through a few categories.

They have nearly everything that one would need.
From pretty jewellery, festive collections to a great upcycling collection;
You will definitely have a hard time resisting yourself.

Idea behind ezebee.com :

Ossian Vogal and Frand de Vries understood the plight of those in search of a platform to get their businesses online and made it count. They created an easy to use website which acts like a perfect launch pad.

Not only they bring together sellers and buyers from different geographical locations, or  provide a fair deal between them; they also promote employment by bringing in more and more locals to create online shop.

Here's a video explaining what people at ezebee.com aim to achieve:

Create your own showroom on ezebee.com : Sign Up!
Also, send me the link to your showroom, I'd love to browse!


Follow ezebee.com on facebook and keep an eye out for their Contests

Monday, 30 November 2015

Palate Fest, 2015

November 30, 2015 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , , , , , , , , No comments

I was really excited to visit the second edition of Palate Fest, 2015 at Nehru Place which happened from 27th November to 29th November, 2015 because its uniqueness and the varied hogging option.

Image Courtesy : Priya Gupta

Right from the entrance to the last stall in the venue; positive vibes flows everywhere along with aromas of delicious food, with super pretty installations.

The first stall that we stopped at was  
  • The Taj.

Fish & Chips, with Banoffee Pie

Fish and Chips, along with Banoffee Pie in a combo.
The insides of the fish was really soft, and really bland.
Whereas the Banoffee Pie was pretty good, the right fruity taste of the bananas and the cream tasted just right.
To my surprise, the staff at the stall was confused about the menu as well as the process of serving the guests.

Cost : Rs. 550 
Location : Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi
  • Brown Box

They had a piece of their delicacies for tasting, on the basis on which we ordered the Chocolate Brownie. A round shaped brownie with little chocolate chunks which tasted like choco chips. Though, they were out of chocolate syrup, but it still tasted good without it


Cost : Rs. 300
Location : Panchsheel Park, New Delhi

The Sugar CubeThe Sugar Cube's famous Red Velvet in a Jar concept is known to all.
And this was the time that I gave it a shot. 
Haven kept Elma's Red Velvet Cheesecake on hold, I still thought of getting it; because Hey! It's Red Velvet Cake!

Goes well when refrigerator.

Cost : Rs. 180
Location : Greater Kailash 1

  • Big Fat Sandwich
 Every time I passed Big Fat Sandwich's stall; I saw longs ques
After getting into one myself, I got my hands on the last Texas Massacre.

BBQ Pulled Pork which was supposed to be with dipping cheese, but it was not.
The pulled pork was delicious, oily but not cheesy. 

Cost : Rs. 300
Location : Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

I am definitely looking out for 'Big Fat Sandwich' .

  • Picco Licko
Picco Licko was featured in the Little Black Book's recommended stall for this fest.
They had scoops, and even tubs to take home.

Chocolate Ripple Classic : Plain vanilla ice cream with a sheet of chocolate topped. The sheet of chocolate tasted firm and nice, and has landed into my favorites.

Chocolate Fudge Cake : Tasted like frozen cake. If you like dark chocolate, you'd definitely like this.

Cost : Rs. 100 for two scoops
Location : Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon

  • Elma's Kitchen
One of us was a total Elma's fan, and was so determined to have their Red Velvet Cheesecake that it made her cranky when they said that It would take a while to get the Cheesecake in stock.

After waiting a good 15 minute, we finally got the Cheesecake and it is the best that I have had till date.

Snapchat : @Rishnita

Cost : Rs. 350
Location : Hauz Khas Village

There were pretty installations at the fest which would definitely want you to capture them!

  • Fat Lulu's

Location : Multiple Outlets

  • Wok in the Woods

Location : Multiple Outlets

  • The Farzi Cafe

Location : Multiple.
Opening soon in Connaught Place!

  • Bombaykery 
Stacked up Macaroons!

Location : DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

The other attraction, apart from food was The Euphoria.

Snapchat : @Rishnita

They kept the crowd going, and gave a pretty damn show for their fans.
They emerged from Delhi and the hooting from the crowd was their motivation!

Their famous song, Maeri was one song that everyone wanted to listen to! 

This was an unique and delicious food festival full of awesomeness, bright lights and pretty decor.

I am so looking forward to the next year's Palate Fest, and would crash in with a big appetite and huge pockets

Did you attend the fest too?
I would love to hear you experience, you know where to type! ;)

Until next time

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Has Justice been served? - Talvar Movie Review

One of the most controversial cases of India, The 2008 - Aarushi Talwar Murder Case was one of those cases which left the entire nation in trauma.

This double homicide in which a 14 year old girl, Aarushi and the servant, Hemraj were found dead in a flat in Noida, raised numerous questions, doubts, and a lot many theories which remained unattended to even after the final verdict was held by the Court.

We needed a brief of all the evidences, investigations about the case to come up to a conclusion for ourselves. To settle this case in our heads, once and for all.
Director Meghna Gulzar understood this and came up with Talvar; a fictional dramatization of true life events revolving around the case.

The names have been changed, and each character in the movie has been carefully picked and directed. Brilliant casting, right from the main actors to the supportive ones.
Original facts and observation were carved out, shot and presented in such a way that it makes the viewer Sherlock Holmes.
Haven shown two different point of view of the case by different teams, they let the viewers decide.
The viewer get to know the importance of minute details that are left behind by the police department, for which they prove the innocent's innocence and give out the guilty.

Whole of the case has been depicted in a gloomy & dramatic way, with punches at appropriate times to ease out the tautness, giving you time to assimilate another shady fact after.
I've always liked Irrfan Khan. He did justice to his role with his natural acting, and those sarcastic comments as a frustrated investigator who has failed to find the balance between what the system wants him to do and what he thinks is right.

The actors playing parents, Neeraj Kabi and Konkana Sen Sharma have delivered a harrowing performance. Loosing a child isn't easy, and they have managed to show that quite well. They convey sorrow by their expressions, numbness in some scenes, and disappointment in others. They fathomed the turmoil of parents who are accused of killing their own daughter. Their struggle to stay out of the guilt ring is endless and heartbreaking.

My Personal Favorite :
After engaging yourself in 2 different faces/theories of the truth,
The movie brings you to a frame where both the investigating teams put forward their observations and investigations of the highest points onto a common table and try to reach a common decision. It gives you all the reasons to bet your money on one theory (Subjected to individual choices).
It brings out the reasonable explanations to events that happened on the fateful night, with a lot of humor based on definite logic.

The extent to which evidences have been mishandled, and officers been lured away for personal benefits, makes you doubt the Judicial system even more.
Even after the verdict, probably the nation would still be divided into two types. Each believing into either one of the team's observation.

Everything you need to know about Talvar, The movie : Website

Here's the Trailer:

One Truth. Multiple Versions.
Its time for you to decide.
Which theory would you believe in?
Who killed Aarushi? and Hemraj? (You know where to type)
India's most controversial case reopens on 2nd October, 2015.


Friday, 25 September 2015

Go Cashless with Ruplee

Invading the app store in the time when we have so many applications that let us go cashless is one hell of a task.

When I first got the invite for Blogger's Day Out by Ruplee at Lord Of The Drinks, a new eatery at Connaught Place on 19th of September, 2015;
I thought it would be like the rest of them in the market,
But I was taken a back as I got to know about what this app does.

What is Ruplee About?

Ruplee aims at letting customers demand their own bill via their cell phones at over 150 restaurants in Delhi, soon expanding to Mumbai. This eliminates the middle man, i.e, The person serving you!
The user earns rewards by paying smart, and going cashless with Ruplee!

How to get Started:
  • Check In 

Visit the restaurant of your choice, and dine out.
Don't forget to check in the restaurant through Ruplee App
  • Call For Bill

When you're done, get your bill on your cellphone through 'Call for Bill' option.
The person on Restaurant's Ruplee Server drafts your bill after putting in the the bill amount, discounts and loyalty reward points and is then displayed on your screen
  • Ready to Pay
Pay the bill amount by your saved card and you're good to go. Ruplee saves up your card details and also ensures safe transactions!

This whole process of generating the bill by Ruplee saves a good 15-20 minutes of looking for waiters, asking for the bill, or walking upto the counter to put in your pin code.
Additional Rewards:
Besides ease of cashless paying, it lets you earn rewards by sharing the code with any non - Ruplee user which will fetch that person credits worth Rs. 100 on signing up with Ruplee.

Whenever the referred person makes a transaction of Rs. 100 or over from his account on any Ruplee outlet, the person who has referred him will receive Rs. 100 worth of credits on his Ruplee account (Shown in Ruplee Credits Tab)
There is no limit to referring. The more you refer, the more you earn ;)

For Bloggers: "BLOG250" fetches a blogger flat Rs. 250 discount on any outlet.

It was such a fun event where
1. We ate delicious food, sipped on amazing cocktails;
oh by the way, I'm gonna visit Lord of the Drinks with my girls, some time soon!

2. Learnt about Ruplee app by Chirag Gupta

3. Got clicked by Vaibhav Sachdeva
4. Walked away with cute, delicious cupcakes!
Ruplee App is here to stay,
with steal deals on famous eateries! 
To stay updated with different deals, and announcements; Follow their social accounts:
Download Ruplee, and go Cashless ;)
Its worth it .

Friday, 18 September 2015

Heads up for Heads Up For Tails

September 18, 2015 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , , , , , , 2 comments

Hi :)

Such a cute little pup!
They welcome you with love (and also, saliva) when you come home after a long day,
They listen to you when you're ranting about random stuffs
They keep you on the run all through the day,
and just want a pat on their backs!

These little creatures deserve to be pampered just like any other thing in this world!

Pampering has never been easy.
But we have Heads Up For Tails to make it an easier job for us! Not only for dogs, but for cats too!
From their tasty treats, scheduled deliveries to customization! They have it all.

They have a concept which goes by the name Wag Box which was quite an attraction to me when I was browsing through their website.
They make a special surprise box for your pet based on the information provided by you, like the breed, quality, personality, toy preference, temperament, food habits, or any type of skin issues!

Happiness Guaranteed! :)
Like, for the kind of dog showed in this blog, i.e, Bulky, Lazy Black Labrador;
These are the products that experts at Heads Up For Tails would include in the Wag Box, along with some other treats!

Labs shed a lot, hence the de-shedder

So that he smells heavenly!
For some exercising, and treats, along with loads of fun!

Labs are supposed to be the most hungry ones! Roshu, definitely is!
Know more about their Wag Box at : Wag Box

The people at Heads Up For Tails believe that DOG TAGS are Essential,
Dog Tags with important information engraved on it, even more.
So, they have this varied collection of basic dog tags available for orders.

I ordered a dog tag for my furry friend, Roshu.

It made Roshu cheerful and pleased.
It definitely made his life whole :P

Those cute eyes!

Not only for dog or cats,
They have thoughtful products for dog and cat lovers too!

What else could be better for my newly renovated house than a cute Door Mat?
It's one of my favorite piece of the house right now.

"Please Remove your shoes! The dog needs something to chew on"

Out of many innovative types of Cushions that they have,
Labrador and pug shaped are my personal favorite!

Visit : Labrador Shaped Cushion
 Visit : Pug Shaped Cushion

But this one is a complete package.
Soft, fluffy and so much desirable!

Heads Up For Tails has been a convenient way of bringing smiles to the furry ones and getting everyday pet themed goodies for pet lovers!

Choosing the right product for your pet, ordering them, and easy delivery with much care by the experts is what Heads Up For Tails aims.

Browse from a collection of :
  • Dog tags, collars,
  • Beds, blankets, kennels, furniture, diners, 
  • Collars, leashes, barklays,
  • Shampoo, conditioners, tick solutions, deo and perfumes, towels and wipes, shedding control tools,
  • Ear/eye/dental care products, supplements,
  • Sweater, Jackets, Raincoats, T-Shirts,
  • Rubber Toys, Chew Toys, Fetch and Tug Toys,
  • Bow ties, clips, charms, bandanas, shoes and socks, Muzzles
  • Bowls, feeders
  • Training Aids and treats!
  • Products for Pet Lovers :D
on their website, Heads Up For Tails

They even have Doggy's Day out.
Events, Fund Raisers, Pet Fed Breakfast, Meet ups!

To know about their latest products, offers, meet ups, Follow them on :

Or visit their outlet in Select City Walk, Saket

Definitely a heads up for Heads Up For Tails!
Simple way of returning the favors and love :)

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