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Garnier PureActive Neem & Tulsi Face Wash - Review

Garnier recently added another Face wash to their PureActive Range,
which goes by the name of Neem & Tulsi High Foaming Fash Wash.

I was privileged to get my hands on this product before much people.

Claims :
To remove 99.9% Pimple Germs.To fight oil & give a clear skin. It contains the goodness of 2 natural ingredients, being 
Neem and Tulsi, 
A duo which is said to have anti bacterial power and helps to reduce pimples.
So with ingredients like that, you know you are seeing a promising product there. 

Appearance : It comes in an attractive green coloured bottle, with a pleasant fragrance as neem. 
I loved how the pictures came out to be. Shelf Life : 36 months (3 years)This face wash is compatible for daily use. It has gentle formula that can be used daily with ease.
A cherry size quantity is enough for one wash. On coming in contact with water, it turns into a foamy solution which increases with each rub. A little resistant while getting rid of it, but hardly takes much of one's …

Stitch your pockets with 27Coupons!

Once upon a time, there was a phase of time when we used to run to markets for getting any sorts of recharges done. Today, in the time when one can need a recharge anytime, anywhere; not being able to find a recharge shop can be the most frustrating thing at the moment.
That’s where arrangements like online sites & apps get their popularity from.
One of them is FREECHARGE. is India’s leading website for online recharges for Prepaid Mobile, Data Cards, DTH & Postpaid Mobile Bill Payments, which lets you earn rewards, offers & benefits from over 300 premium brands like McDonald’s, Domino’s, Peter England, Flying Machine,, and what not.
Recently I came across this website, 27Coupons.comwhichenables you to save extra bucks while you get your recharges done.
27Coupons is that platform which caters more than 1000 stores, bringing to you the best possible deals for almost all the products on the web!  The coupons and deals available are said to be tried & t…