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Garnier PureActive Neem & Tulsi Face Wash - Review

Garnier recently added another Face wash to their PureActive Range,
which goes by the name of Neem & Tulsi High Foaming Fash Wash.

I was privileged to get my hands on this product before much people.

Claims :
  • To remove 99.9% Pimple Germs.
  • To fight oil & give a clear skin.
It contains the goodness of 2 natural ingredients, being 
Neem and Tulsi, 

A duo which is said to have anti bacterial power and helps to reduce pimples.

So with ingredients like that, you know you are seeing a promising product there. 

Appearance : It comes in an attractive green coloured bottle, with a pleasant fragrance as neem. 
I loved how the pictures came out to be.

Shelf Life : 36 months (3 years)

This face wash is compatible for daily use. It has gentle formula that can be used daily with ease.

A cherry size quantity is enough for one wash. On coming in contact with water, it turns into a foamy solution which increases with each rub. A little resistant while getting rid of it, but hardly takes much of one's time. 

For Dry Skin :
Helps in getting rid of the pimples easily, but makes the skin a little more drier than it already is, for which an extra amount of cream would be required.
It leaves a refreshing feel as one leaves the house in the scorching Delhi heat, which is definitely a relief.

For Oily Skin :
For someone with oily skin, like my sister, It gave her a cleaner skin, reduced pimples and visibly less acne.
As an added advantage, she could feel her skin less oily than usual.

Sorry for the filter, couldn't get the original

Price : Different prices for different quantity as preferred by different people.
Rs. 60 for 50g
Rs. 105 for 100g

Availability : Soon to be available in near by drug stores.

Recommended? : Definitely, yes.

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This super cute television commercial featuring Alia Bhatt is here. 
Check it out :D




  1. Hey,
    Thanks for the honest review. And more over it is packaged according to our needs and so I am definitely going to try it as I have pimply skin

    1. Hi
      Thanks for stopping by.
      The easy package makes it travel friendly too!
      Do let me know your experience after using it :)


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