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Sweet Tickles

Who doesn’t love desserts? You know you’re a sweet toothed person if after a full course meal, you manage to hog onto a big piece of that cake, or you know almost all of those bakeries in your city. For those dessert lovers, I am here with yet another baker which you need to add into your wish lists.

SWEET TICKLESSweet Tickles gives you everything, from basics to an opportunity to go customized. Their work place is like a little dessert paradise and I can spend a year there without any complaints, eating those lip smacking chocolates. ChocolatesMuffinsBrowniesPuddingsCupcakesCakes They deal in basic flavors like: FRUITY ·Limelight ·Mango Madness ·Strawberry Surprise ·Twinkie Apple ·Go Bananas! ·Litchi Lush