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Thursday, 30 July 2015

The most Hip Food this summer!

July 30, 2015 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , , , , , 2 comments

Trendy food.
Just like latest fashion trends, there can be a version of latest food trends,
which everyone should try out.

I ordered few dishes online via a Cute Panda, Foodpanda which I think are the trendy food items this summer!
Their mobile app is really swift, customer friendly and provides a safe gateway for online payment.
Oh! Did I mention how much I love their TVCs? :)

Afghani/Tandoori Chicken

Just like Tandoori Chicken, there's this Afghani Chicken.
The only difference between Afghani Chicken and Tandoori Chicken is that the Afghani is cooked with different types of creams, and comes out juicy rather than the dry tandoori chicken.
Tandoori Chicken
But Tandoori Chicken never goes out of trends. It still becomes the perfect starters ;)

Keema Roll

Everyone has had mutton or chicken roll,
But a roll which contains 'Minced Meat', Keema Roll has been my favorite lately.

Keema Roll

Its like you get the best of every thing in one single roll.
Different aromas, tastes and a roll so delightful :)

The Black Burger

I seriously recommend 'The Black Burger' to everyone; because black is the new trend this season.
Juicy Lucy burger with stuffed insides.
And the black outside, which leaves people wondering the secret ingredient

Soya Chaap

Another dish that has had foodies go gaga over it.
I have always enjoyed eating chaap out of a stick, with rumali and onion rings.
I was expecting the same, but I got chunks of soya this time; which were quite well too.
P.s : Have your soya served on sticks, with rumalis.
Aaah, I can still add many more dishes in this list.
What are your hip food this summer?
I'd love to know.
You know where to type ;)

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Wishlist from Dresslink.com

July 23, 2015 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , 2 comments

You know you've had a pretty good day when you come across an online shopping site which makes you go bonkers and buy loads of stuffs.
I got to know about this website : Dresslink.com from a friend, and it left me drooling over its products.

They have these really cool apparel for almost all the occasions.
Be it a cool crop top for a laid back look,
Or a dress for a Sunday brunch with your ladies.
They have it all; and like any other girl, I already have a wish list :D

1. New V-Neck Batwing Dolman - Letter Prints - Tops

This one gives the perfect summer look,
Like back to college with a bang look!
Pairing with a cool neckpiece makes it even more better!

View/Buy : V-Neck Batwing Dolman Top
2. Women's Heart Pattern T-Shirt - Long Sleeve - Crew Neck

My sister has been crushing over this top ever since she saw a girl wearing it, over social media.
So, this comes into my wishlist, as a present for her

View/Buy : Women's Heart Pattern T-Shirt 

3. New Fashion Lady Women's Fashion Lace And Chiffon Blouse - Sleeveless

This one is really classy, laced up with a sexy back and a bow!
I love the way it is styled!

 View/Buy : New Fashion Lady Women's Lace & Chiffon Blouse

4. New Fashion Sexy Lady Women's Sleeveless - O-neck Latter Print - Crop Top

I love cut on the neck, I love the text.

View/Buy : New Fashion Lady Women's Crop Top

5. Women's Candy Color Basic - Jacket Blazer

I have a thing for Summer Jackets and Blazer.
They help enhance the basic clothing for a more classy look!
Thus, I couldn't resist this one!

Vibrant Colors!

View/Buy : Women's Candy Basic Jacket Blazer

These were the top things in my wishlist.
I am so excited to shop from Dresslink .
Go clicking and shop a trendy look for yourself too.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Hybrid, Janpath - Review

July 20, 2015 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , , , , 2 comments

Who doesn't know Rocky and Mayur?
They have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on Askme.com
I'm contributing my part by relishing my favorite dishes at Hybrid and sharing my views with all you foodies!
You can also upload your video review on AskMe : Here and stand a chance to meet Rocky and Mayur. Now, That is one hell of a chance!
The pictures and reviews of Hybrid made it easier for me to choose this place as the venue for a friend's birthday.
Hybrid is the kind of café that turns into a party hub by night, which is indeed a superb concept to go by!

After getting our table reserved a day before the big day, we headed straight to Hybrid on a sunny day.
We had to wait for a few minutes while they were arranging the sitting to accommodate 17 of us.

The place is widely spread with attractive interiors, everything mechanical.
The bar being on the left side and the sunny side of the restaurant being on the right side;
We got seated on the right, and were greeted with big smiles.

Image Courtesy - Google

 We Ordered -

Chicken Tikka - Big pieces of chicken cooked until tender, and juicy. It was served with standard chutney and onion  rings.

Paneer Tikka - 5 Medium sized paneer pieces stuck together with bell peppers and tomatoes with a stick; and served on a wooden platter which was very impressive. It was soft and tasted well but portion wasn't suffice.

Paneer Tikkas

Chicken Malai Tikka - Many foodies spoke well of this particular dish but it turned out to be a disappointment for me. The tikkas were white in color, because of the presence of the main ingredient; i.e Malai. But, it was over cooked, which made it loose all its moisture and it wasn't up to the mark.

Pasta - Red Sauce - Penne Pasta served with garlic bread, topped with cheese had a peculiar taste of excessive red sauce. The portion size was satisfactory.
Pasta - Red
Pasta - White Sauce - Penne Pasta in white sauce was any day better than the Red Sauce Pasta that we had earlier. The correct amount of sauce and the garnishing made it my favorite.

Pizza - Cheeeeese (Veg) - Haven heard a lot about their thin crust pizzas, we decided to give it a shot. Cheeeese was the basic veg pizza which tasted well with the thin crisp crust. The crust wasn't dry or hard, but crisp and was easy to eat. (8 slices)

Pizza - Moroccan Lamb (Non Veg) - Lamb Chunks with bell peppers and Feta Cheese made it a light but delect pizza.
Thin Crust Pizza

We also took 3 Hukkas (Around Rs.700 each),
Along with Vodka.

Some of us weren't happy with how our drinks were made,
So the staff made the second round on our table, keeping in mind the individual preference.
Also, all the soft drinks were on the house.

The Birthday Cake was bought by us, and served by the staff on our table.

The only thing that kept me on my feet the whole afternoon was the Poor Management.
I was promised a deal when I made the reservation on phone,
a different deal when we ordered the drinks,
and a totally different deal when we the bill was drawn.

I was promised 1+1 on liquor when we ordered (Lets forget what they told us at the time of reservation)
When the bill arrive, we were discounted at 25% of the total liquor bill.
In their defense, they said that when they said 1+1, it was on domestic brands.
The staff turned on his words when we inquired them on this.

The bill was settled after the blame game, and we were on our way out.
Points to Remember :
  • If you planning to take a large crowd, like around 15 people; make sure to get them to mail you the deal that they agreed to provide over a telephonic conversation <Note to Self>
  • They don't provide any arrangement for occasions like Birthday, etc. But just the cake

Recommended :
  • Reservation, specially on weekends.
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Thin Crust Pizza (Preferably Non Veg)

Ambience - 4.5
Food - 4
Service - 4 for quick service, 2.5 for the goof up.

A decent place with amazing ambience which sets the mood and delicious food, but a little over priced.
Place To Be :  54, Tolstoy Lane, Janpath, New Delhi (Just besides Cox & Kings, Janpath)
Contact :  011-33107916
Cuisines :  American, Italian, Asian, Mexican, North Indian
Opening Hours :  12 Noon to 12:45 AM
Happy Hours :  None
Parking :  Ample
For the latest offers and events, follow Hybrid, Janpath on Facebook .

 Had a similar experience or got anything to ask?
- You know where to type :)

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Delicious Dhabas on NH1

Most people love road trips, and meals at dhabas or a fancy restaurant makes the road trip even more desirable. After all, Its the journey that matters, not the destination.


I was on a trip to Himachal Pradesh last week. NH1 (National Highway 1) is home to many great eateries for foodies to hog on and I managed to stop by two of them and one Parantha Hub at Barog, Himachal Pradesh.

Haveli, Karnal

It is about 140km drive from Murthal, crossing Panipat. It is a punjabi themed restaurant built with view of a village, with the traditional cot, a truck embedded indoors to traditionally dressed staff. Even the menus were in the shape of hand fans.
Chach was the traditional thirst quencher. Salty, light and refreshing.
Their Mini Meal is like a complete delicious meal. It contained Rice, Kadhi, Papad, Pudina Chutney and a sweet dish (1 pc Gulab Jamun). They have 2-3 variants of mini meal, in which the veggie is changed (The other one had Rajma in it).
Their Kadhi was one of the most delicious kadhi that I've ever had. It had Kadhi patta which was cooked till its essence was all over the curry, with fried red chillies cooked until black and gave the perfect traditional taste of Kadhi which one would never get in home cooked ones.
Shahi Paneer Khaas was the usual paneer with sweet curry, which tasted good with naans which were soft. The amount of paneer pieces in one portion of Shahi Paneer was sufficient. But I've had better shahi paneer else where.
Dal Makhan Wali (Dal Makhni) was very buttery, smooth to eat and tasted well with the rice.
Aloo Badi was something that I was eating for the first time. For the people who don't know what badi is, It originates from Himachal and tastes somewhat like Kofte but on a spicier side. I've had badi before but this combination of badi with aloo was different, soft and tasty and had medium spice.
Their chaap is one of the famous dishes of Haveli, Karnal. Chap at Haveli is not served on sticks, but with gravy to be eaten with rice or naan or roti. It was soft, perfectly cooked, with heavy gravy and was my favourite dish of the meal.
Then came the desserts.
Kesar Kheer was thick, not too sweet, with kesar(saffron) and pista pieces on the surface, which made it richer.
Kesar Kheer
The same treatment was found in Kesar Rasmalai, served one piece in a plate. But was way too sweet.
Kulfi Faluda is their seasonal sweet dish, which tasted close to sweet water, not worth the price.
Jalebi were steal at that price. Crisp, long circles and perfectly thin jalebis, with very little sugar syrup on them. You can easily hog on to 2-3 jalebis after a splendid stuffing meal of that kind.

Handcart serving Gud, Sauf and toothpicks!
It has several shops in the premises where one can buy gifts or handicrafts for oneself or their loved ones. And a cafe by the name of Cafe 24 which serves Thai, Chinese and punjabi street food.

Haveli at Karnal has become my second favourite Haveli, after Haveli, Jalandhar.
RECOMMENDED : Khadi, Chaap, Jalebi, Kheer

Amrik Sukhdev

It has become one of the most visited places recently.

Their paranthas are well stuffed, and delicious; served with white butter which decreases the calories you actually expect.

Being a paneer lover, I ordered paneer paranthas while everyone else ordered aloo pyaaz parantha
Aloo Pyaaz Parantha
Paneer Parantha

Aloo Puri, originally served with 6 big puris and sufficient amount of aloo was chatpati and stuffing.

Meethi Lassi was something that I ordered at the end of my meal, which was like any other lassi that I've tried.

Parking – Easy and plenty

Chachu Da Dhaba, Barog

The third place was Chachu Da Dhaba, Barog; on the way to Shimla.
A small parantha hub with a limited seating, and adjoining shops can be easily missed if one isn't aware of its location.

On recommendation, I tried their Aloo Parantha and Paneer Parantha which were lip smacking.
Served with curd and butter cubes; they were perfectly cooked, with well stuffed ingredients like Aloo, Paneer, Pyaaz, and herbs!
Due to their big parantha size, they divide the parantha in two halves for ease.

Aloo Parantha
Paneer Parantha

The main highlight of the meal were their Gud Parantha, which was one hell of a parantha that we had. Sweet, with dripping gud, crispy and one of my favourite parantha of all times that served the purpose of sweet dish
RECOMMENDED : Gud Parantha at the end of the meal.

This trail of paranthas and dhabas on highways made it a trip where I savored each and everything that I ate, with the togetherness of the people I love, and pictures on the go.
Apple Cart Inn, Kyarighat, Himachal Pradesh
Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

Been on a similar vacation or any other delicious dhaba?
Tell me about it? :)
I'd love to try new dhabas on my next trip.
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