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The most Hip Food this summer!

Trendy food. Just like latest fashion trends, there can be a version of latest food trends, which everyone should try out. I ordered few dishes online via a C ute Panda, Foodpanda  which I think are the trendy food items this summer! Their mobile app is really swift, customer friendly and provides a safe gateway for online payment. Oh! Did I mention how much I love their TVCs? :) Afghani/Tandoori Chicken Just like Tandoori Chicken, there's this Afghani Chicken. The only difference between Afghani Chicken and Tandoori Chicken is that the Afghani is cooked with different types of creams, and comes out juicy rather than the dry tandoori chicken.   Tandoori Chicken   But Tandoori Chicken never goes out of trends. It still becomes the perfect starters ;) Keema Roll Everyone has had mutton or chicken roll, But a roll which contains 'Minced Meat' , Keema Roll has been my favorite lately. Keema Roll Its like you get the best of every thing in one

Wishlist from

You know you've had a pretty good day when you come across an online shopping site which makes you go bonkers and buy loads of stuffs. I got to know about this website :   from a friend, and it left me drooling over its products. They have these really cool apparel for almost all the occasions. Be it a cool crop top for a laid back look, Or a dress for a Sunday brunch with your ladies. They have it all; and like any other girl, I already have a wish list :D 1. New V-Neck Batwing Dolman - Letter Prints - Tops This one gives the perfect summer look, Like back to college with a bang look! Pairing with a cool neckpiece makes it even more better! View/Buy : V-Neck Batwing Dolman Top 2. Women's Heart Pattern T-Shirt - Long Sleeve - Crew Neck My sister has been crushing over this top ever since she saw a girl wearing it, over social media. So, this comes into my wishlist, as a present for her View/Buy : Women's Heart Pattern T-Shirt

Hybrid, Janpath - Review

Who doesn't know Rocky and Mayur? They have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on I'm contributing my part by relishing my favorite dishes at Hybrid   and sharing my views with all you foodies! You can also upload your video review on AskMe : Here  and stand a chance to meet Rocky and Mayur. Now, That is one hell of a chance!   The pictures and reviews of Hybrid made it easier for me to choose this place as the venue for a friend's birthday. Hybrid is the kind of cafĂ© that turns into a party hub by night, which is indeed a superb concept to go by!   After getting our table reserved a day before the big day, we headed straight to Hybrid on a sunny day. We had to wait for a few minutes while they were arranging the sitting to accommodate 17 of us. The place is widely spread with attractive interiors, everything mechanical. The bar being on the left side and the sunny side of the restaurant being on the