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The most Hip Food this summer!

Trendy food.
Just like latest fashion trends, there can be a version of latest food trends,
which everyone should try out.

I ordered few dishes online via a Cute Panda, Foodpanda which I think are the trendy food items this summer!
Their mobile app is really swift, customer friendly and provides a safe gateway for online payment.
Oh! Did I mention how much I love their TVCs? :)

Afghani/Tandoori Chicken

Just like Tandoori Chicken, there's this Afghani Chicken.
The only difference between Afghani Chicken and Tandoori Chicken is that the Afghani is cooked with different types of creams, and comes out juicy rather than the dry tandoori chicken.
Tandoori Chicken
But Tandoori Chicken never goes out of trends. It still becomes the perfect starters ;)

Keema Roll

Everyone has had mutton or chicken roll,
But a roll which contains 'Minced Meat', Keema Roll has been my favorite lately.

Keema Roll

Its like you get the best of every thing in one single roll.
Different aromas, tastes and a roll so delightful :)

The Black Burger

I seriously recommend 'The Black Burger' to everyone; because black is the new trend this season.
Juicy Lucy burger with stuffed insides.
And the black outside, which leaves people wondering the secret ingredient

Soya Chaap

Another dish that has had foodies go gaga over it.
I have always enjoyed eating chaap out of a stick, with rumali and onion rings.
I was expecting the same, but I got chunks of soya this time; which were quite well too.
P.s : Have your soya served on sticks, with rumalis.
Aaah, I can still add many more dishes in this list.
What are your hip food this summer?
I'd love to know.
You know where to type ;)


  1. All the dishes looks soooo yummy....wish to have it now...thanks a lot for the post....
    Chowranghee Lane Rajender Nagar


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