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Go Cashless with Ruplee

Invading the app store in the time when we have so many applications that let us go cashless is one hell of a task.

When I first got the invite for Blogger's Day Out by Ruplee at Lord Of The Drinks, a new eatery at Connaught Place on 19th of September, 2015;
I thought it would be like the rest of them in the market,
But I was taken a back as I got to know about what this app does.

What is Ruplee About?

Ruplee aims at letting customers demand their own bill via their cell phones at over 150 restaurants in Delhi, soon expanding to Mumbai. This eliminates the middle man, i.e, The person serving you!
The user earns rewards by paying smart, and going cashless with Ruplee!

How to get Started:
  • Check In 

Visit the restaurant of your choice, and dine out.
Don't forget to check in the restaurant through Ruplee App
  • Call For Bill

When you're done, get your bill on your cellphone through 'Call for Bill' option.
The person on Restaurant's Ruplee Server drafts your bill after putting in the the bill amount, discounts and loyalty reward points and is then displayed on your screen
  • Ready to Pay
Pay the bill amount by your saved card and you're good to go. Ruplee saves up your card details and also ensures safe transactions!

This whole process of generating the bill by Ruplee saves a good 15-20 minutes of looking for waiters, asking for the bill, or walking upto the counter to put in your pin code.
Additional Rewards:
Besides ease of cashless paying, it lets you earn rewards by sharing the code with any non - Ruplee user which will fetch that person credits worth Rs. 100 on signing up with Ruplee.

Whenever the referred person makes a transaction of Rs. 100 or over from his account on any Ruplee outlet, the person who has referred him will receive Rs. 100 worth of credits on his Ruplee account (Shown in Ruplee Credits Tab)
There is no limit to referring. The more you refer, the more you earn ;)

For Bloggers: "BLOG250" fetches a blogger flat Rs. 250 discount on any outlet.

It was such a fun event where
1. We ate delicious food, sipped on amazing cocktails;
oh by the way, I'm gonna visit Lord of the Drinks with my girls, some time soon!

2. Learnt about Ruplee app by Chirag Gupta

3. Got clicked by Vaibhav Sachdeva
4. Walked away with cute, delicious cupcakes!
Ruplee App is here to stay,
with steal deals on famous eateries! 
To stay updated with different deals, and announcements; Follow their social accounts:
Download Ruplee, and go Cashless ;)
Its worth it .