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Has Justice been served? - Talvar Movie Review

One of the most controversial cases of India, The 2008 - Aarushi Talwar Murder Case was one of those cases which left the entire nation in trauma.

This double homicide in which a 14 year old girl, Aarushi and the servant, Hemraj were found dead in a flat in Noida, raised numerous questions, doubts, and a lot many theories which remained unattended to even after the final verdict was held by the Court.

We needed a brief of all the evidences, investigations about the case to come up to a conclusion for ourselves. To settle this case in our heads, once and for all.
Director Meghna Gulzar understood this and came up with Talvar; a fictional dramatization of true life events revolving around the case.

The names have been changed, and each character in the movie has been carefully picked and directed. Brilliant casting, right from the main actors to the supportive ones.
Original facts and observation were carved out, shot and presented in such a way that it makes the viewer Sherlock Holmes.
Haven shown two different point of view of the case by different teams, they let the viewers decide.
The viewer get to know the importance of minute details that are left behind by the police department, for which they prove the innocent's innocence and give out the guilty.

Whole of the case has been depicted in a gloomy & dramatic way, with punches at appropriate times to ease out the tautness, giving you time to assimilate another shady fact after.
I've always liked Irrfan Khan. He did justice to his role with his natural acting, and those sarcastic comments as a frustrated investigator who has failed to find the balance between what the system wants him to do and what he thinks is right.

The actors playing parents, Neeraj Kabi and Konkana Sen Sharma have delivered a harrowing performance. Loosing a child isn't easy, and they have managed to show that quite well. They convey sorrow by their expressions, numbness in some scenes, and disappointment in others. They fathomed the turmoil of parents who are accused of killing their own daughter. Their struggle to stay out of the guilt ring is endless and heartbreaking.

My Personal Favorite :
After engaging yourself in 2 different faces/theories of the truth,
The movie brings you to a frame where both the investigating teams put forward their observations and investigations of the highest points onto a common table and try to reach a common decision. It gives you all the reasons to bet your money on one theory (Subjected to individual choices).
It brings out the reasonable explanations to events that happened on the fateful night, with a lot of humor based on definite logic.

The extent to which evidences have been mishandled, and officers been lured away for personal benefits, makes you doubt the Judicial system even more.
Even after the verdict, probably the nation would still be divided into two types. Each believing into either one of the team's observation.

Everything you need to know about Talvar, The movie : Website

Here's the Trailer:

One Truth. Multiple Versions.
Its time for you to decide.
Which theory would you believe in?
Who killed Aarushi? and Hemraj? (You know where to type)
India's most controversial case reopens on 2nd October, 2015.



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