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Heads up for Heads Up For Tails

Hi :)

Such a cute little pup!
They welcome you with love (and also, saliva) when you come home after a long day,
They listen to you when you're ranting about random stuffs
They keep you on the run all through the day,
and just want a pat on their backs!

These little creatures deserve to be pampered just like any other thing in this world!

Pampering has never been easy.
But we have Heads Up For Tails to make it an easier job for us! Not only for dogs, but for cats too!
From their tasty treats, scheduled deliveries to customization! They have it all.

They have a concept which goes by the name Wag Box which was quite an attraction to me when I was browsing through their website.
They make a special surprise box for your pet based on the information provided by you, like the breed, quality, personality, toy preference, temperament, food habits, or any type of skin issues!

Happiness Guaranteed! :)
Like, for the kind of dog showed in this blog, i.e, Bulky, Lazy Black Labrador;
These are the products that experts at Heads Up For Tails would include in the Wag Box, along with some other treats!

Labs shed a lot, hence the de-shedder

So that he smells heavenly!
For some exercising, and treats, along with loads of fun!

Labs are supposed to be the most hungry ones! Roshu, definitely is!
Know more about their Wag Box at : Wag Box

The people at Heads Up For Tails believe that DOG TAGS are Essential,
Dog Tags with important information engraved on it, even more.
So, they have this varied collection of basic dog tags available for orders.

I ordered a dog tag for my furry friend, Roshu.

It made Roshu cheerful and pleased.
It definitely made his life whole :P

Those cute eyes!

Not only for dog or cats,
They have thoughtful products for dog and cat lovers too!

What else could be better for my newly renovated house than a cute Door Mat?
It's one of my favorite piece of the house right now.

"Please Remove your shoes! The dog needs something to chew on"

Out of many innovative types of Cushions that they have,
Labrador and pug shaped are my personal favorite!

Visit : Labrador Shaped Cushion
 Visit : Pug Shaped Cushion

But this one is a complete package.
Soft, fluffy and so much desirable!

Heads Up For Tails has been a convenient way of bringing smiles to the furry ones and getting everyday pet themed goodies for pet lovers!

Choosing the right product for your pet, ordering them, and easy delivery with much care by the experts is what Heads Up For Tails aims.

Browse from a collection of :
  • Dog tags, collars,
  • Beds, blankets, kennels, furniture, diners, 
  • Collars, leashes, barklays,
  • Shampoo, conditioners, tick solutions, deo and perfumes, towels and wipes, shedding control tools,
  • Ear/eye/dental care products, supplements,
  • Sweater, Jackets, Raincoats, T-Shirts,
  • Rubber Toys, Chew Toys, Fetch and Tug Toys,
  • Bow ties, clips, charms, bandanas, shoes and socks, Muzzles
  • Bowls, feeders
  • Training Aids and treats!
  • Products for Pet Lovers :D
on their website, Heads Up For Tails

They even have Doggy's Day out.
Events, Fund Raisers, Pet Fed Breakfast, Meet ups!

To know about their latest products, offers, meet ups, Follow them on :

Or visit their outlet in Select City Walk, Saket

Definitely a heads up for Heads Up For Tails!
Simple way of returning the favors and love :)


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