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Palate Fest, 2015

I was really excited to visit the second edition of Palate Fest, 2015 at Nehru Place which happened from 27th November to 29th November, 2015 because its uniqueness and the varied hogging option. Image Courtesy : Priya Gupta Right from the entrance to the last stall in the venue; positive vibes flows everywhere along with aromas of delicious food, with super pretty installations. The first stall that we stopped at was   The Taj. Fish & Chips, with Banoffee Pie Fish and Chips, along with Banoffee Pie in a combo. The insides of the fish was really soft, and really bland. Whereas the Banoffee Pie was pretty good, the right fruity taste of the bananas and the cream tasted just right. To my surprise, the staff at the stall was confused about the menu as well as the process of serving the guests. Cost : Rs. 550  Location : Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi Brown Box They had a piece of their delicacies for tasting, on the basis on which we ordered the C