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Cafe Public Connection, CP - Review

Cafe Public Connections is another success under Big Fish Ventures! This multi cuisine cafe was opened in the month of October, 2015; and I was here for a bloggers meet in November. Picture Credit : Zomato I totally loved this part of the cafe as it aptly compliments the name! Widely spread with differently theme private areas like Hollywood, Sports, Retro, Big Boy, Industrial and dim lighted; this place is light on pockets and high on taste. PANEER TIKKA Soft and luscious pieces of paneer, tossed between capsicum and onion. CHILLI MUSHROOM I have never been a fan of Mushrooms. Not that this dish made me a fan, but the spices in it dominated the taste of mushrooms and overall gave a nice kick. Really close to Chilli Chicken! LASOONI CHICKEN TIKKA Juicy Chicken tikka with a prominent garlic flavor, which is here to stay! We loved it so much that we had to order again! The size of the tikkas were medium and apt.  FISH FINGERS Crisp, long ye - Connecting the unconnected

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