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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Cafe Public Connection, CP - Review

Cafe Public Connections is another success under Big Fish Ventures!
This multi cuisine cafe was opened in the month of October, 2015; and I was here for a bloggers meet in November.

Picture Credit : Zomato
I totally loved this part of the cafe as it aptly compliments the name!

Widely spread with differently theme private areas like Hollywood, Sports, Retro, Big Boy, Industrial and dim lighted; this place is light on pockets and high on taste.


Soft and luscious pieces of paneer, tossed between capsicum and onion.


I have never been a fan of Mushrooms.
Not that this dish made me a fan, but the spices in it dominated the taste of mushrooms and overall gave a nice kick. Really close to Chilli Chicken!


Juicy Chicken tikka with a prominent garlic flavor, which is here to stay! We loved it so much that we had to order again! The size of the tikkas were medium and apt.


Crisp, long yet thin fingers were really good. It was crisp on the outside and really soft and tasty on the insides. Ordinary, yet favorite.


Well cooked, with a little pungent red sauce which wasn't bad, but different.
Served with medium crisp garlic bread with garlic sprinkled on top.

Drinks are trending over the food these days a lot. The star drinks of the place are:


Not the best LIIT that I've had. But it was all peachy, and really good.

Different flavored LIIT


In the middle of the meal, we were served with two kinds of energy sippers.
They actually came in sippers that one typically caries to the gym.

One was light, and a little fruity. 
While the other one was strong.

Majority of us chose the lighter one over the strong one, because it was pleasanter.


This was one beer drink that had different kicks of refreshing elements, maybe majorly because of the watermelon content, and topped with lemon


Honestly speaking, all the apple cocktails/mocktails taste like appy fizz to me, and I was expecting the same from Apple Slush. But, it was different and worse.
This one tasted just like a cough syrup, and I did not want to take the second sip to know that.


This one officially stole the day.
 One of the fellow foodie got this one specially made by the bartender and the way it was presented was just mind blowing.

It came in a giant trophy, but swirly straws waiting for us to sip up the goodness.

It had an alcohol content of over 60% but tasted nothing like it. 
 It was made just to smooth up and easily go through. 

 If there is anything that I am coming back for,
It is this Old Fashioned! 

Then came the dessert.
Brownie with Ice Cream.
A little piece of brownie topped with the smoothest ice cream scoop.
I think I ate more than I should have :P

  • Old Fashioned
  • Lasooni Chicken Tikka
  • Fish Fingers
  • Brownie with Ice Cream

This was definitely a fun filled blogger's meet with some awesome people at an amazing place with delicious food.

 Had a similar experience? Better or worse?
Let me know in the comment box below! :)

Go Zomato!


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

ezebee.com - Connecting the unconnected

December 09, 2015 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , 6 comments
In today's world, we meet so many people who do not follow the pre-set norms of the society, but follow their hearts to create something out of their imagination. And they face a number of problems in reaching out to their target audience.

Problems like, which medium to adopt, dealings with middlemen, competition with big brands that are already established; all this leaves the actual manufacturer underpaid for their efforts.

This is where ezebee.com comes to the rescue.

  • People at large can sign up for ezebee.com and enter into a global marketplace. Be it a small scale business, company or brand, freelancers, or an individual.
  • They let you showcase your products, as well as services by providing you with your own space, i.e Free Online Shop.
  • You can deal directly with your customers, attend to their demands, complaints, and make money worth your products or services. 
  • You can even add widget to your Facebook page and make it a Free Facebook Shop.

After I signed up for ezebee.com for my blog services,
I browsed through a few categories.

They have nearly everything that one would need.
From pretty jewellery, festive collections to a great upcycling collection;
You will definitely have a hard time resisting yourself.

Idea behind ezebee.com :

Ossian Vogal and Frand de Vries understood the plight of those in search of a platform to get their businesses online and made it count. They created an easy to use website which acts like a perfect launch pad.

Not only they bring together sellers and buyers from different geographical locations, or  provide a fair deal between them; they also promote employment by bringing in more and more locals to create online shop.

Here's a video explaining what people at ezebee.com aim to achieve:

Create your own showroom on ezebee.com : Sign Up!
Also, send me the link to your showroom, I'd love to browse!


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