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In today's world, we meet so many people who do not follow the pre-set norms of the society, but follow their hearts to create something out of their imagination. And they face a number of problems in reaching out to their target audience.

Problems like, which medium to adopt, dealings with middlemen, competition with big brands that are already established; all this leaves the actual manufacturer underpaid for their efforts.

This is where comes to the rescue.

  • People at large can sign up for and enter into a global marketplace. Be it a small scale business, company or brand, freelancers, or an individual.
  • They let you showcase your products, as well as services by providing you with your own space, i.e Free Online Shop.
  • You can deal directly with your customers, attend to their demands, complaints, and make money worth your products or services. 
  • You can even add widget to your Facebook page and make it a Free Facebook Shop.

After I signed up for for my blog services,
I browsed through a few categories.

They have nearly everything that one would need.
From pretty jewellery, festive collections to a great upcycling collection;
You will definitely have a hard time resisting yourself.

Idea behind :

Ossian Vogal and Frand de Vries understood the plight of those in search of a platform to get their businesses online and made it count. They created an easy to use website which acts like a perfect launch pad.

Not only they bring together sellers and buyers from different geographical locations, or  provide a fair deal between them; they also promote employment by bringing in more and more locals to create online shop.

Here's a video explaining what people at aim to achieve:

Create your own showroom on : Sign Up!
Also, send me the link to your showroom, I'd love to browse!


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  1. They all look so young and dynamic ! It seems like a good company to work at !


  2. Very Interesting ! Thank you for the information !

  3. Making an online store was so easy..


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