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Monday, 19 December 2016

Dine With Santa at Burger King

Who doesn't know the big shot Burger King when it comes to burgers?
For me, they are my go to place for some amazing Chicken Fries! 

 Burger King, recently organised a Christmas Carnival at Burger King, Select City Walk Mall outlet from 16th December to 18th December. This particular outlet was Burger King's 1st store which was launched in November, 2014.

This carnival bought Santa in the town this Christmas. Burger King's very own Santa made an appearance giving away gifts to the children which added to the experience for the young ones. 
Apart from this the event had whole lot of musical entertainment, carols, along with hourly magic show. 

Carrying its promise to bring the undoubtedly best burger in the town, Burger King also offered a special meal package for people in the town. 

Burger King also took a special initiative to organize "Dine with Santa" for NGO kids from "Catalyst India Charitable Trust". The initiative gave the kids an opportunity to enjoy Christmas like any other kid. 
Talking about the celebration;
Cicily Thomas, Vice President, Operations and brand standards, Burger King said, "The whole idea of this Celebration is to let people have their own way of Christmas Celebration. With this Burger King also got the opportunity to play Santa this Christmas for NGO Kids. Burger King invited these kids in light of the Christmas season & spread the joy of giving."

The event also facilitated the facility of NGO to showcase their talent in the form of Carols in Burger King. The kids enjoyed the best of burger in the town while enjoying the Carols, magic show.  

And not to forget, the installation for this Dine with Santa was another thing that helped spread the Christmas cheer!

Burger King made this Christmas a lot more merrier! 

The second edition of Dine with Santa would be at their Nehru Place outlet for 2 days, i.e, 23rd and 24th December, 2016!
Make sure to catch them there!

Merry Christmas, truly! 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


In the pool of a million online websites, I’ve taken the liberty of finding another one and bringing it to limelight for the ones who are constantly in need of new collections to browse from! – FashionMia!

FashionMia is one stop destination for Modern, Irresistible, and Affordable women’s clothing. They aim at delivering high quality clothing for all the fashionistas out there which would make them look their best, and step out with an aura!
And that too, in a budget!

Nothing really hurts someone who is confident about how she looks! Definitely, doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket with FashionMia!

They have a variety of apparels to choose from,
All kinds of dresses,
Tops, classified by style,
Accessories, which has chick scarves
And even Plus Sized Apparels; because why not?

While browsing through the website, here are the couple of dresses that I liked:

• Evening Dresses

This is another category which had the most gorgeous collection of Evening dresses online!
There was a tough tie between this and another Red Evening dress to be my favorite, but I guess I like how shimmery this one is!

Another masterpiece is this ravishing black dress. It is a Shimmering Powder Black Hole Plain Evening-dress with a round neck collar and Dacron patchwork. Best suited for a formal party or the awards nights!

Get it here

• Cocktail Dresses

They don’t have many of the authentic cocktail dresses, but the ones that they have are surely classified as elegant cocktail dresses!

The dress that I liked the most among this category has to be this beautifully designed Spaghetti Strap Velvet Plain yet sexy cocktail dress.
It is a pretty colored, fitted, and cheap cocktail dress with a spaghetti strap collar, perfectly suited for the occasion where you want to look sassy!

Get it here

To sum it all up, one can say that FashionMia is the perfect destination for the shopaholics and divas out there. Every time you visit FashionMia you’ll find great sales on their already unbelievable prices. 

FashionMia is fashion at the prices you desire all round the calendar!

Friday, 9 December 2016

Say 'Yes' to Health: Spirulina Smoothie with Dates

December 09, 2016 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari No comments

In order for our bodies to function properly and stay healthy, it is important that we follow a good nutritious diet.
But let’s face it, who in today’s time has got the time to keep up with the charts? Or even something as simple as eating healthy?
We prefer something as effortless as a magic wand over our heads, giving us the curvy body, and perfect abs.

But, I recently came across something as simple as supra! – Spirulina Powder by Parry Wellness!

About Spirulina:

Spirulina is 100% natural and a highly nutritious salt water micro algae.
It was discovered in South American & Africa in natural alkaline lakes. This alga has constituted a significant part of the diet of many communities.
With over 100 nutrients, Spirulina is often described as the most complete food source in the world, which is what makes it sufficient in providing us with our required daily nutrients.

Talking about the people who can take Spirulina:

Since it is a nutritional supplement, it can be taken by anyone, anywhere, in all walks of life, be it children, pregnant women, mothers, elderly people, athletes, etc.; basically, EVERYONE!

Spirulina is best taken in the form of a beverage.
And I have formulated a recipe using the Spirulina Powder by Parry Wellness.


  • Dates,
  • Water,
  • Sugar,
  • Milk,
  • Honey,
  • Spirulina Powder by Parry Wellness

Step 1:

Soak the dates in a bowl of water overnight, so that they become soft and are easily peel-able.
When they have become soggy, cut each of them from between and remove the seed, stack the remaining parts.

The reason why it is yellowish in color is that,
I used dried up dates, instead of normal dates.

Step 2:

Put all the dates in the mixer; add milk, sugar to it.
The batter that one gets now should be pulpy, because of the dates, and whose consistency depends upon the amount of milk added.

Step 3:

Pour the contents in a glass, preferably using a strainer,
And add just a Tablespoon of powder to it.

The drink should turn green in color, just as the color of the powder.
Add a little bit of honey over it to give it a sweeter taste.

A couple of simple yet easy everyday things can replenish the required nutrients in our body, strengthen the functioning of our immune system, and bridge the gap caused by the missing nutrients.

Monday, 28 November 2016

North Indian Starboy: Pind Balluchi

Each time I crave for some North Indian delicacies, I look out for traditional places which prioritize authenticity over western influence!
One such place which never fails to amaze me is Pind Balluchi.

There has been no looking back for them since they first started. It is the shining star, endowed with many enviable awards and visited by whom not in the country!

The desi interiors at all the Pind Balluchi outlets across the country have an earthy charm to it. Some of them have been so constructed to give a village courtyard look with a huge truck, banyan trees, and such other things. To compliment the ambience, appropriate cutlery has also been used.
One such outlet which gives such a traditional feel is in Vaishali. Newly opened in a mall in Vaishali, I looked forward to a wonderful time!

The minute I spotted the outlet from across the food court, every thought mentioned above was justified. The entrance had this huge door like the ones in Palaces, with rustic feels to it. They have an indoor area, as well as a village courtyard open air space!

I had made mental notes in my mind regarding their specialty dishes from menu. Started the meal with a classic Mojito, and an Italian Smooch! Mojito was one refreshing and kickass start to the meal.
The starters consisted mostly of chicken dishes, with just one mutton item, which was a little off settling. But our moods were lifted as and when the starters started arriving. We aimed at trying every type remotely.

I had already heard so much about Pind Balluchi’s Dahi Ke Kebabs, which was why it was my first choice! They were literally so soft on the inside and equally crisp on the outside.
It felt right from Amritsar when I had the first bite of Machi Amritsari. It had a chew-y outer, a lot oily, but the aptly done fish beneath!

We would have been so disappointed if we wouldn’t have had Murg Tandoori at a place like Pind Balluchi. We expected this Murg to be a nice and dry tandoori, but it came as a greasy one, which was equally desirable as it did not give away the tandoor taste!

Pretty ordinary mutton seekh kebabs! The minced mutton was held together nicely and was the perfect blend of spices!

You can also go for Mushroom Kurkure for a teda meda kick, on a regular vegetarian dish!
Moving to the main course,

Determined to try the mutton and going by the recommendation, we called out for Murg Rahra. The best thing about Murg Rahra is usually that the gravy is not just oil or spices, but actually keema! 

The keema along with the mutton pieces makes up for a great main course item along with naans!
This Murg Rahra was again a brilliant choice! The pieces were sufficiently big, the gravy surrounding made it a little more drool worthy, and the aroma made us dig right into it.

Ended the meal with the best Ras Malai that I have had till date! Five stars to this sweet, unadulterated ending!

“In the present scenario, when everybody is running after various Global Cuisines, we came up with an Indianised Version because we believe it’s more permanent and not occasional like the other foods. One can try this at any day and any time" says Owner, Mr. Chaddha

Over the years, Pind Balluchi has excelled and has managed to remain on the top of the relevant list, and we couldn’t agree more with Mr. Chaddha!

WHERE:                Pind Balluchi
ADDRESS:            3rd Floor, Plot VC 3, Mahagun Metro Mall, Vaishali, Ghaziabad
CONTACT:           8860081839, 0120 4571137

Pind Balluchi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Shop Smart This Diwali

The favorite time of the year is here.
It’s the time when you go around shopping for gifts, new clothes, jewelry, and new assets for your home, not to forget, the painful Safai Abhiyan!

Diwali is officially associated with Shopping and gifts!
Where one spends so much on this occasion, one ought to be smart enough to make every spent penny worth,

Thus, Introducing Compare Munafa !

About Compare Munafa:

As the name suggests, this site lets you compare prices of a variety of products on over 250 online stores!

There’s more than this, It also alerts you about the prices, and
Gives cashbacks in form of Munafa Points  when you make a payment, buy something or fetch recharges, which can further be redeemed in various forms like, recharges, vouchers, paytm wallet uses, various gift cards, or simply, Cash!

Sounds familiar, right?
It did to me too!
But, when I browsed through their website, saw their deals, procedures, and reviews, I could pick a couple points where they are better than others in the market.

First of all,
  • ·         Product Discovery

They bring the right kind of products to you, by their Intelligent Product Discovery Engine! They claim to have around 25 plus filter categories!
Finding that perfect rug matching your curtains would now be easier to find!
  • ·         Price Graphs!

Compare Munafa also tracks the products to the core, and keeps a history of the prices.
This ultimately enables the user to judge the quantum of variation!
  • ·         Price Drop Alerts!!

Know that feeling that you get when you see the price of a product and cried a little?
Then, when you’ve gathered yourself together, you call out a desired price for it {we know you’d have bought it at that price}, but then you forget about it over time and loose it completely!
Compare Munafa enables you to buy that product on your desired price!

They would send you a notification, bug you around and tell you that the price has been dropped to your desired price when it does, so that you can merry again and buy it in a jiffy!

Apart from these,
You can browse through products either via Categories, or Stores, or Hot Selling Deals

They let you avail heavy discounts over many online portals over the internet.

Also mentioning the munafa points in front of the product that you are looking at.

Price comparison between the products for your choice at one place! 
So no more switching between multiple tabs!

And munafa points on almost every transaction that you make!
These munafa points can be easily availed against any other thing, or other things from their list. 

That’s how a dashboard at Compare Munafa looks like!
With such intimation policy, and smart approach towards shopping like Price Drop Alerts, and Trend Analysis,
Shopping has indeed become an effortless job!
Compare Munafa is surely here to be a favorite!
So, shop smart this Diwali! :)

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Featuring Mariacommunion!

September 15, 2016 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari No comments

What is communion?

The christian worship services at which one dresses in white gowns, sports pretty accessories and follow a religious or spiritual fellowship.

For Christians all over the world, It is considered very auspicious! 

It usually leaves little girls who are to attend their first communion pretty excited as well as develops a sense of belonging and togetherness.

I still remember the time when I saw a Youtube video of a girl's first communion; all dolled up and gorgeous!

From getting the perfect dress, pretty veils, matching bags to getting those curls,

all of it is an experience to remember each time,
which is why, 
I am featuring Mariacommunion on the blog today!

One of its kind online marketing place which provides dresses suiting your requirements. Serving for about a decade, they have managed to build a satisfied customer base!

They have kept a variety of dresses, under the tags: White, Lace, Simple, long, with and without sleeves, First communion dresses.

and accessories like gloves, headpieces, bags and veils. 

Another thing that caught my eye while browsing was that,

They have mentioned the kind of Embellishment on each of their dresses, which makes it easier for the customer to know what they are looking at.

Though, they need to get more types of headpieces, and veils to match up the dresses that they have!
The price range is moderate, styles varying from classy to sober to royal!

A few of my favorite pieces from their current collection are featured as follows:

Love how a pair of gloves and a little flower along with cap sleeves gives a royal look to the whole, otherwise plain dress!

Check it out here: Organza Gown
Find more such White communion gowns Here

Just cant get over this dress!
Beaded chest and satin material with bow! 
My favorite, any time!

Check it out here: Satin Beaded Bodice

You just can't restrict cowl necks to the tops, even dresses have it 
This and more such White Communion Dresses are sure to make you stand apart.

Check it out here: Oraganza Cowl Neck

Another stunning piece on Mariacommunion!
Would amp up any of your gowns in no time at all.

Check it out here: Pearl Beaded Flower Headpiece

I bet they would look as stunning on your little daughters as they do on this beautiful young lady!

Make sure to browse through when in search of dresses for any occasion in a reasonable budget!

I definitely think Mariacommunion is good to invest in for all your communion dresses needs.

Happy Communion! 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Apollo White Dental, GK - Review

September 01, 2016 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , , , 2 comments


One of the most neglected things in our daily lifestyle is our, Teeth!

They work round the clock because we all are natural hoggers, and still get no proper care because we all are lazy people, here.

But this isn’t how it works. Our teeth need constant attention. Little things like brushing twice a day ought to be included in our daily routine.

As a teenager, I was really casual about my teeth. The price of which I had to pay when one of molar tooth got decayed. Nothing could be done as it was beyond treatment, all I was left was a big gap at the back of my mouth.
But, my ‘Dental Records’ wanted extensions. I got two other root canals done after, which still pains a lot every now and then!
The whole point of writing this down is to give you, the reader an idea about how paranoid I am when it comes to getting anything else done in there. I dread by the slightest pain in any part of the mouth.

I wanted to have an expert opinion, and the possible remedy for my dental issues, which was when I was introduced to APOLLO WHITE DENTAL

APOLLO WHITE DENTAL SPA is a 7-Star Dental Spa with world class amenities specially designed to meet the patient’s requirement with the utmost comfort. I was super impressed by how amazingly the clinic is done, with separate space for comfort and privacy, to complimentary services like Massages, Manicure and Pedicure, and other services, which is why it is called a Dental Spa!

Dr. Isha Singh did an initial examination of my teeth, followed by a full mouth digital X-Ray and when needed, separate X-Rays for each of my crown tooth. She did every possible test to get to the reasons behind the pain that kept coming back despite the fact that my crowns are pretty nicely done.

After this, she had my case consulted by Orthodontics, Dr. Niketa Wadhwa. Collectively, they told me what I needed to get done and what was wrong with my crowns.

Dr. Wadhwa treating another patient

The reason why I think they are a class apart?
  • ·         Treated by Experienced Consultants.
  • ·         Laser Precision procedures ensuring painless treatment.
  • ·         Top level hygiene: In house Triple Sterilization protocols.
  • ·         Setting a separate kid’s space with a dinosaur theme.
  • ·         Use of Superior Equipment.
  • ·         Complimentary services like Massage chairs, Hand and Feet Reflexology for both the patient and the person accompanying.
  • ·         Live One – One Chat with our specialist through social media.
  • ·         They even have their Mobile App wherein one gets sections like: Clear his/her Dental Queries, Book an Appointment, Receive Dental Tips, Find a Dentist, Locate a Clinic.

Cone Beam CT

Kid's Space

Dr. Isha understood my paranoia and did everything to ease me into the process of examination, and scaling of teeth. I felt like a kid, who forgot that Dental Visits are supposed to be painful and loaded with hectic follow ups.

Special mention to Samta Marwah who showed me around the property and explained how things are done at Apollo White Dental, worked out my appointment, and assisted Dr. Isha in finalizing the appropriate course of action for my decayed tooth.

Complimentary Services

Apollo White Dental has been awarded for:
Excellence Patient Service, 
Best Dental Hospital
Best Clinic Interiors!

They have over 75 Centers in 17 cities, 
aiming at bringing elite dental care within everyone's reach.

Out & Around recommends Apollo White Dentals for all your dental concerns.

Place to Be: Apollo White Dental Spa, R – 45, Greater Kailash – 1, New Delhi – 110048
Phone Number: 1800 102 02 88 (Toll Free) / 8860 666 000 / 8860 777 000 / 011 – 4660 5226 /

Monday, 15 August 2016

STYLEWE: Where Everyone Has A Personal Designer

Gone are the days when designer products were restricted to the elites, and showrooms.
We live in an era where you can designer pieces right at your screen.

Introducing: StyleWe
The name itself raises one's expectations.

STYLEWE is an online fashion shopping website which provides a platform to Independent Fashion Designers.
They enable the fashion designers to show case their brain child styles by making it available to customers worldwide.

I have probably become their latest fan!

While browsing through their designer wear, I could easily tell why they were a class apart.
  • They have a unique collection.
  • Classy and Sauve designs when it comes to dresses, be it summer or cocktail or midi.
  • Raunchy swimwear
  • Jumpsuits, Rompers, skirts, and even cool handbags.
  • All these at affordable costs.
    •  Money doesn't hurt when you get designer pieces like these!

Due to the above mentioned points, 
I got my hands on two of their items; one being a casual college wear, and another being an elegant party wear top!

These blouses came in a slider pouches, which makes it easier to keep and carry without any damage!

1. Half Sleeves Stripes Blouse

I instantly could imagine how cool and different it would look when sported in the college days.

I paired it with black jeans, and white sneakers!
The white sneakers complimented the white stripes well.

Another thing that makes it desirable is,
the stripes on the back! 
Front facing stripes are way too mainstream, which is why we needed this combination to come around!

Location Courtesy: Phone Booth Cafe

Buy it here:             Blue Stripes Blouse
Designer:                OneBuyE

2. Beige Chiffon Blouse

This one is a perfect party wear attire, paired with a pair of black jeans,
And black wedges to lift up the formal look.

The top is however, minimal.
With just flower work, and lace going across the waist.

Buy it here:           Beige Chiffon Blouse
Designer:              Nadine

We all can have our own fashion designer now.
At STYLEWE, their goal is to empower the designers so that they no longer feel hidden the brand, but are able to proactively communicate directly with their customers.


I have a very interesting news for you!

Any budding Fashion Designers looking for exposure, can reach out to STYLEWE for getting their designs listed and up on their site for sale.

Check out this Link

You gotta raid the collection on their website, Here
and build your wardrobe with one of the best creations available.

My Style Card
I'd love to hear your experience.
Hit me up, anytime :)

Mentioning the link again: https://www.stylewe.com/

Friday, 8 July 2016

Sizzler Festival: Barcelos

July 08, 2016 Posted by Rishnita Bhandari , , , , , , , , , , , , , 1 comment

The House of Peri has been known for its famous Peri Peri preparations;
along with the colored burger buns!
Red Burgers, Black Burgers; They have always given us something new to try!

It will soon be known for another thing,
which is a Sizzler Festival.

I happened to be at Barcelos, Hauz Khas Village a couple of days back to try their Sizzlers!

The interiors of the place have been done so nicely.
Situated at the second floor, right at the start of Hauz Khas Village,

It has a great open area, a pretty nice bar, along with high and low sitting.

Love how the Rooster is designed in the shaped of a big and fluffy 'B' representing Barcelos!

Getting back to the Sizzlers!

They have come up with a new range of sizzlers for this sizzler festival.
Divided in two categories,
Vegetarian (7 items) and non-vegetarian (6 items)

Mutton Keema Sizzler

Finely chopped keema done amazingly, with Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Mushroom, Onion and served on a bed on cabbages.
I love Keema rolls a lot,
and my excitement level was high since two great combo(s) were being mixed.

I loved it right at the first bite.

Peri Peri Chicken Sizzler

This sizzler was presented in a different manner, which was definitely delightful.

Chicken Breasts were cut into strips, rolled into, and stuffed with loads of mozzarella cheese put up on a mini stick!
The minute you cut open the roll, you are greeted with cheese flowing down!

Other sizzlers on the list:

Peri Peri Paneer Sizzler
Veg Kebab Sizzler
Paneer Trinchado Sizzler
Falafel Sizzler with Hummus
Soya Bean Keema Sizzler
Grilled Vegetables
Veg Seekh Kebab Sizzler

Peri Peri Chicken Sizzler
Mutton Kebab Sizzler
Chicken Trinchado Sizzler
Chicken Sizzler with Hummus
Mutton Keema Sizzler
Grilled Fish Sizzler

An experience like this is enough for listing Barcelos amongst the 'To Go places for Sizzlers'

Place To Be: Outlets at Hauz Khas, Khan Market, Gurgaon and Kolkata
When: A month long; starting from June 7th, 2016

Treat yourself with a Sizzler Fest this weekend.

"According to the 17th century legend, a pilgrim seeking food and water in Barcelos, was accused of stealing from a landowner. The pilgrim was sentenced to hang despite his protests of innocence. In a last minute appeal to the judge, who was enjoying a roasted rooster for dinner at the time, the pilgrim boldly stated, "If I am innocent, then that rooster will get up and crow!" Suddenly, a gorgeous scarlet-plumed cockerel rose from the plate, crowing loudly."

- http://www.barcelos.co.in

Barcelos Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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