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Sizzler Festival: Barcelos

Barcelos, The House of Peri has been known for its famous Peri Peri preparations; along with the colored burger buns! Red Burgers , Black Burgers; They have always given us something new to try! It will soon be known for another thing, which is a Sizzler Festival. I happened to be at Barcelos, Hauz Khas Village a couple of days back to try their Sizzlers! The interiors of the place have been done so nicely. Situated at the second floor, right at the start of Hauz Khas Village, It has a great open area, a pretty nice bar, along with high and low sitting. Love how the Rooster is designed in the shaped of a big and fluffy 'B' representing Barcelos! Getting back to the Sizzlers! They have come up with a new range of sizzlers for this sizzler festival. Divided in two categories, Vegetarian (7 items) and non-vegetarian (6 items) Mutton Keema Sizzler Finely chopped keema done amazingly, with Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Mus