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STYLEWE: Where Everyone Has A Personal Designer

Gone are the days when designer products were restricted to the elites, and showrooms. We live in an era where you can designer pieces right at your screen. Thus, Introducing:  StyleWe The name itself raises one's expectations. STYLEWE is an online fashion shopping website which provides a platform to Independent Fashion Designers. They enable the fashion designers to show case their brain child styles by making it available to customers worldwide. I have probably become their latest fan! While browsing through their designer wear, I could easily tell why they were a class apart. They have a unique collection. Classy and Sauve designs when it comes to dresses, be it summer or cocktail or midi. Raunchy swimwear Jumpsuits, Rompers, skirts, and even cool handbags. All these at affordable costs.  Money doesn't hurt when you get designer pieces like these! Due to the above mentioned points,  I got my hands on two of their items; one being a casual