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Featuring Mariacommunion!

What is communion? The christian worship services at which one dresses in white gowns, sports pretty accessories and follow a religious or spiritual fellowship. For Christians all over the world, It is considered very auspicious!  It usually leaves little girls who are to attend their first communion pretty excited as well as develops a sense of belonging and togetherness. I still remember the time when I saw a Youtube video of a girl's first communion; all dolled up and gorgeous! From getting the perfect dress, pretty veils, matching bags to getting those curls, all of it is an experience to remember each time, which is why,  I am featuring Mariacommunion on the blog today! Mariacommunion : One of its kind online marketing place which provides dresses suiting your requirements. Serving for about a decade, they have managed to build a satisfied customer base! They have kept a variety of dresses, under the tags: White, Lace, Simple, long, with and without sl

Apollo White Dental, GK - Review

APOLLO WHITE DENTAL One of the most neglected things in our daily lifestyle is our, Teeth! They work round the clock because we all are natural hoggers, and still get no proper care because we all are lazy people, here. But this isn’t how it works. Our teeth need constant attention. Little things like brushing twice a day ought to be included in our daily routine. As a teenager, I was really casual about my teeth. The price of which I had to pay when one of molar tooth got decayed. Nothing could be done as it was beyond treatment, all I was left was a big gap at the back of my mouth. But, my ‘Dental Records’ wanted extensions. I got two other root canals done after, which still pains a lot every now and then! The whole point of writing this down is to give you, the reader an idea about how paranoid I am when it comes to getting anything else done in there. I dread by the slightest pain in any part of the mouth. I wanted to have an expert opinion