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Shop Smart This Diwali

The favorite time of the year is here.
It’s the time when you go around shopping for gifts, new clothes, jewelry, and new assets for your home, not to forget, the painful Safai Abhiyan!

Diwali is officially associated with Shopping and gifts!
Where one spends so much on this occasion, one ought to be smart enough to make every spent penny worth,

Thus, Introducing Compare Munafa !

About Compare Munafa:

As the name suggests, this site lets you compare prices of a variety of products on over 250 online stores!

There’s more than this, It also alerts you about the prices, and
Gives cashbacks in form of Munafa Points  when you make a payment, buy something or fetch recharges, which can further be redeemed in various forms like, recharges, vouchers, paytm wallet uses, various gift cards, or simply, Cash!

Sounds familiar, right?
It did to me too!
But, when I browsed through their website, saw their deals, procedures, and reviews, I could pick a couple points where they are better than others in the market.

First of all,
  • ·         Product Discovery

They bring the right kind of products to you, by their Intelligent Product Discovery Engine! They claim to have around 25 plus filter categories!
Finding that perfect rug matching your curtains would now be easier to find!
  • ·         Price Graphs!

Compare Munafa also tracks the products to the core, and keeps a history of the prices.
This ultimately enables the user to judge the quantum of variation!
  • ·         Price Drop Alerts!!

Know that feeling that you get when you see the price of a product and cried a little?
Then, when you’ve gathered yourself together, you call out a desired price for it {we know you’d have bought it at that price}, but then you forget about it over time and loose it completely!
Compare Munafa enables you to buy that product on your desired price!

They would send you a notification, bug you around and tell you that the price has been dropped to your desired price when it does, so that you can merry again and buy it in a jiffy!

Apart from these,
You can browse through products either via Categories, or Stores, or Hot Selling Deals

They let you avail heavy discounts over many online portals over the internet.

Also mentioning the munafa points in front of the product that you are looking at.

Price comparison between the products for your choice at one place! 
So no more switching between multiple tabs!

And munafa points on almost every transaction that you make!
These munafa points can be easily availed against any other thing, or other things from their list. 

That’s how a dashboard at Compare Munafa looks like!
With such intimation policy, and smart approach towards shopping like Price Drop Alerts, and Trend Analysis,
Shopping has indeed become an effortless job!
Compare Munafa is surely here to be a favorite!
So, shop smart this Diwali! :)


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