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Dine With Santa at Burger King

Who doesn't know the big shot Burger King when it comes to burgers? For me, they are my go to place for some amazing Chicken Fries!    Burger King , recently organised a Christmas Carnival at Burger King, Select City Walk Mall outlet from 16th December to 18th December.  This particular outlet was Burger King's 1st store which was launched in November, 2014. This carnival bought Santa in the town this Christmas. Burger King's very own Santa made an appearance giving away gifts to the children which added to the experience for the young ones.  Apart from this the event had whole lot of musical entertainment, carols, along with hourly magic show.  Carrying its promise to bring the undoubtedly best burger in the town, Burger King also offered a special meal package for people in the town.  Burger King also took a special initiative to organize  "Dine with Santa"  for NGO kids from "Catalyst India Charitable Trust".   The i


In the pool of a million online websites, I’ve taken the liberty of finding another one and bringing it to limelight for the ones who are constantly in need of new collections to browse from! – FashionMia! FashionMia  is one stop destination for Modern, Irresistible, and Affordable women’s clothing. They aim at delivering high quality clothing for all the fashionistas out there which would make them look their best, and step out with an aura! And that too, in a budget! Nothing really hurts someone who is confident about how she looks! Definitely, doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket with FashionMia! They have a variety of apparels to choose from, All kinds of dresses, Tops, classified by style, Bottoms, Accessories, which has chick scarves And even Plus Sized Apparels; because why not? While browsing through the website, here are the couple of dresses that I liked: •  Evening Dresses This is another category which had the most gorgeous collect

Say 'Yes' to Health: Spirulina Smoothie with Dates

In order for our bodies to function properly and stay healthy, it is important that we follow a good nutritious diet. But let’s face it, who in today’s time has got the time to keep up with the charts? Or even something as simple as eating healthy? We prefer something as effortless as a magic wand over our heads, giving us the curvy body, and perfect abs. But, I recently came across something as simple as supra! – Spirulina Powder by Parry Wellness! About Spirulina: Spirulina is 100% natural and a highly nutritious salt water micro algae. It was discovered in South American & Africa in natural alkaline lakes. This alga has constituted a significant part of the diet of many communities. With over 100 nutrients, Spirulina is often described as the most complete food source in the world, which is what makes it sufficient in providing us with our required daily nutrients. Now, Talking about the people who can take Spirulina: Since it is a nutr