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Hidden Hunger: The Specter of Micronutrient Deficiency in Infants

Children are the  future  of our planet –   the ones  who will  eventually  contribute  to significant socio- economic growth , and shape the world around us . That is a  one of the biggest responsibilit ies  which  they are entrusted with.   S urely,   they  need strong shoulders  and sharp brains  for that, don’t you agree? Therefore, it is indispensable for  a baby to be fed with  the  right food,  considering  all the nutritional needs  that are  important for proper growth of  infants . Issues faced in the meeting nutritional needs of a newborn While feeding a newborn ,   numerous  factors  need  to be taken care of,  because the initial  years are the building blocks for  a newborn  baby’s good physical and mental health. A common mistake made in feeding a baby is the negligence of  including  micronutrients  in  the daily  diet. This negligence results in micronutrient deficiency which affects a child’s growth, mental development, and the overall well-being of th

A Holiday for Your Pet

Travelling  with the pet can be overwhelming, and a lot of fun! Leaving your pet back at home becomes heart-breaking; all you can think of is their innocent smiles and warm cuddles. Home4pet makes sure that vacation with your pet becomes a reality and introduces you to pet-friendly hotels and services which will make your stay a memorable one. These holiday packages are currently available for  Kullu-Manali for 2 days-3 nights or 3nights-4 days basis.    The prices range differently depending on different services. All rooms (luxury, deluxe, premier luxury) have wifi, television, fireplace and balcony. To satiate your pet’s hunger and take care of his nutrition, home cooked food is also available on chargeable basis. Complimentary beds for pet will be found in every room along with availability of care taker and doctor on call.  Private bonfires and barbeques  can be arranged for the guests. These suites and rooms do not just ensure comfort but also top-level care

Capture that pow moment: Pet Photographers

Today's generation believes more in capturing and and documenting the moments spent, every little detail, every big achievement. Because at the end of the day, It is the moments that stay with us, right? Those pictures captured stay longer than the memory of the event, enables you to relive that moment and reminisce that very amazing moment. In the era of documenting the tiniest details, how can we forget bragging about our paw-y friends? In this month's edition, I will be showing some of the adorable photo shoots done which would make you want to have one, and the ways to have a photo shoot done for them! Credits: Bustle Credits: Ashok's Photography Credits: Leaning Photographs The adorable of them all. They were told to get rid of their dog because she was expecting a baby soon. But she couldn't part with one kid to welcome another! Credits: Dipak Studios Pre Birthday Shoot Looks dreamy, right?

Pet Taxis & Pet Ambulance: Home4Pet

The joy on my dog’s face when we ride him in our car every evening is unmatchable. Apart from this precious emotion, it is always healthy to keep our pets aware of the environment outside the home.  They should learn how to cherish travels with a glow in the eye. It not only makes them active but also keeps them in a great state of well-being. PC: Sitters4Critters However, our availability is not always assured and the pets end up compromising.  Home4pet has brought about travel plans for dogs. These plans have been formulated keeping in mind the over-all requirements of your pets.  There are mainly 2 travel plans: Woofy Cabs (full day travel plan)   Woofy cabs are driven by pet friendly cab drivers who make sure the pet has a great time. Two family members are allowed to travel along with the pet for 6 hours or 80 kms (whichever completes earlier).  Mini AC cabs are also available and exceeding kms end up in extra charge.  For package charges visit

Beat the heat with Chili - Caliente

People across Sweden and other places have been looking for a beverage option that gives you the exact kick that an alcohol drink does, but without the alcohol. A swede who used to attend a lot of dinners and parties including a laughter riot, food, fruits, loads of sugary and caffeinated drinks along with alcohol made this possible. He thought that a chili based drink would do the needful. Not filled with anything that harms the humans, something that the human is already familiar with; CHILI. The only challenge was to infuse the chili with the drinks to make it globally acceptable to the consumers who don't even know that they need a drink like that. He was encouraged enough to quit his current job, and start working on this innovation. Made from the bests, hot enough to ensure a strong release of Endorphins which creates a sense of happiness or 'happy buzz'; maintain the sanity and clarity of mind at the same time! NO alcohol, ONLY chili, Caliente comes to I

Home4Pet - Pet Trainers, Handlers, Groomers and Healers at just one click

Pets are a cuddlier version of toddlers who look at you with those wet eyes; seek attention because they like it; sleep in a corner making it the most picturesque area of the house; and look away when they are mad at you. Pets are indeed the shine of a home which is why we love pampering our pets.  Here’s a glimpse on how home4pet makes sure you get in touch with the best handlers, healers and trainers at ease. I would be adding the links to all of these services for you to get your pet the perfect care that they need easily.  PET TRAINERS AND HANDLERS Basic training module This is the basic obedience training (for dogs) which runs over a stretch of 3-4 months and is conducted thrice a week. here Guarding training module This training depends on the breed and behaviour and enables your dog to become a guard dog.  Even gentle dogs can become good guard dogs if trained properly. here Area-wise dog training service Specialised dog training services

Eye on Content: CMS Asia 2017

Content, as we all know these days can't really be summarized. 'Content is the reason search began in the first place.' Content is of the utmost value in everything you do, how ever way you wish to take your business or brand forward, a good content is something that you need to build a strong kingdom! Now, some might argue that content is the whole kingdom, TRUE. Content would always change shapes but a good content would always be needed, to grow, establish, make a mark, or to basically sell. I recently attended the biggest content summit of all times, Content Marketing Summit Asia 2017 held on 4th and 5th May in The Westin, Gurgaon! I was there only for one day, but believe me, it got better with each speaker. Some of the greatest minds, famous brands, and influencers who took over the social media by storm were present at the summit to impart knowledge, do's and dont's, and share their life experiences. My first session was from FMS Faculty

Attraction for kids in fair: Hand Washing

Dettol, a prominent name in germ protection has been giving its 100% to safeguard the health of families all around the globe for a better lifestyle. Not only by providing top class products and a high success rate, they are also known for their out of the box ideas which tends to connect with masses. They have come up with another initiative which has a very simple yet deep objective, making kids wash their hands at places such as fairs! It was identified that kids who are playing around the fairs pick up a lot of gems which they carry with themselves the whole day, may also use the dirty hands to eat. To counter this issue, they chose an activity where they would make the wash happen in a fun way, I like to call it: Bubble Wash! Dettol created a soapy solution with the power of Dettol Handwash. This solvent would be blown and when the kids would burst these bubbles, the soapy solution will stick to their hands. The dettol volunteers would then help them wash their hands

Home4Pet - Food & Accessories Galore

Ever rushed back home from work to snuggle with your dog or play with your cat? Ever had their innocent smiles running all over your head when working on your laptop?  Isn’t it an absolute joy to have a baby to go back home to? How about getting food delivered at their doorstep while you are away? Or even better, get them scrumptious meals on your way back.  Here’s a wide range of Pet Food and other accessories from the website which is becoming the next to go website for pet care,  Home4Pet From home cooked meal (priced at a nominal Rs.62 per meal) to Pet all-in-one snacker, home4pet has it all. Here’s my insight to a few delightful options: ·          DOGS: Along with the famous Pedigree snacks, they also provide for Bairo chew sticks, Basil fresh breath, Beaphar milk supplements, Bon-in-bon bones, Bully’s best power gain, calcimust calcium supplement and many more.   There are vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food options, supplements, medicated fo

Clocktower, Gurgaon - Another Favorite!

The Clock Tower is one of the many microbreweries based out of Golf Course Road. What separates it from the rest of the lot is its history that goes long back to a school in Nainital which goes by the name of Sherwood which was set up in 1869. Tribhuvan Yadav took all his inspiration from his time in Sherwood College and put his heart out in The Clock Tower. He came up with this name to symbolize all the clock towers that Nainital has! Every corner of The Clock Tower would remind you of the good old days! Starting from the basic structures like high ceilings, and big doors which give the exact European feels that they intend to convey, looks no less than a high end palace property. Each wall has a good old memory waiting for you to reminisce; Be it comics like Archies, Adventures of Tin Tin, Malgudi Days, or souvenirs from different neighboring schools like Doon School. This place became my instant favorite when I have had a whole tour of the property, all I hope