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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Attraction for kids in fair: Hand Washing

Dettol, a prominent name in germ protection has been giving its 100% to safeguard the health of families all around the globe for a better lifestyle.

Not only by providing top class products and a high success rate, they are also known for their out of the box ideas which tends to connect with masses.

They have come up with another initiative which has a very simple yet deep objective, making kids wash their hands at places such as fairs!
It was identified that kids who are playing around the fairs pick up a lot of gems which they carry with themselves the whole day, may also use the dirty hands to eat.

To counter this issue, they chose an activity where they would make the wash happen in a fun way, I like to call it: Bubble Wash!

Dettol created a soapy solution with the power of Dettol Handwash. This solvent would be blown and when the kids would burst these bubbles, the soapy solution will stick to their hands. The dettol volunteers would then help them wash their hands!

This germ busters initiative aims at keeping the fun alive in hand washing wherever the kids go!

With successful implementation of this idea, Dettol is now carrying out this activity in various fairs!
Kudos to Dettol Germbursters!

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Home4Pet - Food & Accessories Galore

Ever rushed back home from work to snuggle with your dog or play with your cat? Ever had their innocent smiles running all over your head when working on your laptop?  Isn’t it an absolute joy to have a baby to go back home to?

How about getting food delivered at their doorstep while you are away? Or even better, get them scrumptious meals on your way back. 
Here’s a wide range of Pet Food and other accessories from the website which is becoming the next to go website for pet care, Home4Pet

From home cooked meal (priced at a nominal Rs.62 per meal) to Pet all-in-one snacker, home4pet has it all. Here’s my insight to a few delightful options:

  • ·         DOGS:
Along with the famous Pedigree snacks, they also provide for Bairo chew sticks, Basil fresh breath, Beaphar milk supplements, Bon-in-bon bones, Bully’s best power gain, calcimust calcium supplement and many more. 

There are vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food options, supplements, medicated food, pet-treat and home-cooked food. 
Check it out: Here

  • ·        CATS:

      Bellotta cat food being the most picked option; Drools cat food also makes a great treat for our cuddly cats. 
      Other supplements, canned food, fur glow serums, canned seafood are also a great option.
      Check it out: Here

  • ·         FISH:
Tetra fish food is available in many varieties from shrimps to Toya blood worms
      Apart from fish food, there are colour enhancers, medicines and supplements to keep the fish healthy.
Have a look : Here

 Now this is quite a fancy option for drools. There are options including peanut butter, banana,  chocolate, red velvet, crunchy oats etc.
Why should hoomans have all the tasty flavors?

Check it out: Here

The long-standing belief in home-made food stands true for pets as well as it does for us. 
Hence my favourite would be the home cooked meal for pets: 

Apart from food, pets enjoy playing with pet toys, pet tags, comfy bedding and what not. Also, it’s always great to pamper your pet by grooming it using fur shampoos, conditioners and oils.

·         Collar and leash: Adjustable collars and leash adorn the website and display a diverse mix of everything you need at one stop. Both cat and dog collars are available.

·         Pet house: There are pet houses which are comfortable, safe and very adorable.

·         Grooming kit: Grooming essentials are a necessity because a pet can not only leave a strong sense of smell but also wither hair which is not great for their health. A huge variety of shampoos, conditioners, deodorizers, odour removers, mouth fresheners, pin brush, absorbent towels and many more.

·         Others:  There are clothing options, crystal stones, feeder bowls, toys and medicare products as well.

They have every accessory lined up on their website, the ones mentioned and many others as well ready to deliver them at your door step.

Make sure to browse around their products and services to find the best for your baby!

And also make sure to come back next month for another Home4Pet speciality featured!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Clocktower, Gurgaon - Another Favorite!

The Clock Tower is one of the many microbreweries based out of Golf Course Road.
What separates it from the rest of the lot is its history that goes long back to a school in Nainital which goes by the name of Sherwood which was set up in 1869.

Tribhuvan Yadav took all his inspiration from his time in Sherwood College and put his heart out in The Clock Tower.
He came up with this name to symbolize all the clock towers that Nainital has!

Every corner of The Clock Tower would remind you of the good old days!
Starting from the basic structures like high ceilings, and big doors which give the exact European feels that they intend to convey, looks no less than a high end palace property.

Each wall has a good old memory waiting for you to reminisce;
Be it comics like Archies, Adventures of Tin Tin, Malgudi Days, or souvenirs from different neighboring schools like Doon School.

This place became my instant favorite when I have had a whole tour of the property,
all I hoped was that the food is top notch too!

We had Navjot as our host, who is just the kind of bartender you look out for for a really nice time. He walked us through each and every aspect of the place as well as the dishes that you'll be seeing us gorge on!

We were seated with drinks specially made for us by Navjot, himself.
I was in for a treat since he made me a Rositini, something which he was working on recently and was amazing!

Loved how the rose petals floated while I had my drink having a strong orange taste, with precisely the right taste of blue sapphire.

The Sherwoodian, named after the inspiration was one refreshing drink  on gin base, with cucumbers loaded, topped with tonic water. Definitely a go for someone who likes cucumber drinks!

Whiskey Sour is one of the classics when it comes to alcohol.
Clocktower has it with a twist.
If you want someone to like whiskey sour, give them this and they'll be pleased!
Sweeter in taste, yet not dominating the taste of whiskey is what this drink does to you!

For the starters,
Dahi ke kebab came stacked up line to line. It were soft and fluffy, but the presence of raisins made it a total no for me because it made the kebabs a lot sweeter than I usually like them.

They only had the vegetarian option in Nacho Reloaded. Crisp nacho chips with literally loaded cheese over the top, olives, beans, sour cream and salsa dip!

Loved the Galauti Kebab! A little sharp on the taste, but very tenderly made!

Their kebabs are great. I probably had most of them and can easily say that mutton kebabs were better than the chicken ones.

If you like kebabs, do not miss Mutton Seekh, Malai Seekh.
This platter also had tikkas, totally recommended.

We decided to go continental for the main course

Chicken alà kiév - Best item in mains!
Pepper flavoured chicken cooked to perfection
This juicy chicken was made even more amazing by the sauce that they poured over it.
An ultimate exposure to the great continental cuisine!

The best part of this meal?
The desserts, undoubtedly!

Chocolate Mud Cake was one hell of a dessert that I've had in a long time!
Served with vanilla ice cream to sooth the chocolate!

Tiramisu here was the kind of tiramisu which you'd find in Italy.
Just the perfect kind!

after such a satisfied meal and the great hospitality,
The clock tower is the first name that would come to my mind for a lovely lunch, or a pop night, or simply a relaxed meal on the terrace overseeing whole of the Golf Course Road.

Book yourself a table at The Clocktower here:

The Clock Tower Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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