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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Home4Pet - Pet Trainers, Handlers, Groomers and Healers at just one click

Pets are a cuddlier version of toddlers who look at you with those wet eyes; seek attention because they like it; sleep in a corner making it the most picturesque area of the house; and look away when they are mad at you. Pets are indeed the shine of a home which is why we love pampering our pets. 

Here’s a glimpse on how home4pet makes sure you get in touch with the best handlers, healers and trainers at ease.
I would be adding the links to all of these services for you to get your pet the perfect care that they need easily. 


Basic training module
This is the basic obedience training (for dogs) which runs over a stretch of 3-4 months and is conducted thrice a week.

Guarding training module
This training depends on the breed and behaviour and enables your dog to become a guard dog.  Even gentle dogs can become good guard dogs if trained properly.

Area-wise dog training service
Specialised dog training services are available for North Delhi-Adarsh Nagar. 

In Noida and Greater Noida, there are door-step packages on per session basis. 

For East Delhi dog training, check out: here


Grooming is an essential process of your petting experience. For a healthy and happy life of the pet, it needs to be groomed at regular intervals. A few of the essential grooming activities include:
  • Bathing and cutting packages: This package includes Bathing, shampoo, conditioner, dry, nail trimming, Nail grinding, ears & eyes cleaning, dental check up, perfume spray, essential oil and cream.
  • De-shedding treatment: This service shreds off the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the top coat and reduces shedding of fur. It is available for dogs over above 10 kg. 

  • Groom at home: If you wish to get your pet groomed at home, mobile vans provide a door-step package. Also, if you want to groom your pet yourself, various grooming and hair clipping kits are available too.
  • Hair-clipping + tick bath package: This package includes tick bath, nail trimming, hair trimming, ears and eyes cleaning and dental brush.

Check more of these out at: here


Pet healing is a holistic approach which aims at communicating with animals in order to heal a long illness or improving their quality of life. Pet healing is done mainly via Reiki, which is an effective method to strengthen the immune system, increase trust and bonding with your pet and relieve pain and anxiety.

Pet healers are just at a click away: here

It is always fulfilling to see your pet all fluffy, jumpy and cheerful, wiggling it's tongue out in excitement. This makes it all the more necessary to take care of training and handling needs of the pet.
Check more out on home4pet for all your pet requirements.
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Friday, 19 May 2017

Eye on Content: CMS Asia 2017

Content, as we all know these days can't really be summarized.
'Content is the reason search began in the first place.'

Content is of the utmost value in everything you do, how ever way you wish to take your business or brand forward, a good content is something that you need to build a strong kingdom!
Now, some might argue that content is the whole kingdom, TRUE.
Content would always change shapes but a good content would always be needed, to grow, establish, make a mark, or to basically sell.

I recently attended the biggest content summit of all times,
Content Marketing Summit Asia 2017 held on 4th and 5th May in The Westin, Gurgaon!
I was there only for one day, but believe me, it got better with each speaker.
Some of the greatest minds, famous brands, and influencers who took over the social media by storm were present at the summit to impart knowledge, do's and dont's, and share their life experiences.

My first session was from FMS Faculty (Marketing), Mr. Harsh Verma who made us realise that not every content that is shares is read. To get views along with shares is an awfully difficult task which needs attention.
It's really important to make content that your audience connects with, among the few options he gave,
Failing and then recovering was the most emphasized on.

Next up, was one of the major brands, NESTLE.
Anamika Sirohi, Head of Visual Identity and Design told us stories of how nestle dared to do things differently and success stories how it worked out for them as impact creators.

She found that something as simple as changing packaging of the product can make things different.
Nestle India changed about 100 million packs of three of their most iconic brands, MAGGI, NESCAFE and KITKAT to support girl child education in association with Nanhi Kali, one of the largest NGOs imparting education to the underprivileged girl children across India.

Back in 2013, when google came out with their Kitkat android version. Who better to collaborate with our Nestle Kitkat?
Anamika was one of the few people who knew about this top secret venture!
They came up with a print ad, which when scanned through an Alive or Pointart App took the reader to a fun video that shows Android walking and taking bites of Kitkat, transforming itself into Android Kitkat.
The team expected about 50-100 scans, but the numbers went through the roof. It fetched around 1,99,000 scans!

Courtesy: Afaqs

Anamika, herself feels that a brand shouldn't be redundant, it shouln't be all funny, but it should also

  • Inspire
  • Educate
  • Reward
  • Entertain
  • Help, and 
  • Inform
Image Courtesy: CMS, Twitter

And also,
not losing focus from the two pillars: Focusing on Fundamentals as well as adapting to the new reality.

Not only content, 
The summit had Mr. Advit Sahdev, head of marketing, Infibeam
With some insights on selling gimmicks like how quickly numbers with a pattern attracts your eye, for eg. Rs. 6969

And also basic mathematical tricks that, after listening to, I was like, 
Oh we've been so smartly fooled.
Putting in the larger number out of the discount percentage and the actual discount in rupees.
Substituting 20% by Rs. 3000 because of the face value fetches an eye instantly.

CMS Asia 2017 even had celebs on board.
The next speaker was, Anupama Chopra, Film Companion. 
Wife to Vidhu Vinod Chopra, she believes in the gut feeling.
Recalling the time when she didn't even know what ROC meant, it was a long way from there to delivering some of the greatest hits.

Image Courtesy: CMS, Twitter

Speaking highly of Aamir Khan, she says that one cant design a hit.
No one knows anything, and you just gotta believe the gut. 
Not that figures don't mean anything, they do, too. 
According to her, an ideal mix is the one which involves your gut feeling when you've seen the figures of successful ventures.

Even YouTube celebs were a part of this summit.
Prajakta Koli from Mostly Sane was such a chirpy bird at the summit, talking all about her videos and how she handles hate comments and brands who want to control everything. 

Image Courtesy: CMS, Twitter

Together, all of the speaker at Content Marketing Summit 2017 made it quite an amazing platform for all the people who work around content to know what their content is missing or what can put them up the ladder.

One thing that remained constant was that the content is the king.
Content is all about telling your story to the world.
Content surpasses everything.

I look forward to the next summit. 
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