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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Home4Pet - Pet Trainers, Handlers, Groomers and Healers at just one click

Pets are a cuddlier version of toddlers who look at you with those wet eyes; seek attention because they like it; sleep in a corner making it the most picturesque area of the house; and look away when they are mad at you. Pets are indeed the shine of a home which is why we love pampering our pets. 

Here’s a glimpse on how home4pet makes sure you get in touch with the best handlers, healers and trainers at ease.
I would be adding the links to all of these services for you to get your pet the perfect care that they need easily. 


Basic training module
This is the basic obedience training (for dogs) which runs over a stretch of 3-4 months and is conducted thrice a week.

Guarding training module
This training depends on the breed and behaviour and enables your dog to become a guard dog.  Even gentle dogs can become good guard dogs if trained properly.

Area-wise dog training service
Specialised dog training services are available for North Delhi-Adarsh Nagar. 

In Noida and Greater Noida, there are door-step packages on per session basis. 

For East Delhi dog training, check out: here


Grooming is an essential process of your petting experience. For a healthy and happy life of the pet, it needs to be groomed at regular intervals. A few of the essential grooming activities include:
  • Bathing and cutting packages: This package includes Bathing, shampoo, conditioner, dry, nail trimming, Nail grinding, ears & eyes cleaning, dental check up, perfume spray, essential oil and cream.
  • De-shedding treatment: This service shreds off the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the top coat and reduces shedding of fur. It is available for dogs over above 10 kg. 

  • Groom at home: If you wish to get your pet groomed at home, mobile vans provide a door-step package. Also, if you want to groom your pet yourself, various grooming and hair clipping kits are available too.
  • Hair-clipping + tick bath package: This package includes tick bath, nail trimming, hair trimming, ears and eyes cleaning and dental brush.

Check more of these out at: here


Pet healing is a holistic approach which aims at communicating with animals in order to heal a long illness or improving their quality of life. Pet healing is done mainly via Reiki, which is an effective method to strengthen the immune system, increase trust and bonding with your pet and relieve pain and anxiety.

Pet healers are just at a click away: here

It is always fulfilling to see your pet all fluffy, jumpy and cheerful, wiggling it's tongue out in excitement. This makes it all the more necessary to take care of training and handling needs of the pet.
Check more out on home4pet for all your pet requirements.
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