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Hidden Hunger: The Specter of Micronutrient Deficiency in Infants

Children are the  future  of our planet –   the ones  who will  eventually  contribute  to significant socio- economic growth , and shape the world around us . That is a  one of the biggest responsibilit ies  which  they are entrusted with.   S urely,   they  need strong shoulders  and sharp brains  for that, don’t you agree? Therefore, it is indispensable for  a baby to be fed with  the  right food,  considering  all the nutritional needs  that are  important for proper growth of  infants . Issues faced in the meeting nutritional needs of a newborn While feeding a newborn ,   numerous  factors  need  to be taken care of,  because the initial  years are the building blocks for  a newborn  baby’s good physical and mental health. A common mistake made in feeding a baby is the negligence of  including  micronutrients  in  the daily  diet. This negligence results in micronutrient deficiency which affects a child’s growth, mental development, and the overall well-being of th