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Delicious Dhabas on NH1

Most people love road trips, and meals at dhabas or a fancy restaurant makes the road trip even more desirable. After all, Its the journey that matters, not the destination. I was on a trip to Himachal Pradesh last week. NH1 (National Highway 1) is home to many great eateries for foodies to hog on and I managed to stop by two of them and one Parantha Hub at Barog, Himachal Pradesh. Haveli, Karnal It is about 140km drive from Murthal, crossing Panipat . It is a punjabi themed restaurant built with view of a village, with the traditional cot, a truck embedded indoors to traditionally dressed staff. Even the menus were in the shape of hand fans. Chach was the traditional thirst quencher. Salty, light and refreshing. Their Mini Meal is like a complete delicious meal. It contained Rice, Kadhi, Papad, Pudina Chutney and a sweet dish (1 pc Gulab Jamun). They have 2-3 variants of mini meal, in which the veggie is changed (The other one had Rajma in it).

How to make our homes hospitable for birds

Hey there everyone! I live in the capital of India, New Delhi and it is freaking hot in here. Even when it is raining, it is humid and a whole new level of hotness prevails. If we, humans who have the luxury of staying indoors in AC rooms can say that; then imagine how bad it must be for the birds and stray animals out there! The massive scale of Industrialization, globalization, pollution , etc. has left our cities with alarming rates of bird decline, deaths of many stray animals, and even high bird extinction rates. I could catch my parents talking all about how chirpy mornings were at their age, how pure and natural things were back then, and now it is all tinted and ruined. That's when my dad decided to do something about it, not that I will take credit for things; but it is all his effort, I just helped. So, In this blog, I am listing a couple of easy ways to make our homes hospitable for birds and animals! Water This is one of the most common and unde

Perched on the Periphery: Book Launch Event

Today, In the time that we live in, We have women achieving great heights. But the society that we come from, Women usually derive their identity from someone else, from her roles as a mother, wife or a grandmother. A women is a mother first and then maybe at a significant position in some company. I came across one such tale of Nandita, a widow who is trying to figure a new meaning of her life beyond the roles that traditionally define her. The story of Nandita is portrayed beautifully by Author, Jharna Banerji in her novel, Perched on the Periphery. To celebrate the launch of the novel, an event was organised where she invited three of the remarkable women who have a lasting effect on the society. The evening was about their journey, experiences, and stories that matter today! One of them was Madhavi Kuckreja, Human Rights Activist and Founder of Sanatkada & Vanangana. Vanangana has worked with Muslims and dalit (untouchable) women to build their capacities a

Are Women Really Safe?

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Here is yet another article contributing to Women Day content all over the internet. Let's break it first, International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th, every year. It all started with women gaining suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917. This day was then celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries and later adopted by United Nations. It all started when women won their right. But, Women's Day all across the world shouldn't be about winning the rights. There are many such issues which make it difficult for women to feel empowered on a daily basis, let alone a specific day dedicated to them. One of the most significant issue, specifically in India remains Women Safety. A women would not be able to get ahead on things if her safety is threatened. It is 2018, and we still are asking the same thing. Are women safe? The answer is NO. With the disturbing stats coming in every once in a

PGDM Customer Behavior Study: Visit to Dilli Haat, INA

The History of Dilli Haat tells us that it was established and opened in 1994 with the joint venture of  Delhi Tourism (DTDC), D.C (Handicrafts), NMDC, D.C. (Handlooms) and Ministry of Tourism and Textile, Government of India . Dilli Haat provides a full exotic variety in shopping products that includes handlooms, handicrafts, woodcarvings, camel hide footwear, drapery, fabric made clothing, gems, beads ornaments etc. The crafts men registered with D.C. Handicraft are only eligible to set up their stalls in Dilli Haat. In all 62 stalls for selling handicrafts are allotted on rotational basis to the craftsmen and they comprise from all over the state of India. A mere payment of  INR.100/-  is taken from the craftsmen for the period of 15 days to place their products in the stall. The tourist and visitors can get the product at the price that is not burdened with the maintenance cost. I visited Dilli Haat, INA for a consumer behavior survey for my  Post Graduate D

For the traveler in you -

There is always this urge of exploring new things, getting to know different cultures which are unexplored or unknown to us. There is this explorer in you. That explorer demands new adventures, new things to do and many new ways to get around, get around the world. Many of us might have taken a New Year Resolution 2018 to travel more and pretty often. But little can we. The reason for the failure is usually our work life or budget constraints. As much as we can not control work life balance, we also can not help with budget constraints as much. But, to curb this issue, EaseMyTrip has come up with Biggest Travel Sale to actually Ease Your Trip. This is a limited period offer for bookings from 9th January, 2018 to 11th January, 2018. With the coupon code "WELCOME2018" ,  One can get up to Rs. 20,000 discount on flight bookings and up to Rs. 5000 discount on hotel bookings, to top it all, a 10% discount on Bus Tickets. Now, the question: How t