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Are Women Really Safe?

On the occasion of International Women's Day,
Here is yet another article contributing to Women Day content all over the internet.

Let's break it first,
International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th, every year.
It all started with women gaining suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917. This day was then celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries and later adopted by United Nations.
It all started when women won their right.

But, Women's Day all across the world shouldn't be about winning the rights.
There are many such issues which make it difficult for women to feel empowered on a daily basis, let alone a specific day dedicated to them.

One of the most significant issue, specifically in India remains Women Safety.
A women would not be able to get ahead on things if her safety is threatened.

It is 2018, and we still are asking the same thing.
Are women safe?

The answer is NO.
With the disturbing stats coming in every once in a while, it is time that we all agree that No, Women are not safe.

Times are changing, yet the way women are perceived isn't.
Women would still be looked at, teased, groped, hit, tortured, followed (read stalking).
The struggle that a lady goes through daily usually involves dealing with stares rather than the work load.
Not even that, Women are not even safe in their own home, among the people who are called 'Relatives'.

In fact, the problem starts with the roots.
In her entire life, a women could first be exposed to being killed right in the womb with the notion: 'It is hard (read: Expensive) to raise a girl child' or 'We want a son'.

Women know the difference between a good touch and a bad touch.
Women are taught how to carry herself, how long should the length of her kurti be, her curfew time and what not.

I am a lady and I get numerous instruction from my mother on a daily basis. I know that my mother is worried sick till the time I don't return home. She isn't overprotective, she is just rational and a mother of a girl child.

We see a mother pushing the strap of her daughter's bra inside the Top but how often do you see a mother telling her son that girls/women are to be treated well, not to mistreat a lady?

There arises another problem here,
The parents don't think that their son can see a women with a bad eye.

This is where we need to change.
If each one of us start working for a safer environment, the world would be a better, rather fearless place. She wouldn't be molested, hurt, disrespected but she would feel empowered, and this will only come from a combined effort.

The judicial system needs to work for Women Safety. Employing Fast track cases and most importantly, making stringent laws.

Nothing changes overnight,
but if nothing changes,
Nothing will change.


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