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Perched on the Periphery: Book Launch Event

Today, In the time that we live in,
We have women achieving great heights.

But the society that we come from,
Women usually derive their identity from someone else, from her roles as a mother, wife or a grandmother.
A women is a mother first and then maybe at a significant position in some company.

I came across one such tale of Nandita, a widow who is trying to figure a new meaning of her life beyond the roles that traditionally define her.

The story of Nandita is portrayed beautifully by Author, Jharna Banerji in her novel, Perched on the Periphery.

To celebrate the launch of the novel, an event was organised where she invited three of the remarkable women who have a lasting effect on the society.
The evening was about their journey, experiences, and stories that matter today!

One of them was Madhavi Kuckreja, Human Rights Activist and Founder of Sanatkada & Vanangana. Vanangana has worked with Muslims and dalit (untouchable) women to build their capacities against the violence. She says she is working towards Patriarchy and the institution of marriage and voicing the women in need.

Madhavi Kuckreja

Then the event had Arpita Das, a publisher at Yoda Press. 
Arpita showed that quitting a full time job to start a publishing house at 27. She understood the importance of being able to bring forward the books that one truly believes in.
As a supporter of LGBT rights, she started a series of gender and sexuality. She wishes to capture the minds of this reading community by giving them books to read that will only make them saner and even more sensitive to issues.

Arpita Das

Last, but not the least, the event had a traveler.
Shibani Vig caught the travel bug and that was when she founded Wonderful World to find more free souls like her. She talks about how people are concerned of her being troubled by someone and wanting to go with her on her next trip, without realizing that she wants to travel solo.
She now believes in travelling to whichever place pleases one and learn new things every time.

Shibani Vig

Reading the book,
I found myself hooked onto how Nandita feels the sudden change of emotions and personality as she leaves her roots and explores newer things.

From being needed, meeting new people who are to stay for long, making memories, surprising introspection sessions, remembering things for life, guilt, the urge to give in to a change in life for ever,
Perched on the Periphery is a roller coaster ride which takes one through the journey where she brushes off the dilemmas to find that one thing for her.

Read this story where Jharna Banerji takes us through a story where Nandita finds her identity, search for meaning within a new culture, and contemplate loving again.

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