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How to make our homes hospitable for birds

Hey there everyone!

I live in the capital of India, New Delhi and it is freaking hot in here.
Even when it is raining, it is humid and a whole new level of hotness prevails.

If we, humans who have the luxury of staying indoors in AC rooms can say that;
then imagine how bad it must be for the birds and stray animals out there!

The massive scale of Industrialization, globalization, pollution, etc. has left our cities with alarming rates of bird decline, deaths of many stray animals, and even high bird extinction rates.

I could catch my parents talking all about how chirpy mornings were at their age, how pure and natural things were back then, and now it is all tinted and ruined.
That's when my dad decided to do something about it, not that I will take credit for things; but it is all his effort, I just helped.

In this blog,
I am listing a couple of easy ways to make our homes hospitable for birds and animals!

  • Water
This is one of the most common and under rated way of them all.
Setting out a bowl of fresh water keeps the birds and animals hydrated and going for long.

  • Food: 
Going a step forward;
There are all kinds of bird and animal foods available online!

For birds, we ordered some Sunflower seeds from e - commerce website; Sunflower seeds and 'Tot Rice' from the nearby departmental store.
Earlier, we were setting normal sized rice for them which worked pretty well as well.

  • Bird Feeders: 
Bird Feeders are usually used for small sized birds! Focuses mainly on avoiding wastage of food and promotes ease of feeding. 

  • Nest Box
This might seem a little fetched.
So, my dad ordered a house shaped nest box from Nature Forever Society (NFS). It is an eco - friendly box made in India with 100% recycled wood.

A nest box is basically a temporary home for birds. A bird can adopt a nest box, lay eggs, nurture them till they are ready for the flight. Once they are ready, the whole family can fly off vacating the box for the next family.
When we first installed it in the balcony, we just saw birds coming, observing and leaving the box. It took around 3 weeks for a bird to settle in and lay eggs.

There are a couple of things that one needs to pay attention to while installing or making it ready for the next blooming cycle:

(a) A nest box is not a magnet to attract birds, which is why one needs to have patience.
(b) No additional branch or leaf or painting the box is required as it attracts predators!
(c) It has to be cleaned after every breeding session. 
(d) The length of a breeding session might attract other insects, so be careful when opening the box for cleaning.

  • Plant trees in balcony
To make all the above ways easier for them to get attracted to, one needs to plant more plants. The plants or saplings makes them feel at their comfort zone, and that's the goal, right?

We had the net removed recently

There are many other out of the home ways by which one can help create a difference for birds and animals. I was recently at an event in Connaught Place organised by the kind people at PetSutra.

They organised a campaign called Rise For The Stray which aimed at helping stray animals and birds by serving water and food to be strays!
They didn't mean it to be a One Day event but a continuous effort towards the cause! 

I definitely look forward to more such initiatives and also other ways to keep the birds among us!
Drop in your suggestions in the comments below.

Until next time,


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