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Saffron Festival with Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi: Nutraj, Indirapuram

It was a Nutty Affair at Nutraj, Indirapuram this past weekend.

For those of you who don’t know, Nutraj is India’s largest online shop for healthy bites offering a wide and fine variety of nuts and dry fruits from all around the world.

They recently celebrated Saffron Festival over the Lohri weekend which aimed at highlighting the benefits of Saffron and some recipe hacks. The event was steered by ‘The Energy Chef’ of India, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi at all of their outlets across Delhi NCR.

The ‘Turban Tadka’ fame, Chef Harpal Singh visited Indirapuram nutlounge on Sunday and interacted with the visitors, with great insights on the use of Saffron, recipe tasting and his special recipe too!

 The event kicked off with his tips for selection, usage and storage of saffron, to which he said that Saffron should be used at the end of the dish preparation.
He also emphasized on the fact that it should definitely be stored in a dry space, not in refrigerator or not even besides the gas, and minimal exposure to air is preferred to retain the essence.  

He also answered visitor’s questions who were intrigued by the saffron festival and the range at Nutlounge with his great sense of humour.

Ques. Which kind of walnuts is better? Shelled or open?
Ans. My personal favourite are the walnuts in shell because the shell preserves the walnut with minimum outside contact.
He also mentioned that the walnuts at Nutraj go through several checks and lasered with ‘Nutraj’ on the shell to ensure the quality check. Not to forget, the walnut cracker is his favourite stress buster.

Ques. How many strands do one needs to put in milk for the essence of saffron?
Ans. As many as your budget allows (Laughs). To be serious, people think they need to put several strands for the color, but 2-3 strands of dry saffron do the needful.

Nutlounge, Indirapuram also held a recipe contest, wherein the visitors got amazing dishes made from saffron and all kinds of dry fruits. 
Dishes had mind blowing fusions like Rabri Eclairs, Saffron cake, nutty jar, Dhingri Galauti and what not. 

It was hard to pick one winner,
but the Eclairs won it. 
Chef said he never thought Eclairs could have that twist and that is why it needs to be the #1.

Chef with all the contestants & Winners

Chef tagged 'Saffron Cake' as an Eye opener because he never thought saffron could bring out such an amazing cake and it did.

Chef Harpal insisted on using Saffron on a daily basis to boost immunity, and showed us how to prepare Saffron Cappuccino his way and it was delicious! Here’s the Youtube link:

Ingredients used:
  • Grated Jaggery
  • Milk
  • Saffron
  • Whipped Cream (For Garnish)
  • Cinnamon Powder
To add giggles to the event,
Chef Harpal Singh did his famous 'Namak Shamak' Jingle. 

This Saffron Festival by Nutraj was a great way to imbibe the importance of saffron, and also several other dry fruits that they bring across.
My favorite of the lot was definitely 'Dried Kiwi'.

Nutraj has numerous exotic nuts and great deals to choose from.

For more such events,
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