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Barista | Quenchers 2.0 Launch

The time of the year when coffees turn into Quenchers!

Summers are almost making their way in!
And what better way to cool it off than a chilling drink?

Just when Barista realized that the season of change is approaching, they decided to surprise the world with a new range of coolers.
Their previous range of Quenchers had 20 drinks and they advanced the awesomeness with another 7 drinks as Quenchers 2.0, the launch of which I recently attended.

The event started with Mr. Puneet Gulati, CEO, Barista putting forward the idea and thought process behind Quenchers! The extensive research, tastings and numerous hours on the drawing board paved the way for another round of Quenchers, the Quenchers 2.0!

It further went on to the chef who explained the derivation of each of the drinks and have us taste each one of them.

Berry Frappe

Starting with Berry Frappe, the first of the series with loaded berries. Fresh out of the blender with a pleasingly berry fragrance & taste!

Banoffee Pie

Next in the list,
Banoffee Pie was a special kind of Quenchers where a balance of Salt and Sweet had to be maintained. Not to forget the crunch that the cookie adds.

Banoffee Pie

Tropical Fruit Salad

This is one of those Quenchers which wouldn't make you feel bad about them calories. Tropical Fruit falls under the category of 'Healthy Beverages'.
It will make you feel better, refreshed and on a tropical ride!

A Fruitful Experience

Passion Pineapple

A drink made with all the passion a pineapple leads on. The only pineapple dominating drink in the series and a delight for pineapple lovers!
The presence of Chia Seeds gives it more of a pulpy feel.

Jack Frost

The mention of this drink didn't really please me because of the fact that I dislike Coconut.
This drink had coconut, pineapple and Jack Frost. 
Jack Frost had a coconut lingering fragrance and I surprisingly liked it. A sweeter hue and a coconut lingering fragrance made the cut. 

Rose Faluda

The best of the series are coming up!
My love was Faluda kept me patiently waiting for this one.
The rose flavored drink has Faluda seeds as well as rose petals to literally give the rose essence.

This was my first time of tasting the petals in a drink, thus making it a special one for me always.

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir Lime is one of the most aromatic of all herbs, usually used in perfumery as well. It's its strong, refreshing taste/fragrance that makes the most refreshing drinks and aromatic dishes!

Just like a mojito but instead of mint leaves, kaffir lime is used making it a strong and more refreshing.

That being the last but not the least.

The whole range has milk and Ice Cream as base, with fruit syrups and internationally procured fruits, making Barista a premier player in quality beverages!

The whole range declares a splash of colors and coincidentally launched on the occasion of Holi and definitely gives a brain freeze!
Thus, announcing the arrival of Summers!

Until Next Time,


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