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Barista | Quenchers 2.0 Launch

The time of the year when coffees turn into Quenchers ! Summers are almost making their way in! And what better way to cool it off than a chilling drink? Just when Barista realized that the season of change is approaching, they decided to surprise the world with a new range of coolers. Their previous range of Quenchers had 20 drinks and they advanced the awesomeness with another 7 drinks as Quenchers 2.0 , the launch of which I recently attended. The event started with Mr. Puneet Gulati, CEO, Barista putting forward the idea and thought process behind Quenchers! The extensive research, tastings and numerous hours on the drawing board paved the way for another round of Quenchers, the Quenchers 2.0! It further went on to the chef who explained the derivation of each of the drinks and have us taste each one of them. Berry Frappe Starting with Berry Frappe, the first of the series with loaded berries. Fresh out of the blender with a pleasingly berry fragrance & ta

Saffron Festival with Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi: Nutraj, Indirapuram

It was a Nutty Affair at Nutraj , Indirapuram this past weekend. For those of you who don’t know, Nutraj is India’s largest online shop for healthy bites offering a wide and fine variety of nuts and dry fruits from all around the world. They recently celebrated Saffron Festival over the Lohri weekend which aimed at highlighting the benefits of Saffron and some recipe hacks. The event was steered by ‘The Energy Chef’ of India, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi at all of their outlets across Delhi NCR. The ‘Turban Tadka’ fame, Chef Harpal Singh visited Indirapuram nutlounge on Sunday and interacted with the visitors, with great insights on the use of Saffron, recipe tasting and his special recipe too!   The event kicked off with his tips for selection, usage and storage of saffron, to which he said that Saffron should be used at the end of the dish preparation. He also emphasized on the fact that it should definitely be stored in a dry space , not in refr

Perched on the Periphery: Book Launch Event

Today, In the time that we live in, We have women achieving great heights. But the society that we come from, Women usually derive their identity from someone else, from her roles as a mother, wife or a grandmother. A women is a mother first and then maybe at a significant position in some company. I came across one such tale of Nandita, a widow who is trying to figure a new meaning of her life beyond the roles that traditionally define her. The story of Nandita is portrayed beautifully by Author, Jharna Banerji in her novel, Perched on the Periphery. To celebrate the launch of the novel, an event was organised where she invited three of the remarkable women who have a lasting effect on the society. The evening was about their journey, experiences, and stories that matter today! One of them was Madhavi Kuckreja, Human Rights Activist and Founder of Sanatkada & Vanangana. Vanangana has worked with Muslims and dalit (untouchable) women to build their capacities a

Attraction for kids in fair: Hand Washing

Dettol, a prominent name in germ protection has been giving its 100% to safeguard the health of families all around the globe for a better lifestyle. Not only by providing top class products and a high success rate, they are also known for their out of the box ideas which tends to connect with masses. They have come up with another initiative which has a very simple yet deep objective, making kids wash their hands at places such as fairs! It was identified that kids who are playing around the fairs pick up a lot of gems which they carry with themselves the whole day, may also use the dirty hands to eat. To counter this issue, they chose an activity where they would make the wash happen in a fun way, I like to call it: Bubble Wash! Dettol created a soapy solution with the power of Dettol Handwash. This solvent would be blown and when the kids would burst these bubbles, the soapy solution will stick to their hands. The dettol volunteers would then help them wash their hands

Sizzler Festival: Barcelos

Barcelos, The House of Peri has been known for its famous Peri Peri preparations; along with the colored burger buns! Red Burgers , Black Burgers; They have always given us something new to try! It will soon be known for another thing, which is a Sizzler Festival. I happened to be at Barcelos, Hauz Khas Village a couple of days back to try their Sizzlers! The interiors of the place have been done so nicely. Situated at the second floor, right at the start of Hauz Khas Village, It has a great open area, a pretty nice bar, along with high and low sitting. Love how the Rooster is designed in the shaped of a big and fluffy 'B' representing Barcelos! Getting back to the Sizzlers! They have come up with a new range of sizzlers for this sizzler festival. Divided in two categories, Vegetarian (7 items) and non-vegetarian (6 items) Mutton Keema Sizzler Finely chopped keema done amazingly, with Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Mus

Cafe Public Connection, CP - Review

Cafe Public Connections is another success under Big Fish Ventures! This multi cuisine cafe was opened in the month of October, 2015; and I was here for a bloggers meet in November. Picture Credit : Zomato I totally loved this part of the cafe as it aptly compliments the name! Widely spread with differently theme private areas like Hollywood, Sports, Retro, Big Boy, Industrial and dim lighted; this place is light on pockets and high on taste. PANEER TIKKA Soft and luscious pieces of paneer, tossed between capsicum and onion. CHILLI MUSHROOM I have never been a fan of Mushrooms. Not that this dish made me a fan, but the spices in it dominated the taste of mushrooms and overall gave a nice kick. Really close to Chilli Chicken! LASOONI CHICKEN TIKKA Juicy Chicken tikka with a prominent garlic flavor, which is here to stay! We loved it so much that we had to order again! The size of the tikkas were medium and apt.  FISH FINGERS Crisp, long ye