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Sinful Surprise!

You curse the person who rings the bell and makes you get out of your Air conditioned room! On a super duper lazy summer day, the door bell rang. Crawling, I left my bed; opened the door and there was a parcel for me. I took back all the curses because these surprises make me happy. What it was? It happened to be a Café Coffee Day Hamper. The hamper had a 
* Coffee Day Espresso Maker * Mysore Royal Coffee * Café Moments Card

Being a total coffee lover, I was delighted to see so much of it! Not only me, but my little sister too jumped with joy after seeing the coffee hamper.
The Coffee Day Espresso Maker has a stainless steel stove top which makes up to 2 cups. It takes in grounded coffee; 5 grams for one cup. (Preferred ground coffee: Arabica, Dark Forest, Perfect Charge or Mysore Royal, which came along).

The Mysore Royal ground coffee, from The Connoisseur’s Collection is great. With an aroma which makes you drool to the sound coffee it produces, It is just royal in every sense. Its …

Days to cherish!

When our governing board of studies mentioned that the student has to undergo ‘Orientation Programme’, it meant that, students need to gel up with other people and work on their skills of presenting themselves. It is compulsory for each student to attend these 5 days of training.
Five days earlier, this bought around 50 students under one roof. All of them sat there waiting for the other to break the silence. The silence was broken by our FACULTY. The day ended by hearing around 50 new names, few role plays, and debates! I didn’t know all the names, but I knew that 10% of the batch was named as RAHUL (Too common :P) .
Day 2 : 50 students were divided in groups of 10 and given assignments! That was the time when I got to know that working with complete strangers can be fun! With professional talks, economic discussions, we started knowing each others; started keeping nick names, started having titsy bitsy crushes; we managed to make new friends! Winning was important, thou…

Surprise! Surpise! The Tandoori Village, Noida - Review

At least once in out life, we have planned a Surprise Party for someone close.
Not all of them stays a surprise till the very end.

I received a call from my elder cousin sister asking me not to wish her dad on his birthday, the next day. She told me about her plan to host a surprise birthday dinner.
She was disheartened when I made her strike out 2 places from her 'Prospective Dinner Places' list, without even searching them on the internet.
The very next minute, I was telling her nice restaurants with decent food, nice service and sufficient place, keeping in mind the occasion and the budget.

After having considered about 10 places, we decided up on 'The Tandoori Village', Sector 63, Noida!
She had booked the dining area behind the curtain partition! For a group of 14 people, the staff had arranged the table accordingly!

All of the us reached there before hand, handed over the cake to the staff with all the sufficient instructions. The 'Birthday Man', yes, 'M…