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In today's world, we meet so many people who do not follow the pre-set norms of the society, but follow their hearts to create something out of their imagination. And they face a number of problems in reaching out to their target audience.

Problems like, which medium to adopt, dealings with middlemen, competition with big brands that are already established; all this leaves the actual manufacturer underpaid for their efforts.

This is where comes to the rescue.

People at large can sign up for and enter into a global marketplace. Be it a small scale business, company or brand, freelancers, or an individual.They let you showcase your products, as well as services by providing you with your own space, i.e Free Online Shop.You can deal directly with your customers, attend to their demands, complaints, and make moneyworth your products or services. You can even add widget to your Facebook page and make it a Free Facebook Shop.

After I signed up for for m…

Has Justice been served? - Talvar Movie Review

One of the most controversial cases of India, The 2008 - Aarushi Talwar Murder Case was one of those cases which left the entire nation in trauma.

This double homicide in which a 14 year old girl, Aarushi and the servant, Hemraj were found dead in a flat in Noida, raised numerous questions, doubts, and a lot many theories which remained unattended to even after the final verdict was held by the Court.

We needed a brief of all the evidences, investigations about the case to come up to a conclusion for ourselves. To settle this case in our heads, once and for all.
Director Meghna Gulzar understood this and came up with Talvar; a fictional dramatization of true life events revolving around the case.

The names have been changed, and each character in the movie has been carefully picked and directed. Brilliant casting, right from the main actors to the supportive ones.
Original facts and observation were carved out, shot and presented in such a way that it makes the viewer Sherlock Holm…

The most Hip Food this summer!

Trendy food.
Just like latest fashion trends, there can be a version of latest food trends,
which everyone should try out.

I ordered few dishes online via a Cute Panda, Foodpanda which I think are the trendy food items this summer!
Their mobile app is really swift, customer friendly and provides a safe gateway for online payment.
Oh! Did I mention how much I love their TVCs? :)
Afghani/Tandoori Chicken Just like Tandoori Chicken, there's this Afghani Chicken. The only difference between Afghani Chicken and Tandoori Chicken is that the Afghani is cooked with different types of creams, and comes out juicy rather than the dry tandoori chicken. But Tandoori Chicken never goes out of trends. It still becomes the perfect starters ;) Keema Roll Everyone has had mutton or chicken roll,
But a roll which contains 'Minced Meat', Keema Roll has been my favorite lately.

Its like you get the best of every thing in one single roll.
Different aromas, tastes and a roll so delightful :)

The …

Wishlist from

You know you've had a pretty good day when you come across an online shopping site which makes you go bonkers and buy loads of stuffs.
I got to know about this website : Dresslink.comfrom a friend, and it left me drooling over its products.

They have these really cool apparel for almost all the occasions.
Be it a cool crop top for a laid back look,
Or a dress for a Sunday brunch with your ladies.
They have it all; and like any other girl, I already have a wish list :D

1. New V-Neck Batwing Dolman - Letter Prints - Tops

This one gives the perfect summer look,
Like back to college with a bang look!
Pairing with a cool neckpiece makes it even more better!

View/Buy :V-Neck Batwing Dolman Top 2. Women's Heart Pattern T-Shirt - Long Sleeve - Crew Neck

My sister has been crushing over this top ever since she saw a girl wearing it, over social media.
So, this comes into my wishlist, as a present for her

View/Buy : Women's Heart Pattern T-Shirt

3. New Fashion Lady Women's Fashion…

Are the deceased really dead?

No one is born to live for ever. There is always a time when they have to part ways with us.
It hurts a lot to know that the person you love so much is no more alive to love you back, or at least acknowledge your love.
Birth and death have proved to be a significant part of our lives. Loosing the ones who gave birth to you seems like they've left us halfway and left.
Questions! Questions are all that is left behind!
"Weren't they supposed to be with me all the time?"
"Why did this happen to us? We were a perfect family"
The other side of the coin?
It hurts even more to know that the little kiddo is no more. Clearly, we never grow old for them. Its like they loose a part of them, as we are born out of them.
The feeling of loneliness strikes hard when your soulmate leaves.
Some wish to leave with them, some wish to leave before the other so that they dont have to go through all the pain or the suffering of being alone, of being without their other half.
The sibli…


Remember the time when you finished watching all the seasons of a television show and then didn’t know what to do with your life?
Well, I’m in the same boat right now.

Last night, I finished off with all the 10 seasons of American TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. No, That’s not the reason why I’m back to blogging again, I just want to write down what I’m feeling now. This was the very 1st TV show that I started watching, and now I think what in the world kept me away from watching it earlier?

I loved the show right from the Episode 1. Not all shows start with a wet bride rushing in through the door, and then decide to figure her life out. I used to finish all of my pending stuffs and targets for the day and then end the day with episodes of Friends! I loved them even more with each passing episode.

At times, in our silent bedroom, where I and my sister used to sit and do our individual works (She doing serious work and I used to watch Friends); I'd suddenly start laughing because of Chandler'…

The Haunted Diaries!

Stories of ghosts and abnormal activities interests some, whereas they manage to capture someone's weak nerves. 
This time, I'm here with a list of those haunted places in India whose legendary stories sent chills down my spine.  1. Brij Raj Bhavan palace, RajasthanThe Brij Raj Bhavan Palace belonged to the former princely family of Kota, Rajasthan. The reason why it is termed as ‘haunted’ is; when in 1980s, the palace was converted into a rich heritage hotel; the resident ghost of the palace became the ghost of the hotel too. While serving as a British Resident to Kota, a major named Major Charles Burton was killed by the Indian sepoys in the hall of the building. Post Independence, the mansion became the private property of the Maharaja of Kota.

During his (Major Burton) night patrols, if at all he finds a watchmen asleep, then a voice is heard by the half asleep watchmen saying, "Don’t sleep, no smoking" followed by a sharp slap.
The fact that the ghost of Major Burton …

8 things that you'll surely see on your Facebook Wall!

How many times do you log on to your facebook profile? 10 times? More? If yes, then you're a 'Facebook Addict'.
There are certain things that one sees on their facebook wall each time one logs on. Here's a brief summary :
1. Depressing Status(s)No matter how many friends you have, there is always at least one who is extremely unhappy about his life, or with the people in it, or the people around the people in their lives. Be it about the exam they failed in, missing someone or broke up with whom seemed to them their perfect life partner. Thanks to the new facebook mood options, they just made it easier to express. 

2.Check In(s)
“XYZ is at _____ with 2 others” Check in have emerged as a status symbol of some, while a medium of socializing for the others. The check in(s), these days do not compulsorily be of a 5 star restaurant or the ones in which a star had stayed. It can be of anything, whether it is your college, or the nearest dhaba!  What's worse? Check in at 'Ho…