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Home4Pet - Food & Accessories Galore

Ever rushed back home from work to snuggle with your dog or play with your cat? Ever had their innocent smiles running all over your head when working on your laptop?  Isn’t it an absolute joy to have a baby to go back home to? How about getting food delivered at their doorstep while you are away? Or even better, get them scrumptious meals on your way back.  Here’s a wide range of Pet Food and other accessories from the website which is becoming the next to go website for pet care,  Home4Pet From home cooked meal (priced at a nominal Rs.62 per meal) to Pet all-in-one snacker, home4pet has it all. Here’s my insight to a few delightful options: ·          DOGS: Along with the famous Pedigree snacks, they also provide for Bairo chew sticks, Basil fresh breath, Beaphar milk supplements, Bon-in-bon bones, Bully’s best power gain, calcimust calcium supplement and many more.   There are vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food options, supplements, medicated fo

Home4Pet - Everything your pet needs!

Having a pet was the best experience of my life. From a pup to a giant aquarium and to even having two turtles, I have enjoyed every moment I have spent playing, looking after them, cleaning them and their home. No doubt having a pet is one hell of a task, and involves a lot of responsibilities, because you are the one who looks after them. It makes you a parent way before you even get married. The process of having a pet doesn’t only involve its procurement, but it starts at its initial medications and ends at its death. It becomes super important for the parent to have the pet’s essentials on speed dials. Like when I had a pup, I had his vet’s number on #5. One such task is to find the right people to look after your little friend; not only you need a reliable source but also someone who knows their job and comes in handy. The kind people at Home4Pet have made it so much easier to take care of the little ones. I came across their website when I was lo

Shop Smart This Diwali

The favorite time of the year is here. It’s the time when you go around shopping for gifts, new clothes, jewelry, and new assets for your home, not to forget, the painful Safai Abhiyan! Diwali is officially associated with Shopping and gifts! Where one spends so much on this occasion, one ought to be smart enough to make every spent penny worth, Thus, Introducing Compare Munafa ! About Compare Munafa: As the name suggests, this site lets you compare prices of a variety of products on over 250 online stores! There’s more than this, It also alerts you about the prices, and Gives cashbacks in form of Munafa Points  when you make a payment, buy something or fetch recharges, which can further be redeemed in various forms like, recharges, vouchers, paytm wallet uses, various gift cards, or simply, Cash! Sounds familiar, right? It did to me too! But, when I browsed through their website, saw their deals, procedures, and reviews, I could pi

STYLEWE: Where Everyone Has A Personal Designer

Gone are the days when designer products were restricted to the elites, and showrooms. We live in an era where you can designer pieces right at your screen. Thus, Introducing:  StyleWe The name itself raises one's expectations. STYLEWE is an online fashion shopping website which provides a platform to Independent Fashion Designers. They enable the fashion designers to show case their brain child styles by making it available to customers worldwide. I have probably become their latest fan! While browsing through their designer wear, I could easily tell why they were a class apart. They have a unique collection. Classy and Sauve designs when it comes to dresses, be it summer or cocktail or midi. Raunchy swimwear Jumpsuits, Rompers, skirts, and even cool handbags. All these at affordable costs.  Money doesn't hurt when you get designer pieces like these! Due to the above mentioned points,  I got my hands on two of their items; one being a casual

Heads up for Heads Up For Tails

Hi :) Such a cute little pup! They welcome you with love (and also, saliva) when you come home after a long day, They listen to you when you're ranting about random stuffs They keep you on the run all through the day, and just want a pat on their backs! These little creatures deserve to be pampered just like any other thing in this world! Pampering has never been easy. But we have Heads Up For Tails to make it an easier job for us! Not only for dogs, but for cats too! From their tasty treats, scheduled deliveries to customization ! They have it all. They have a concept which goes by the name Wag Box which was quite an attraction to me when I was browsing through their website. They make a special surprise box for your pet based on the information provided by you, like the breed, quality, personality, toy preference, temperament, food habits, or any type of skin issues !  Happiness Guaranteed! :) Like, for the kind of dog showed in this blog, - New Favorite

Every one of us has shopped online once in a while, So have I. Going beyond national websites, I've been trying International websites lately. The past month, I placed an order with . I quite liked it. It has tabs on the top which makes it easier for the user to jump from one category to other, option to change the currency so you don't have to do the math every 30 seconds! Hotsale Stylish Women European Style T-Shirt  Material : Cotton Blend Color :  Black with letters printed in white Neck : Deep Round Neck Sleeves : 3/4 Suitability : Casual  T-Shirt - Jeans - X'Pose Watch - Chanel This one was my favorite. A simple yet stylish T-Shirt with irregular length (A little long on the back).  The ones who are conscious about the deep neck can sport the look with a funky neckpiece, something sporty not elegant. White shoes goes well with the white colored alphabets, LA. Shoes - Converse Rings - Flea Market Earrings - Sh

What's in my Dresslink shopping bag?

Remember my earlier post about the Wishlist from Well, I managed to get a few apparel from into my shopping bag this week! I ordered one T-Shirt and one pullover, which I totally loved.   Casual Owl Printed Pullover   Pullover - Jeans - X'Pose Watch - Chanel Rings - Jabong Material - Cotton Blend Color - Deep Blue Neckline - Round Sleeves - Long Sleeves       I have a thing for pullover and hoodies! I consider them the best outfit for winter season! So, I couldn't help but order another to add up to my collection.   It has a thicker material, but easy going and soft; and gripping on the wrists. I wore it with a pair of sneakers, which gave it a stylish yet casual look :)   View/Buy : Deep Blue Pullover   Heart Pattern T-Shirt  Tee - Dresslink Wedges - Catwalk Material - Cotton Blend Color - Grey with black heart Neckline - Crew Neck Sleeves - Long Sleeves This

Garnier PureActive Neem & Tulsi Face Wash - Review

Garnier recently added another Face wash to their PureActive Range, which goes by the name of Neem & Tulsi High Foaming Fash Wash. I was privileged to get my hands on this product before much people. Claims : To remove 99.9% Pimple Germs. To fight oil & give a clear skin. It contains the goodness of 2 natural ingredients,  being  Neem  and Tulsi,  A duo which is  said to have anti bacterial power and helps to reduce pimples. So with ingredients like that, you know you are seeing a promising product there.  Appearance : It comes in an attractive green coloured bottle, with a pleasant fragrance as neem.  I loved how the pictures came out to be. Shelf Life : 36 months (3 years) This face wash is compatible for daily use. It has gentle formula that can be used daily with ease. A cherry size quantity is enough for one wash. On coming in contact with water, it turns into a foamy solution which increases with each rub. A little resistant wh