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Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Range - Part II

Today marks the end of my 30 days Happy Hair Challenge and believe me, I couldn't be happier!  The Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Range that came in last month has proved to be a rescuer for my damaged hair!
Being a fan of their White Complete range, I had many expectations from this range too, despite the fact that I had no clue about how my hair would react to it. My Experience with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Range:
THE SHAMPOO: On the first day, I used a little more than a coin size quantity depending upon the length of my hair. The white substance, which is neither too runny, nor too thick lathered quite well and was enough for removing the dirt and deposits. After washing my hair, I ran my fingers through my scalp to the hair and I didn’t feel the need to give it another wash.
THE CONDITIONER: With a thick texture, the conditioner doesn’t get used up easily. It genuinely made my hair soft and shiny. Also, it made my hair more manageable. It lathers well.
To my surprise, my …

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Range - Part I

I bet you have heard of ‘Bad Hair Day’. Well, I say that to myself almost every 3rd day. The only day I love my hair is when I shampoo them, or the day after.
I have medium length hair, not too difficult to manage, not at all frizzy. They are dull, damaged and possess dandruff issues, too. The dandruff starts becoming visible if the shampoo is delayed even by a single day from due day. Yes, these are my 3D’s which prevent me from having great hair! I rarely oil my hair, which could be another reason for the dullness.  I’ve never ironed my hair, or rebounded them; still the tips of my hair look burnt.  Presently, I’ve minimal split ends because of the recent haircut.
I’ve tried a variety of damage control shampoos, anti-dandruff shampoos, but they couldn’t provide me the complete solution. Some of them end up creating a hair loss problem, while others make my hair frizzier. Ultimately, It makes me even more conscious about my hair. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditio…

Star Movies Secret Screening - II

It would have been an ordinary day,
But waking up to an invite to another Secret Screening by Star Movies just made my day.

After a huge success of the earlier Secret Screening, there were numerous people who wanted to witness the next Secret Screening. Star Movies has definitely been the trendsetter here.
Being a part of earlier screening and a fan of it, I was very excited for this one too.
(Star Movies Secret Screening - I)

On the evening of December 3rd, the whole clan of 'Secret Keepers' was there to witness this little secret.

Many of them had placed their bets on what movie they'd showcase. Since I lost in the earlier season, I decided not to bet this time.

On entering, we were given the Secret Screening Masks, along with coupons which enabled us to hog on food.

After a little wait, and endless guessing, It started :

This time, the movie was :
Directed By :Ridley Scott
Star Cast :  Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul, John Turturro, Ben K…

Are the deceased really dead?

No one is born to live for ever. There is always a time when they have to part ways with us.
It hurts a lot to know that the person you love so much is no more alive to love you back, or at least acknowledge your love.
Birth and death have proved to be a significant part of our lives. Loosing the ones who gave birth to you seems like they've left us halfway and left.
Questions! Questions are all that is left behind!
"Weren't they supposed to be with me all the time?"
"Why did this happen to us? We were a perfect family"
The other side of the coin?
It hurts even more to know that the little kiddo is no more. Clearly, we never grow old for them. Its like they loose a part of them, as we are born out of them.
The feeling of loneliness strikes hard when your soulmate leaves.
Some wish to leave with them, some wish to leave before the other so that they dont have to go through all the pain or the suffering of being alone, of being without their other half.
The sibli…


Remember the time when you finished watching all the seasons of a television show and then didn’t know what to do with your life?
Well, I’m in the same boat right now.

Last night, I finished off with all the 10 seasons of American TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. No, That’s not the reason why I’m back to blogging again, I just want to write down what I’m feeling now. This was the very 1st TV show that I started watching, and now I think what in the world kept me away from watching it earlier?

I loved the show right from the Episode 1. Not all shows start with a wet bride rushing in through the door, and then decide to figure her life out. I used to finish all of my pending stuffs and targets for the day and then end the day with episodes of Friends! I loved them even more with each passing episode.

At times, in our silent bedroom, where I and my sister used to sit and do our individual works (She doing serious work and I used to watch Friends); I'd suddenly start laughing because of Chandler'…

Star Movies Secret Screening!

Star Movies Secret Screening! Sounds spooky, isn't it?

It was up and gaining popularity when the official twitter handle of STAR MOVIES mentioned about it!
When it was running on their website, it seemed inexplicable, just exactly how they wanted it to seem.

On their website, there was a dark entrance door, and through the glass of the door, all we could see was an elevator with glowing lights.

A part of it said :

The entry through the door was only possible via a secret code. Everyone wanted to get in! And thus, requested for the secret code through their twitter profiles.

It was followed by a couple of days of waiting.

While the hashtag #StarMoviesSecretScreening was trending and fetching huge number of tweets!

.@HukkaKing1 Waiting list is not bad news. It means some good is gonna happen soon..Be positive.
— STAR Movies India (@StarMoviesIndia) August 30, 2014
People were curious to know what it was.

It was when the applicants started receiving codes to open the secret door, that the thing…

The Aquarium Lounge, Delhi

When you have an unforgettable dining experience at a place, It needs to be appreciated.
The Aquarium Lounge, GK is one of those experiences that I've had.

Having situated at a very posh area, i.e M Block Market, GK; The Aquarium Lounge is nicely built. Every corner of the place has something which will amaze you and obviously, every single thing relates to the aquatic life. A big aquarium is built under the counter near bar and is truly amazing! Oh, by the way, they have a huge bar place, and keep almost every kind of alcohol in store. (Yes, I saw the place where they store them)

Haven taken quite a long time to choose what to order, we finally decided. Reason for such a long time? - Varied Cuisines; American, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Lebanese, Indian are what they serve. From Seafood to Steaks, you'd find it all :)

Finally we decided on Goong Yang Ha Rod from the THAI section, which is a prawn’s dish! And the LEBANESE Chicken dish, Shish Barak! Both of them arrived in some …