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STYLEWE: Where Everyone Has A Personal Designer

Gone are the days when designer products were restricted to the elites, and showrooms.
We live in an era where you can designer pieces right at your screen.

Introducing: StyleWe
The name itself raises one's expectations.

STYLEWE is an online fashion shopping website which provides a platform to Independent Fashion Designers.
They enable the fashion designers to show case their brain child styles by making it available to customers worldwide.

I have probably become their latest fan!

While browsing through their designer wear, I could easily tell why they were a class apart.
They have a unique collection.Classy and Sauve designs when it comes to dresses, be it summer or cocktail or midi.Raunchy swimwearJumpsuits, Rompers, skirts, and even cool handbags.All these at affordable costs. Money doesn't hurt when you get designer pieces like these!
Due to the above mentioned points,  I got my hands on two of their items; one being a casual college wear, and another being an elega…

Sizzler Festival: Barcelos

Barcelos, The House of Peri has been known for its famous Peri Peri preparations; along with the colored burger buns! Red Burgers, Black Burgers; They have always given us something new to try!

It will soon be known for another thing, which is a Sizzler Festival.
I happened to be at Barcelos, Hauz Khas Village a couple of days back to try their Sizzlers!

The interiors of the place have been done so nicely. Situated at the second floor, right at the start of Hauz Khas Village,

It has a great open area, a pretty nice bar, along with high and low sitting.

Love how the Rooster is designed in the shaped of a big and fluffy 'B' representing Barcelos!
Getting back to the Sizzlers!
They have come up with a new range of sizzlers for this sizzler festival. Divided in two categories, Vegetarian (7 items) and non-vegetarian (6 items) Mutton Keema Sizzler Finely chopped keema done amazingly, with Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Mushroom, Onion and served on a bed on cabbages. I love Keema rolls a lot…

Imly, Rajendra Place - Review

After numerous praise and amazing reviews, I finally got the chance to visit this place. Though they have spread their wings to different parts of Delhi NCR, The Rajendra Place one remains the prime unit which had to be visited.

One of the main attractions here is the 250 meter long railway themed restaurant. Seating shaped like coaches, with luggage space given overhead containing cute trunks. {No, you don’t need to keep your bags up there}

This train themed restaurant serves the best of the street food. Its menu is classified based upon the place of Origin! My favorite was,
Dahi Puchkas: I was sold when I saw how it was presented. It came about in a little Ferris wheel.
On my first bite, It was literally an explosion of chatpata chat in my mouth; an overflowing one, actually.

Bombay Junction: Pav bhaji

Everyone knows that Delhi’s Pav Bhaji is different from the Bombay one! The one served at Imly was very similar to the ones we have in Bombay! It was way different from any Delhi wala would …

Cafe Public Connection, CP - Review

Cafe Public Connections is another success under Big Fish Ventures!
This multi cuisine cafe was opened in the month of October, 2015; and I was here for a bloggers meet in November.

I totally loved this part of the cafe as it aptly compliments the name!

Widely spread with differently theme private areas like Hollywood, Sports, Retro, Big Boy, Industrial and dim lighted; this place is light on pockets and high on taste.


Soft and luscious pieces of paneer, tossed between capsicum and onion.


I have never been a fan of Mushrooms.
Not that this dish made me a fan, but the spices in it dominated the taste of mushrooms and overall gave a nice kick. Really close to Chilli Chicken!


Juicy Chicken tikka with a prominent garlic flavor, which is here to stay! We loved it so much that we had to order again! The size of the tikkas were medium and apt.

Crisp, long yet thin fingers were really good. It was crisp on the outside and really so… - Connecting the unconnected

In today's world, we meet so many people who do not follow the pre-set norms of the society, but follow their hearts to create something out of their imagination. And they face a number of problems in reaching out to their target audience.

Problems like, which medium to adopt, dealings with middlemen, competition with big brands that are already established; all this leaves the actual manufacturer underpaid for their efforts.

This is where comes to the rescue.

People at large can sign up for and enter into a global marketplace. Be it a small scale business, company or brand, freelancers, or an individual.They let you showcase your products, as well as services by providing you with your own space, i.e Free Online Shop.You can deal directly with your customers, attend to their demands, complaints, and make moneyworth your products or services. You can even add widget to your Facebook page and make it a Free Facebook Shop.

After I signed up for for m…